RDTN Episode 80 – Blood of Heroes: Blood Rage, Champions of Midgard, and the Flying Squirrels

IMG_20151107_095854Like  Leif Erikson, we explored undiscovered lands looking for treasures and riches in this release. Okay, maybe we don’t find new lands, but we did review Blood Rage by Eric Lang, the area control style game that pits you against other clans for glory and while Marty has said on past shows that area control just isn’t his cup of mead, this game has his attention. You can’t deny that this game from Cool Mini or Not is beautiful, but we do get in a somewhat heated discussion over the scoring. Champions of Midgard by Ole Steiness is also discussed and this game is right up my alley with worker placement and the added bonus of dice. The games that I have played so far have all been very close in scoring which makes me enjoy the game even more, but then again, I just enjoy worker placement games.

Being fall, the squirrels are on the loose gathering acorns and they invaded the show again. We got some short reviews, close out on a Kickstarter, some groans and complaints as only Marty and I can do. We are off to BGG Con this week and if you are going to be there, please say hello.

Segment Time
Intro 1:00
Flying Squirrels 4:00
Game Hype 4:30
Dicemasters Amazing Spider-man 6:30
Vikings/Nations Dice Game 8:30
The Grizzled 10:30
Brain Damage 12:20
Patchwork 14:20
Happy Mouth BBQ Rubs 16:00
Doublesix Dice 18:00
Blood Rage 20:30
Portal Announcement 42:45
Champions of Midgard 43:30
Outro 57:30

RDTN Episode 79 – Master of Puppets: Warhammer Quest-The Adventure Card Game with Brady and Adam Sadler

whacgThe Green Room at RDTN studios has been worn out with all the guests we have had recently. Adam and Brady Sadler drop by to discuss the new Fantasy Flight game Warhammer Quest Adventure Card Game (WQ:ACG) that they designed. We listen to them tell us why it isn’t Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, we discover how it compares to LOTR LCG, talk about Folklore: The Affliction and we learn what it takes to be a Heavy Metal Historian. We also dragged some news out of them, okay, maybe we didn’t get a scoop, but they spend time talking about their soon to be released Kickstarter Dark Frontier. Dark Frontier is based on the Myth fantasy world. They had us buying it for it was kind of like a Tower Defense game and well, maybe it isn’t really. That was four minutes of the show that was like a roller coaster for us.

Marty and I also take time to talk about The Gallerist, Pandemic Legacy, and Blood Rage, three games that are all the rage right now. We do not give out any spoilers in Legacy and this should be the last time we mention it in the show as far as what I am playing. Blood Rage was very enjoyable game and a very hot game right now. But admittedly it may not be for those that don’t like the in your face type of game. But do yourself a favor if you get a chance, play the game just to experience how all the mechanics come together. And did you know that Twitter can be more than just a bunch of nonsense posting. How so you ask? Marty used it to get a better understanding of The Gallerist from the designer. Amazing, this internet thing might catch on.

Enjoy the episode.

Segment, Time
The Gallerist, 2:25
Pandemic Legacy, 4:30
Blood Rage, 7:10
Portal Games Announcement, 10:55
WQ:ACG , 18:15
Folklore: The Affliction, 46:40
Dark Frontier – their new game, 52:00
Rank’em, 56:06
Outro, 01:10:00

RDTN Episode 78 – Who Wants to Live Forever: Pandemic Legacy with Rob Daviau and Matt Leacock

pic2452831If you were to go into the RDTN archives, you would hear us talk a bunch about Pandemic. It was probably one of the first games that really started us down the road to hobby board gaming. And if you had told me that when we started this podcast that we would have gotten the opportunity to talk with the designer Matt Leacock not once but twice, I would of told you to get the heck out of here. But if you had then said we also get to discuss the collaboration between Matt and Rob Daviau, a game designer that truly needs no introduction, you would be picking me up off the floor. But that is what we bring to you in this episode. No, no, you need not thank us, just enjoy the show for that is thanks enough.

Matt and Rob were very gracious with their time and share with us what it took to bring Pandemic Legacy to birth. There are no game spoilers in this episode. If you aren’t sure that this game, which is spreading throughout the world like the Bubonic Plague, is for you, then we ask the two men behind it to help you make that decision. We also pepper in questions given to us from our RDTN Guild members to find out what makes these two guys tick. With Rob being a first time guest, you know that means another game of Rank’em.

Segment Time
Shout Out 2:10
The Broken Token Winner 4:05
Matt and Rob 5:15
Rank'em 44:20
Portal Announcement 57:35
Scythe 59:20

RDTN Episode 77 – Fortress Around Your Heart: A visit from the Podfather – Stephen Buonocore, Game Day with Pete and Scott


The Podfather’s Seal (Buonocored)

If you are doing a Board Gaming Podcast, you must always pay your respects to the Podfather by having him on your show. It is just how it is done in the gaming world. Alright, kidding aside, Stephen Buonocore, owner of Stronghold Games, joins us to discuss his upcoming Essen releases plus more. Yeah, he has been making the rounds, but it is very exciting time for Stronghold games with huge releases coming in the next few months. We got to hear more about 504, Stronghold 2E, Porta Nigra, and a bunch of other upcoming games. But if you already know all about those games, then jump to

where we ask Stephen to answer questions from our BGG Guild. Some great questions were posted and we got almost all of them answered. Marty and I were also able to spend a day gaming with Scott Morris, you know him as Tox, and Pete Shirey who works for CoolMiniorNot. We got to play three games with an audience on hand, ate a breakfast that about caused us to become comatose, and then drove home in the start of the rain that has dominated the South.

