RDTN Episode 67 – Just the Two of Us: XenoShyft Review, Flying Squirrels and Statistically Speaking

It has been awhile and we recognize it, but it is just the two of us for this show. Much of the show is on our critique of the new game from Cool Mini Or Not – Xenoshyft Onslaught. Marty and I have different opinions on this game, which is no surprise here, but what was the surprise was where the difference came in.

I do have to give a big thanks to my Co-host for doing this Kickstarter,  which allowed us a chance to play it. Just think, it was almost a year since Marty was exposed to the game at the CMON Expo.

We introduce our new segment in the showing called Flying Squirrels. This is intended to be quick discussions on topics that have caught our attention. This way we keep ourselves focused and mostly on task.

Finally, Taylor is back for another Statistically Speaking.  We talk about what it means to have expectations of your rolls in dice games. He makes an interesting argument about city placement in Catan that I had never considered before.

Don’t forget to enter our contest for a copy of Xenoshyft, just follow this link over to survey. We decided to try Google Survey this time, so hope this doesn’t confuse you.

Date Segment
Intro 00:30
Flying Squirrels 03:00
1st & Goal 5:10
BattleBards/Defenders of the Last Stand 7:10
Kickstarter Shipping 9:15
The Muppets 11:15
Imperial Settlers – The Atlanteans 13:15
Memior '44 15:15
Tumblers 17:15
Neuroshima Hex App 19:15
Review – XenoShyft Onslaught 22:15
Statistically Speaking 43:00
Outro 53:45

RDTN Episode 66 – Land of Confusion: 2nd Annual Box Office, Red Box, Trash Box with Dan Patriss and Chris Kirkman

summerMovies2011We deviate from our normally scheduled program and bring to you the 2nd Annual Summer Movie Box Office, Redbox, Trash Box episode. The concept is simple, we review a shortened list of summer movies, 27 in all, and talk about whether we would go see them at the theater, rent them, or not even waste our time. We are lucky to have Dan Patriss from The Geek AllStars joining us again this year and he brought along some of his baggage with him, Chris Kirkman from Dice Hate Me games. It was great having them on the show to add different views to the program and someday we can only hope that the Transformer discussions will end. If you don’t give a rat’s behind about movies, then we hope you come back to Episode 67 when we get back on board games. Either way, be sure to silence your cell phones, no texting during the show, and be sure to deposit your trash when you leave the theater. Enjoy the show.

Time Segment
Intro 00:30
Summer Movie Preview 2:30
Movie Box Office Gross Draft 1:18:00
Outro 1:37:00


RDTN Episode 65 – A Most Peculiar Man: Portal Games Ignacy Trzewiczek

portalWe are very fortunate to have Ignacy Trzewiczek (Tsch vi tcheck) owner of Portal Games on the show this week. As many of you know, he is the designer behind Robinson Crusoe, Imperial Settlers, and Stronghold. Like many of you, I had no idea how Ignacy got his start and so glad he shared with us his early years. Also, we learn about early games he designed, the different cultures that you must consider when designing games, and what it takes to pull off going to a con as a game company.

He then gives us an exclusive on his upcoming releases Tides of Time and Rattle Battle, Grab Da Loot. Both will be at Gen Con, so hurry over to Portal booth to snatch up your copy assuming everything goes well with logistics. We then get into a game of Rank’em which includes a hint from Ignacy on how to win at Robinson. We were very lucky to have Ignacy on the show and hope you enjoy listening to the show as much as we loved doing it.

That is right, this is how you say it in Polish:


Segment Time
Intro 00:30
Ignacy Trzewiczek 2:20
The Early Years 6:03
Different Cultures 17:45
Portal Games 20:30
The Inside Jokes 29:30
Tides of Time 34:32
Rattle Battle Grab the Loot 41:05
Stronghold 2nd Edition 55:00
Rank'em 1:03:53
Outro 1:21:25

RDTN Episode 64 – With A Little Help From My Friends: Chaz Marler from Pair Of Dice Paradise

pairofdiceChaz_popfilterLook out, Chaz is in the house again so you might want to just get ready for an episode that is nothing but Squirrel moments. Sure we talk about the happenings in the board gaming world, but we spend much of our time talking about his Mockumentary that he did for the Jack Vasel Memorial Fund. The winning bidder received a 30+ minute tribute to their gaming glory at a competition where they beat some heavy hitters in the gaming community. The people that appear in this small film are Tom Vasel, squirrelEric Summerer, Rodney Smith, Joel Eddy, Hunter Shelburne, Rhiannon Ochs, and many others. But it wasn’t just these heavyweights, Marty and I got parts as well.

Chaz then pulls a switch-a-roo on us and makes us play our own game – Rank’em. His topics actually had some thought behind them. Enjoy the show and be sure and check out Chaz’s youTube channel when you get a chance if you don’t already.

