RDTN Episode 48: Carolina on my Mind – Shadowrun Crossfire, Toy Hall of Fame, and Two Contests

This episode is just us this time. We were recovering from our marathon with the Geek All Stars when we recorded this episode. We talk about the upcoming gaming convention in Charlotte called MACE which is being held November 7-9, 2014. It is at the Hilton Charlotte University Place if you can find time to come down. Marty and I hope to hold a tournament that weekend if the logistics work out. We are still ironing out the details, they are rather rough, but it will be for the charity Turner Syndrome Society. This is the same charity that the Geek Allstars support with their 24 hour gaming marathon. You can find more information about this event at Gamers for Cures. We have also received a pass to MACE that we will be giving away to someone that our listeners nominate.

CrossfireCoverOne more important thing in the episode is Catalyst Game Labs sent us some of the expansion packs for their new game Shadowrun: Crossfire. We are giving these away to four listeners who get us a picture. We can’t thank Catalyst enough for providing us with this giveaway of their expansion. Marty gives you all the details in the show but two things to remember: use #RDTNShadowrun and only available to listeners in the continental United States, sorry. The expansion cost less than shipping if we were to send it over the pond.

And all the links we promised:

And now the good stuff
Segment Time
MACE 6:30
MACE Contest 12:40
BryceCon 19:00
Toy Hall of Fame 22:15
Shadowrun Crossfire 40:30
Shadowrun Contest 54:30
Things that have our attention -Squirrel 57:30

RDTN 5 Minute Initiative: Star Realms

Our first attempt at doing a 5 Minute Initiative on video. We took on the killer deck builder Star Realms. This game is hot and worth all the hype in my opinion. How good is it, it has my wife’s seal of approval. She loves enjoy’s playing it and quickly caught onto the mechanics of the game. If anything, check out the free app of the game to help you decide if you want to pick this one up, but you are going to have to wait because it is sold out and the 4th, that is right, the 4th printing should hit near the end of the year.

Thanks for watching

RDTN Episode 47: Nowhere Man – Chaz Marler of Pair of Dice Paradise, Introverts & Board Gaming, and Stuff

pairofdiceOur show is graced by another awesome guest, Chaz Marler from Pair of Dice Paradise. Chaz is known for his YouTube videos on Thrift Store Games, Game Reviews, and most recently helpful insights on what it means to have an introvert personality and still be a board gamer. We discuss his webseries, his Indiegogo campaign, and games we have played recently. Near the end, I get to mention a new game that should be on Kickstarter soon called Knee Jerk and we all weigh in on how this game is not for old people like myself but might be for you.

And on a very important topic, Marty puts out a request for someone to send him a Scooter Pie because he wants to compare it to a Moon Pie. In all accounts, they are the same, but he wants to see for himself.

Segment Time
Intro 2:00
Indiegogo Campaign  15:00
Being an Introvert Gamer 34:00
Chaz's Favorite Games  47:00
Knee Jerk Game  1:06:00
Scooter Pies  1:10:00

RDTN Episode 46: Days of Wonder – Teaching Games, Merger and The Undead Viking

In this episode, we have two special guest stars on our show, Lance Myxter and Lee Undead VikingShelton. Some of you know Lance from his youTube channel Undead Viking Videos and Lee you have heard us mention his name many times on our show as our resident go to guy for Netrunner and teaching games. Both gentlemen were kind enough to talk to us about the recent news with the merger between Asmodee and Days of Wonder and then share their thoughts on how to teach games. Then of course, we had to hear about their Gen Con experience as much as it pained us, okay, me. Lance talks about Five Tribes, Panamax, and Shinobi Clans and Lee tells us about Tragedy Looper, Subdivision, and Red.

I wanted to document the discussion about teaching games because it will be easier to reference here then go back and listen to the show again and I am sure I will need to pull it up time and time again. So our guest recommend the following tips on teaching

  1. Have one teacher at the table. We have heard this many times before, but it deserves repeating.
  2. Make sure that your players put their phones away and you have their attention.
  3. Don’t be afraid to let them ask questions during the instruction because that is how we all learn is by asking questions. In other words, don’t just blurt out rules and then see if there are questions at the end.
  4. Teaching a game is easier if you are not an active participant. Yeah, that doesn’t sound like fun, but sometimes that is what you need to do.
  5. Keep the rules simple at the start and let the game get started if possible. We learn more when we have examples.Know your
  6. Get to know the players if you can. Are they familiar with the style of game? Have they played similar games? What games do they like? All this can help you know at what level you need to teach the game.
Segment Time
The Merger 1:30
Magic Core Set Cycle Change 19:20
Lance's thoughts on teaching games 21:30
Lance's daughter says Hi 22:30
Back to teaching games 23:00
Lee's thoughts on teaching games 25:30
Some more Gen Con 2014 experiences 51:00
Lee talks Doomtown 1:00:00
Outro 1:07:00

RDTN Episode 45: Walk like an Egyptian – Kemet, Dead of Winter, Pack O Games KS, and a Contest

Scott King Gaming CalendarThat is right, we got a contest* for you. Scott King has graciously offered our listeners a chance to win a print from one of the images in his 2015 Gaming Calendar Kickstart. To hear more details, got to listen to the show, but you can enter the contest by going to this link.

