RDTN Episode 96: Another Day in Paradise – Origins Recap, Caravan, Ascension X, Adrenaline, and Guild Ball

caravanThis episode is all about our adventures at Origins for it has come and gone and it did not disappoint. It was great seeing familiar faces and meet all the new faces. Thanks to everyone that said hello and hope your experience was an enjoyable as ours. We were able to demo a bunch of prototypes and played new and old games. We bathed in all the shiny stuff in the vendor hall (Stronghold, Passport, Portal, etc) and some of us tasted the many delicacies at the North Market. We have many pictures posted over at our Facebook page if you want to take a look at the happenings going onadrenaline while we were there.

fontsizeWe do want to make sure that you are aware of a few games we saw. Adrenaline by CGE caught us off guard and we were not expecting the gameplay experience we encountered. If you are at Gen Con, please get by the CGE room and hopefully you can see it in action. Then there was the new Emerson Matsuuchi game Caravan. So simple and straight forward and it will not be a game changer, but it might put other games like Splendor on the shelf for awhile in our humble opinion. While we were there for four days, it didn’t seem it and there were so many other games that we didn’t get to see. Maybe at future Origins, we can have a team of RDTN Squirrels going out and bringing back nuggets that should have our attention. Well, a podcast can dream can’t it.

Thanks for listening and share with us any experiences you had at Origins over in our BGG Guild.

Segment Time
Intro 00:34
Board Game Insider Challenge 3:46
First Games @ the Con 07:16
Ascension X: War of Shadow 9:10
Adrenaline – CGE 15:20
Codenames Pictures 19:45
Stronghold Update 21:20
Caravan by Emerson Matsuuchi 31:43
Crazy Karts Demo 36:05
JVMF Winners- Chris and Angel 40:15
Passport Games Studio: Salem & Simurgh 41:55
Ashes Tournament 50:10
The Meet-ups at Origin 52:45
It was a late night 55:48
Guild Ball Designers 59:45
Our Saturday Gaming Night 01:06:55
Arkwright 1:16:08
The Broken Token 1:22:08
The Duchess – it feels so right 1:25:05
Scott King Calendars back on Kickstarter 1:31:36

RDTN Episode 95: Ring of Fire – Interview with Isaac Vega of Plaid Hat Games

longnightTwo of the biggest games that have come from Plaid Hat Games had designer Isaac Vega behind them and we had the opportunity to talk with him in this episode. Dead of Winter is going to have an stand alone expansion come out this year, The Long Night.  We know that everyone is chomping at the bit to get their hands on it. Well, Isaac tells us all about it and how you will get more of this and more options with that and how it continues to develop the story. Or if you haven’t had the opportunity to find a copy of Dead of Winter, then you can just start with The Long Night and be sure to follow the advice of Isaac on what scenario you need to begin with in that game..

Then we get to talk about some little card game called Ashes and there is some interesting tidbits that Isaac shared with us. For example, get ready for the Errata for a card in the coming months. We all knew it would happen eventually, all card games end up needing to be adjusted as more and more cards get added, but we can all get through this together. We also hear about the new expansions that are coming out and how Ashes is really doing well not only in the States, but all over the world.

Isaac was kind enough to answer questions from the BGG Guild and since this is his first time on the show, he got to play Rank’em. Been awhile since we did a Rank’em, so reminder that the rules are simple, rank the three items however you want and tell us why.episode95trio

Segment Date
Intro 00:40
Origins Plans 01:50
Arkwright 04:45
Broken Token 08:43
Isaac Vega 09:33
Dead of Winter: The Long Night 12:56
What is New 18:30
Release Date 37:15
Ashes 39:47
What is next 41:10
The Art & Design 49:41
The Ban Discussion 1:02:02
The Guild questions 1:05:05
Rank'em 1:36:52
Outro 1:50:21

RDTN Episode 94: One of the Living – Reviews of 51st State and Crazy Karts

51ststateWe are going to jump right into this episode with a review 51st State and Crazy Karts two new games from Portal Games. Now, we know Crazy Karts has been getting some not so favorable opinions expressed and we agree that it isn’t without faults. However, we believe that this game is worth trying on your own because it brings a fun group experience during game night. With those we have taught, they have enjoyed it and it might take a few plays to get everyone getting into the swing of the game.

The next game we talk about, 51st State, is one that did not disappoint us. If you like Imperial Settlers and didn’t get to try 51st State when it was released in 2010, we got a strong feeling you will like this game. The game is easy to teach and easy for people to pick up. Some reviews have said they like the old version over this new one because it has removed a lot of tactics and is over quickly. Having not played the old, can’t say if that is the case or not, but the speed of play and length are things we diffidently liked about this game.

Enjoy the episode and if you are at Origins, please come and say hello.