Segment Time
Gaming with Pete Shirey and Scott Morris 01:50
Tesla vs Edison 4:30
Risk Star Wars Edition 6:55
Stephen Buonocore is in the house 10:35
504 15:25
Porta Nigra 27:00
Stronghold 2E 31:10
Among the Stars Revival & New Dawn 37:50
The Golden Ages 42:45
Survive – Space Attack 47:50
Space Cadets Away Missions 54:30
Lightning Round with Buonocore 57:40
Portal Announcement 1:14:00
Outro 01:15:15

RDTN Episode 76 – Cold As Ice: Eric Lang, The Others 7 Sins, L5R, World of Smog, Rum & Bones and TBT Contest

Eric M. Lang

Eric Lang is on the show people. Marty and I had a great time interviewing Eric about his new game The Others: 7 Sins. It is a Cool Mini or Not release and is blowing up Kickstarter like all CMON games seem to do. Eric takes you through the birth of the game, explains the concepts of the game, why he picked a 1 vs many game, and explains the various concepts in the game. We then ask Eric to answer some questions from members of the RDTN Boardgamegeek Guild. And being a guest on the show for the first time, we subject him to a Rank’em. Don’t skip this one guys, it is pretty darn solid. Okay, after the last one we did, this one is INCREDIBLE!!

Marty also shares his experiences with the games The World of Smog: On Her Majesty’s Service and Rum & Bones, both from Cool Mini or Not. While these are not full reviews, Marty does go into gameplay, talks some pros and cons of both, and hopefully gives you some idea on if you would enjoy playing these games or not.

One last item, our buddy Dan Patriss over at The Geek Allstars is beginning his campaign for his annual charity drive for Turner Syndrome Society. Every year, he and a bunch of good friends hold a 24 Hour Gaming Marathon at a local store in Raleigh, NC. If you are so inclined, head over to his website and check out what they have posted so far and see how it went last year.

Plus don’t forget to enter our Broken Token contest for an insert of your choice (deadline for entry is October 6)

Segment Time
FFG bought L5R 2:30
The World of Smog: On Her Majesty's Service 11:15
Rum & Bones 20:15
Gamers for Cures 28:15
Portal Games Information 29:00
Eric M. Lang on the Air 30:30
The Birth of The Others 33:15
Why 1 vs Many 36:30
Corruption Mechanic 42:00
How do you win 45:30
Story Cards 48:00
The Players 52:00
The Sins Player 55:00
Minis in a Game 1:03:00
The BGG Guild Questions 1:10:00
Rank'em 1:21:30
The End of Interview 1:40:00
The Broken Token Contest 1:45:00
Outro and Teasers 01:48:30

RDTN Episode 75 – Feel Like a Number: Codenames, The Grizzled, Mafia de Cuba, New Salem, and Chit Chat

The ladies are back for another episode of Chit Chat. We continue our relationship discussions about games, but this time, it is all about your worse experience with a blind suzcroppeddate. You know, your friends set you up to play this great game only to have one of your worse experiences in gaming. Either the chemistry wasn’t right or it wasn’t something you would enjoy. The ladies will also share with you a couple of games that they played recently that might deserve your attention.

We also talked about some quick filler games we played. Everyone is talking about Codenames and The Grizzled and we share our opinions of the game. One that you might not heard about is Mafia de Cuba and there are some differing opinions about the game between Marty and I. Nothing earth shattering, but it just shows our difference in opinion of these type of deduction games. Marty also talked about New Salem that I didn’t get to play and after listening to him talk about, kind of glad I missed that one.

If you are so inclined, be sure to check out Rodney Smith’s fundraiser.

Segment Time
CSI Contest 1:15
The Grizzled 5:00
New Salem 11:30
Codenames 15:30
Mafia de Cuba 20:45
Chit Chat 26:15
Rhi's take on The Grizzled 28:00
Suz's talks Trickster 33:30
The Blind Date Board Game 39:15
Outro 1:03:00
Side Quest 01:04:00
Future Shows 01:06:00

RDTN Episode 74 – Do You Believe in Magic: Review of Ashes -Rise of the Phoenixborn, Vs. System 2PCG, Mage Wars Academy, and Fields of Arle

IMG_20150808_111043[1]As we have said many times, pre-constructed deck games or hand management games* are what pulled us into this hobby and it is what we get all excited about when a new pre-constructed constructed deck game comes out. So, needless to say, we were really looking forward to doing this episode because it is in our wheelhouse. We take a look at Vs. System 2PCG by Upper Deck and Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn by Plaid Hat Games. Even though Vs is based on the older 2004 system, it has been brought up to 2009 standards, but not 2015 IMG_20150808_095553[1]standards. Meanwhile, Ashes is going to set the constructed card game community on fire with its game play, mechanics, and art. Hopefully as they expand it, they don’t break it.