Marty and I review the promos that we received from Chris Handy and his KS for Pack O Game games. For a big whopping $6 per game, some might be of interest to you, so be sure and check them out. FFG’s announcement of Star Wars Armada and XCOM got our attention and then we try to guess what big surprise will still be announced by FFG at Gen Con. We weren’t exactly right, but we were both sort of close, we thought it would be some type of Decent game and yeah, it was. Great minds think alike. Okay, that was a bit of a stretch. As the title suggests, Kemet was played by Marty and we get to hear that experience. One final item, Marty talks about his new game Dead of Winter by Plaid Hat Games which arrived just in time for Gen Can’t 2014.

For those that were able to take part in the Gen Can’t 2014 Non-convention, hope you had fun and wish you luck if you entered into the contest over there.

Segment Time
Pack O Games KS 10:00
Fantasy Flights New Games 16:00
Big FFG Release – our guess 26:00
MDM Demise in our area 30:00
At the Table 40:00
Recent Games and Stories 52:00
Dead of Winter 1:04:00

*Scott King calendar contest is unfortunately only available to those in the continental United States. Sorry about that, but if we could figure out how to safely get our Owl to fly stuff over the ocean, we would open it up.

RDTN – Gen Can’t 2014 – Report from the Floor


Marty and I took some time out of our busy Gen Can’t schedule to throw together a report to highlight our early experiences so far this year. We give reports on the accommodations and food we had and how the gaming library compares to what we are use to. Be sure to check out other reports and experiences by doing that Twitter thing #GenCant2014. Also, be sure to get into the contest by submitting a picture to twitter of how you are enjoying Gen Can’t and include #GenCantContest.

For all the information, prize list and rules, be sure to head over to the unofficial official website gencant.wordpress.com.

Thanks again to everyone for making this the best four days of gaming at home!

Segment Time
Accommodations 1:00
Gen Can't 2014 Photo Contest 4:15

RDTN Episode 44: Back in the Saddle – GenCon List for Non-Attendees, Our Pre-orders & Crowdfunding madness

Amazing what a vacation can do to your rhythm and timing, not that I really had any, but Marty was patient as I get back up to speed in this episode. Once again, a big shout out to Rodney Smith for sitting in last episode and if you haven’t checked out his MartyresultsIndiegogo campaign yet, be sure to give it a look.

What goodness do we have for you in this episode? Well, Marty gives us a quick review of the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie. We then get back on track and talk about our pre-orders (Among the Stars, Panamax and more) and various crowdfunding items that have our attention such as Scott King’s 2015 Gaming Calendar, Mantic’s new Dungeon SagaChris Handy’s Pack of Games, and Dice Hate Me Games’ Compounded: Geiger Expansion.

Way too much goodness out there and on top of that, GenCon releases. Wonder what an ’89 Rookie Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr is worth these days so I can sell it and support all this goodness.

We then get to our main segment and share our top 5 list on why we are glad we are NOT going to GenCon. This is also our At the Table question for this month so be sure to head over to our guild on BGG and tell us why your are glad you are not going GenCon. We have been told that group therapy helps during these times.

Enjoy the show and thanks for listening, we do appreciate it!

Segment Time
Catching up 2:00
Guardians of the Galaxy Review 3:30
Crowdfunding 12:00
We are on a Pre-Ordering Juggernaut 27:00
Top 5 Reasons NOT going to Gen Con 38:30
Bad Sports – Puerto Rico 52:30
Marty's gaming night 1:00:00
Outro 1:04:00

RDTN Episode 43: Take Off – w/ Guest Host Rodney Smith from Watch It Played

cutmypic (2)
The show must go on while I was on vacation and Marty was able to find someone, well in my opinion, way over qualified to fill my chair. You guys are in for a real treat as Rodney Smith from the Watch It Played incredible gaming YouTube series guest stars on this episcutmypic (1)ode. They discuss the awards from Dice Tower and Spiel and their thoughts on the winners and how could Kemet not win. They then do a great job with the At the Table question and abuse my write up in the forum. Based on suggestions from our listeners, the segment has been shortened. See, we listen.


Segment Time
Dead of Winter Impressions 5:00
Shadowrun: Crossfire 10:30
Dice Tower Awards – The Ceremony 19:00
Spiel des Jahres – Winners 46:30
At the Table – Summer Game 54:00
Outro 1:02:00
Watch It Played Indiegogo 1:05:00
GenCon Event with Rodney 1:08:00


RDTN – Marty’s Musings: Game Box Inserts

I’ve always been impressed with well designed game box inserts. So in this video, I look at a few inserts, discuss their design and perform a simple test to see how well they hold up for transportation purposes.

Note: No games were hurt in the making of this video. The only thing hurt may be my pride.

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