Segment Time
Intro 00:37
Imperial Settlers: 3 is the magic number 03:05
BGG Guild shoutout 09:30
Broken Token The Big Damn Crate 12:00
Crazy Karts Review 12:34
Wacky Races 24:17
Pros about Crazy Karts 25:40
Cons about Crazy Karts 28:45
Final Thoughts 30:25
FFG Arkham Horror LCG 33:35
Above and Below Gameplay 35:33
Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower 37:23
CMON Massive Darkness 39:30
Rebuttal to Cabal 41:15
51st State Master Set 43:45
Pros of 51st State 01:00:10
Final Thoughts 01:04:05
Portal Games 01:08:02
Outro 01:08:37

RDTN Episode 93: Ship of Fools – Rob Daviau and Seafall

seafallHaving not learned from his last appearance or he has a short memory, Rob Daviau, designer of countless games and co-designer behind the #1 game on Boardgamegeek, has returned to the our show to discuss his next game Seafall. We all know that Rob is known for his Legacy series style games, but little did he know that this game design was going to be his legacy. What you may not be aware of is that Rob’s hobby is cooking and he steps us through how to prepare steak with a perfectly rare center to a seared crust on the outside.

But the show isn’t all about cooking, though I got a feeling we could have talked all night about it. We then jump into the meat of the show, Seafall*. We hear the inspiration behind the game, discuss various rules and tactics, and the various variants that can be used if you don’t have a steady playgroup. You can just hear the passion in Rob’s voice for his creation, his Indian Jones game in the Age of Sail. One of the many outstanding elements of the game is that the story book, while everyone has the same book, people will not have the same experiences. This means that in our mind, you could play this game a second time and have a different experience. Seafall usually takes about 15 games to reach the end of the story with each game going about 2 hours, according to Rob. However, if groups decide, they can extend out the game plays by never reaching a milestone by the time the game ends.

Pandemic Legacy players need to understand that Seafall is competitive and there is going to be diplomacy in this game. While the rulebook is long, there only five basic actions, so don’t be scared by the length. Either way, we will be preordering this game from Plaid Hat and securing the metal coins. Also, we want Plaid Hat to know that when they backed Rob, they backed a winner.SOF

Segment Time
Intro 00:10
Broken Token 1:35
Rob Daviau in the house 2:20
It Hurts 2:45
How to cook Steak 3:35
Boston Red Sox 6:10
Happy Mouth Rub 7:50
Seafall 9:05
Synopsis 12:30
How the Seafall Legacy System Work 14:30
Seafall is Competitive 16:12
What is in your turn in Seafall? 18:30
What is Eminity Tokens? 21:47
Blank Board & Stickers!! 25:52
Endevours & Dice 27:22
Interesting game mechanics 29:57
The Advisors 32:30
Do you need a steady group? 35:00
Seafall two years ago to today 37:48
Seafall questions from Guild 41:10
Other Guild Questions 45:35
D&D with Rob 53:20
Pandemic Season 2 01:02:25
Chronicle: Origins 01:02:55
Mountains of Madness 01:08:11
Closing it out 01:13:32
Portal Games 01:19:35
Outro 01:20:07

*See what I did there?

RDTN Episode 92: Midnight Train to Georgia – CMON Expo, Eric Lang, Rodney Smith and Action Phase Games

comoexpoCMON Expo in Atlanta, GA is a great small con and we could not have been happier to have been able to attend this year. Between getting to play all the new cool Cool Mini or Not games and prototypes, we got to hang out with great designers, podcasters and Rodney Smith. What is great about the small con is the level of personalization you can experience while there. You can actually relax and enjoy your surroundings and never feel like you need to rush here and there. And the location was top notch with great dining nearby, easy to access transportation, and The World of Coca-Cola. What other Con can you go to and get to taste 100 flavors of Coke. Okay, it is better than it sounds.

There are a few games that we saw there that really stood out for us. First was Bloodbourne: The Card langgodfatherGame. There was something about how quickly it played and the multiple options to win that really stood out. Next was Masmorra: Duneons of Arcadia. Here is one that we backed and happy that we did. Even though this was an early prototype, the models were outstanding and what you would expect from Cool Mini or Not. Then there was the game The Goodfather, an Eric Lang design. Enough said about this one, just save enough money to get it. One last game to mention is Potion Explosion. Not sure why, but it was a game that more plays over the weekend would have been a joy. This game will be on the shelves of RDTN when it is released by Cool Mini or Not in 3rd Quarter.

Word to the wise, some minis are sharper than others and can cause puncture wounds.

Segment Time
Intro 00:45
Jared Miller – CMON Marketing Manager 02:17
Portal Games 16:50
And the Games at CMON 17:25
Potion Explosion 18:00
Ta-Da! 20:50
Unusual Suspects 23:27
The Grizzled: At Your Orders! 25:20
Masmorra 28:45
Defenders of the Last Stand 32:33
Eric Lang Interview 37:00
Bloodbourne 39:50
The Godfather 45:25
More Eric News 56:20
Battle Bin 1:07:20
Action Phase Games 1:09:00
The Broken Token 1:19:45
And the Myth is debunked – Rodney Smith 1:20:20
Captain America – Civil War 1:29:05
Strike 1:31:35
Dutch Blitz 1:34:30
A Game of Thrones 1:38:50
Outro 1:43:45