Marty and I also throw in a quick overview of Mage Wars Academy since all three of these card games are coming out this year. There will be a more indepth review of this
game in a later episode. Enjoy the show and hope you got your entries in for the Dice Tower Contest which closes on 8/25/2016.

Segment Time
Fields of Arle 6:00
Stilchen 8:00
Mysterium 10:10
Tony Rant 12:15
Vs. System 2PCG 14:45
Portal Games Announcement 36:31
Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn 37:30
Mage Wars Academy 01:03:00

*Hand management games are games with cards in them that reward players for playing the cards in certain sequences or groups. The optimal sequence/grouping may vary, depending on board position, cards held and cards played by opponents. Managing your hand means gaining the most value out of available cards under given circumstances. Cards often have multiple uses in the game, further obfuscating an “optimal” sequence. (Source: BGG)

RDTN Episode 73 – Top of the World: Gen Con Overview with Marty and Vanessa, Forbidden Stars Review, and A Contest


Forbidden Stars in action

Gen Con is over and the Connell family made it back alive and full of stories. To keep it from being the Marty Gen Con review, his wife Vanessa, the wonderful voice that introduces what is in the show, joins us for a special Flying Squirrel segment. Once all that is said, Marty and I go into a deeper dive on Forbidden Stars. We compare it to our first love in board gaming, Starcraft. We all know that Corey Konieczka was part of the design team for these wonderful games and love how the placing of the orders/actions on the board was carried forward from Starcraft to Forbidden Stars.

And then comes the big announcement for a special Dice Tower Network contest that runs in August. Please listen closely to all the ways to enter the contest and good luck. Google Form Link for contest

Segment Time
Neuroshima Hex Battle 1:00
Flying Squirrels 4:30
The Cupcake Incident 23:20
Portal Game Releases 34:45
Forbidden Stars Review 35:45
The Dice Tower Network Contest 1:05:20

RDTN Episode 72 – I Just Can’t Wait to Be King: The Gameboy Geek Dan King joins us for our Gen Con Episode

gbgeekimageOne of the most prolific reviewers on the Dice Tower, Dan King the Gameboy Geek, joins us for this episode to discuss what games we are looking forward to at Gen Con. Since Marty is the only one of us going to the convention, Dan and I are kind of making a list of things we want him to check out and report back on with his opinions. Hopefully some of the games we mention are on your list as well. Then we drag Dan into a round of Rank ’em that in itself was a very unique experience. We obviously needed to play test those questions before we presented them to Dan, but live and learn.

Fdankingor all those going to Gen Con, be sure to find Marty to get your Moon Pie and 1st Player Squirrel token, both are limited in supply. If you have time, be sure and pick up tickets for the Grudge Match going on Friday night. Also drop by our sponsors, The Broken Token and Portal Games and if anything let them know you heard about them on our Podcast, it is much appreciated. For those like me that are not attending, be sure to participate in the @Gencant activities and check out the website here. We are offering up a prize along with tons of contributors, publishers and just really nice people. What a great time to be part of the hobby.

Segment Time
Dan King is here 2:00
Gen Con Preview 15:30
Nevermore 17:15
Codenames 20:00
Vs. System 2PCG 23:00
Dice City 26:15
Discoveries 28:30
Wrath of Dragons 31:15
Star Trek: Five Year Mission 34:00
Mysterium USA Version 35:30
Steam Works 39:00
The King's Armory 41:00
New Salem 43:00
Code of Nine 47:15
Central City: Heroes 49:45
Warehouse 51 51:30
The Undercity 53:30
And a just quick hitters 56:30
Rank 'em 01:08:30
Wrap up with Dan 01:23:00
Portal at Gencon 01:27:45
Outro 01:28:45

Giveaways at GenCon!

Vanessa and I are looking forward to attending GenCon this year. We can’t wait to see all the new games and to hear the industry buzz. But the most exciting thing is hanging out with 60k other gamers.

While we are there we hope to meet people who listen to our show and give them a little something.
First is our squirrel token from The Broken Token. You can take this token to the Broken Token booth and get 10% off your purchase.

Next are some custom dice with our logo.


Finally, no convention is complete without some Moon Pies



There will be several ways to get these. One is we’ll be at the Dice Tower Booth (#3030) from 11am – 12pm on Saturday. Come by, say hi, and get some swag.

During the other days, I’ll be tweeting locations Vanessa and I will be to get some swag. So make sure to follow us on twitter @DiceAndNames. In addition, I’ve setup a texting mechanism such that you’ll be notified via text when and where we will be. To receive these texts, text EZRDTN to 313131. This will be the only time I use these texts so don’t worry about receiving any spam.

In addition I’ll be participating in two events at GenCon. First is the Neuroshima Hex Grudge Match and the second is the Battle of the Board Game Networks. Both of those events will be a lot of fun so hope to see some of you there.

Can’t wait to meet as many of you as I can!

Note: We do have limited supplies of the swag items. so don’t wait too long.