Segment Time
Intro 00:30
Battle Bards 2:00
Scoundrels 6:00
Chaz Marler 9:30
Mocumentary Discussion  16:00
Other Chaz products 36:00
Chaz at Cons 43:00
Rank'em by Chaz 49:00
Chaz on GAMA 1:06:00
Outro 1:11:30

Recorded on 4/6/2015

RDTN Episode 63 – Premonition: Royals, Chit Chat, Gaming Theme Songs

gamaBack by popular demand or maybe because there was a throat punch involved, Rhiannon and Suzanne. We spend our time discussing the news from GAMA, what caught our eye, and how Fantasy Flight seems to be leveraging a particular IP. If you had asked me when I first saw Star Wars as a kid, did I think it would be around when I was approaching 50 years of age, I would have told you that you were crazy. Same goes for Star Trek, but in all fairness, it doesn’t have the draw like Star Wars. So, we can make fun of Fantasy Flight for hitching their wagon to that name brand, but I am grateful they did for it gives them the financial ability to explorer other ideas that may not be feasible.

Like to give a shout out to Matt Franz over at our BGG Guild for suggestion the theme song music topic, that was a great idea. Hope you enjoy that segment.

Segment Time
Intro 00:30
Royals 3:30
Chit Chat 8:45
GAMA Discussion 18:30
Gaming Theme Songs 37:00
BGG Geek of the Week 58:00
Outro 1:09:25

RDTN Episode 62 – Tough Enough: Interview with Matt Leacock

thunderbirdsMatt Leacock has been making the rounds to promote his new game Thunderbirds, published by Modiphius Games and we were lucky enough to be including in his tour of   podcasts/video channels. Some of us even got to interview him twice. The Kickstarter is doing incredibly well as you can imagine and was funded I believe in one day. While this game has my interest, I am already stretched thin on my KS dollars for the year, so I am going to pass until it hits retail.

Matt then took some time to talk with us about his Pandemic series and a little about Pandemic Legacy but unfortunately he can’t spoil anything yet and we all have to wait. Hepic2452831 did mention what most of us have already heard, that it is atwelve month campaign, there are two cover art boxes out there, but it is the same game, and it was great working with Rob Daviau. One thing I hadn’t heard that was news to me was that they signed off on the game and it was ready to print. Zman is saying that they had 52,000 pre-orders for this game which is incredible in my opinion.

This was a really fun interview with Matt and we appreciate him taking his time to come on our show. Here is a link to the shop we were talking about with the Game Pimper T-shirt if you are interested.

Segment Time
Intro 0:15
Overview Warhammer Conquest 6:00
Thunderbirds 8:00
Overview of the Game 14:00
Mission Clock Discussion 22:00
Daughter Anna helps Dad 28:00
Pandemic Legacy 36:00
State of Emergency 42:00
Matt stocking shelves at Target 44:00
Matt answers your questions 45:30
Rank'em 58:00
Outro 1:07:45

The monster from Johnny Quest, best episode ever :)oneeyemonster

RDTN Episode 61 – Rock Me Amadeus: Deus and Pandemic – The Cure Reviewed, Imperial Settlers Family Thoughts, and Kickstarters

Has it already been two weeks since our last show? Man, time is moving quickly and spring is upon us, or at least in the Charlotte area. So, time to get outside, do some weeding, pruning, and get the gardens ready for planting. But before we do, Marty and I got the chance to play Deus and for me, I really enjoyed it. Do yourself a favor and find someone who has the game and give it a play. It is a nice mix of various mechanics from other martyvanessa.jpg-largegames, but it doesn’t feel like they were forced together at all. I get to talk about Pandemic: The Cure and if I think it is more than Just a Game as stated by Rhi on a previous episode. Marty tells us what the family thinks of Imperial Settlers and if you missed his tweet on trying to read the cards, reposting image here..

Segment Time
Pandemic: The Cure 7:00
Imperial Settlers – with the family 12:30
Deus 22:00
Machi Koro 44:30
Blood Rage 47:00
Bottom of the 9th 51:00
Outro 54:30

RDTN Episode 60 – Don’t Look Back: On Board Game Interview with Donald Dennis and Erik Dewey


And the Triad is complete. We have concluded our back to back to back shows and I don’t know about you, but I am spent. We are very honored to have on the show Donald and Erik from On Board Games. We talk to two guys that have seen a bunch of change in the industry and get them to reflect back on the dark days of gaming and compare it to today’s enlightened world.

I get to introduce a new segment, Statistically Speaking, that I hope turns out to be a plus for the show. My goal for this segment is to help us play our games smarter without a huge deep dive into the world of statistics. We all think we know something about statistics, I mean who doesn’t know that you have a 50-50 chance with a coin, or a 1 in 6 chance to get a number on a dice, but are we truly using the terms correctly. I mean,stats statistically speaking, I got a 50% chance of this segment falling flat on its face, okay, maybe greater chance than that.

Thanks for listening and don’t forget we have two contests going on currently.


Segment Time
Intro 00:20
Interview with On Board Games  2:30
Rank'em 31:00
Statistically Speaking 46:00
Outro 57:00

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