RDTN Episode 54 – Happy Anniversary: For Sale, Castles of Mad King Ludwig, Greg Spence from The Broken Token

Let me start off by apologizing for the mic issue we had with Greg Spence. Marty and I could hear some of the popping while we were recording, but thought it might be just from the brokentoken transmission and not on his end. So, you will hear an occasional pop when he talks. But don’t let the discourage you from listening because some great information from Greg. We have a couple of exclusive announcements during the interview plus just how Greg got started with his business. We also talk about For Sale, Castles of Mad King Ludwig, and a Tony Tantrum.

Segment Time
For Sale 06:00
Castles of Mad King Ludwig 07:45
Tony's Tantrum 14:15
Greg Spence from The Broken Token 20:30
The Employees 32:30
Sony Online Entertainment – WHAT!!! 34:30
How do you determine what to design 38:15
What is most popular 41:00
Exclusive #1 50:15
Major Announcement 1:03:00
Rank'em 1:11:00
Outro 1:22:30

Win Games By Taking Our Year 2 Survey

As our second anniversary rolls around, we’d like to get a finger on the pulse of how we are doing. What works? What doesn’t? Is there any feedback anyone would like to give? How can I get a Moon Pie?

As such we’ve put together a quick 10 question survey that we’d love for people to take.

“But, what’s in it for me?” 

Ah, so you want incentive. How about the chance to win a copy of Sheriff of Nottingham, or Tiny Epic Kingdoms or Battle for Souls?

Just complete the survey, include your email address at the end and you’ll be entered to a drawing to win. Survey will close Sunday December 21st, 2014.

Note: Games can only be shipped within the US. Sorry :-(


Here’s the link for the survey and thanks!! Don’t be alarmed by the Part 2, we filled up our allocation of survey responses in the “free” zone, so we had to do a duplicate.

RDTN Episode 53 – Running on Empty: Chit Chat with Rhi and Suz, Sheriff of Nottingham, Seafall, Bottom of the Ninth, and Specter Ops

For this episode, Suzanne and Rhiannon come back to the table for some Chit Chat and we talk about the happenings at BGG Con. I am sure you are tired of hearing about it and understand because that is how I felt about Gen Con, but I will go on record as saying this has been my favorite of all the big Cons that I have attended. I saved up my allowance to go and glad I did and I am already looking at next year if I can swing it. We got to play tons of games, met amazing people, and never felt rushed at the show. The only thing is to make sure you go with a buddy or know some people going because I can see where it might be daunting to go by yourself. Either way, plan on attending at least once, I am glad I did and I was very apprehensive before we left.

If you are interested in taking the survey, click here

Segment Time
Intro 00:00
Sheriff of Nottingham 5:00
Chit Chat 7:30
Demo of Seafall 39:30
Demo of Bottom of the Ninth 46:00
Demo of New Bedford 52:00
Demo of Specter Ops 57:45
Demo of Shadowrun: Hostile Takeover 1:00:45
Demo of Castle Assault 1:02:00
Outro 1:03:00

RDTN BGG Con Daily Vlog

We had such a great time at BGG Con playing tons of awesome games and hanging out with even more awesome people. As such, we decided to record some daily video segments that includes games we played, people we met and some activities we participated in. Enjoy!

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

RDTN Episode 52 – Yellow Submarine: Board Gaming Glut w/ Chaz Marler, Grey Fox Games Captain’s Wager, Tiny Epic Galaxies

At the stadalert of this year, Marty and I wondered if 2014 was going to be an adjustment year for the board gaming hobby. Similar signs appeared in other hobbies right before they either went through an adjustment or even collapse. The baseball card hobby had a surge in manufacturers and this lead to a dilution in the product and eventually, many went under. Comic books soon become the hot collectible and everyone jumped into the market only to see the same thing occur that happened in the baseball card world. And what the heck happened to all those beanie babies? Anyway, Chaz Marler recently did a video series for Boardgame Breakfast discussing the same thing that Marty and I have discussed in previous episodes. So, we asked Chaz to join us for this episode to pontificate on what is to come for the hobby. We aren’t being beanie-babiesdoomsayers, but we are curious what will happen and how the board gaming hobby avoids history that other hobbies experienced.

One key difference that I believe is different is that people are not “collecting” and spending big bucks like they did in the other hobbies. Oh wait…

Segment Time
MACE Charlotte Gaming Convention 02:00
Stronghold Diamonds Tournament 03:30
Grey Fox Games – Captains Wager 06:00
Tiny Epic Galaxies 07:00
Board Gaming Glut w/ Chaz  10:30
Rank'em  51:00
Outro  01:06:15

RDTN Episode 51 – Changes: Fantasy Flight LCG Model w/ Hunter Shelburne, Broken Token Inserts, Phoenix Covenant, Warhammer Conquest

Right before we were set to record, Marty called an audible and wanted to talk about the new announcement from Fantasy Flight and how they are going to cycle their Living Card Games and the reboot of A Game of Thrones. He was able to get Hunter Shelburne from Weaponsgrade Tabletop to join in the discussion. I understand the need of FFG to make this move, how do you keep the game alive, continue to make sure new players can join, don’t break the game with new releases and the list can go on and on. But one thing I know for sure, there is plenty of discussion on all these items and there may not be a right or wrong answer because it depends on where you are in the LCG family. Enjoy the show

Subject Time
Podcast on Boardgame 01:30
The Broken Token Inserts 08:00
BGG Virtual Flea Market and Math Trades 11:30
Hope for Unfunded Kickstarters 14:00
Phoenix Covenant 16:00
FFG LCG Announcements w/ Hunter 23:00
Ticket to Ride Cheater 52:30
Rank'em 56:00
Warhammer Conquest 01:06:30
Outro 01:09:00

RDTN – New Videos For the Week

As Tony and I start playing around with the video format, we put together several videos and posted them to YouTube.

The first is a response to a video posted by Crits Happen where Scott talks about commandments for board game reviewers. As such I share our views on reviews/previews.

Next Tony put together two unboxing videos. The first was the highly anticipated game Draco Magi. Next was some awesome game organizers sent to us from The Broken Token.

Thanks for any feedback you have. We have a lot to learn but these are really fun to do.

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