RDTN Episode 36: The Devil Went Down to Georgia

cbjimageFor this episode, we were honored to have Anthony Racano from Cardboard Jungle on our show. We are all over the map with this one so be sure and check out the time table below to give you an idea of the topics we have on the show. Now hidden in the show is someone from the Bronx trying to talk Southern and myself trying to talk like someone from Boston. There is no way I could have pulled off the Bronx. We had a great time with Anthony and let me tell you, the guy knows his stuff when it comes to our gaming hobby. We do go on a brief tangent on sports, but we bring it back and talk about various sports games that are on the market.

Board Games: Now for the BlindOne item we want to point out that has our interest and we want to make sure gets some notice is the current kickstarter Board Games: Now Blind Accessible. It is funded, but consider helping them along the way.

Segment Time
Here's Anthony 1:00
Getting CBJ Started 8:00
Anthony's Pet Peeve 17:15
Running Demos 20:30
Game Clubs 26:30
Parenting advice from us 32:00
Totalcon 35:00
2014 Expectations 42:00
Gencon and Demos 49:00
Really – Monopoly 57:00
Time for the Sports 1:01:00
Other Racano Productions 1:09:00
64 Oz. Game Kickstarter 1:21:00

Episode 35: Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad

mlponyIt has been a few months in coming, but it is finally here, our episode on two player games. We talk about two new games, one is Diskwars from Fantasy Flight and the other is from Entroplay. What game from Entroplay is it? Can you guess what it is? Need a hint, take a look at the picture and see if you can figure out. Also, we failed to mention that in our Two Player History of games, we did do Magic and the reason we didn’t stick with it, we felt we were so far behind in the game, it was not worth trying to get into it. We have also tried it many times over the years, but we just never commit to it due to the CCG element.

Segment Time
Netrunner Tournament Results 2:00
Mice & Dice Play Nice 4:30
Battlestar Galatica 7:15
Euphoria 10:15
Warhammer:Diskwars 18:00
My Little Pony 28:20
At The Table (Best Two Player Games) 45:30
Our History with Two Player Games 54:30
Future Two Player Games of Interest 1:06:30
Outro 1:09:45

Thanks for listening and sorry for some of the words missing. I have swapped computers and for some odd reason, the recording would drop a word here and there. I hope to have it fixed before the next show.

Episode 34: Crazy Train

Vanessa's SwordSorry Another episode for your review. One of our main topics is teaching games to others. As more and more people discovery the goodness of board games, those of us that have played for awhile get labeled as those that know the rules and should be able to teach others. Kind of like being the person in the office that knows something about technology, therefore you can fix anything wrong with a computer or the network. Just because you enjoy the hobby, that doesn’t make you an expert. I am secure enough to admit that I am not very good at teaching games and so when I try and explain a game to new players, I do my best realizing my faults. I tend to over-simplify a game, or fail to give the key strategy points in a game.


But people all learn differently and when you have different styles in a game, like those that just want to play and learn versus someone who has to hear the rules from start to end before you play, you have got a rough game ahead, Teaching a game is an art and for those that do it well or put yourself out there, I salute you. There are many people out there that try and do youtube videos on the web to teach you, but the two I enjoy the most are Watch It Played and Rahdo also known as Richard Ham on BoardGameGeek. I bet you have heard of them both.

Segment Time
Teaching a Game 01:00
Pathfinder Review 17:24
Conflict PvP 20:45
Infamy 25:00
Our YouTube Page 29:30
Shadowrun RPG Event 31:30
Upper Deck 25th Anniversary 47:00
Close Out 55:20
At the Table Question 58:00

5 Minute Initiative: Eldritch Horror

5minuteimageIt has been awhile since our last 5 Minute Initiative so we thought we would throw one out between our next to Episodes. Marty and I discuss Eldritch Horror and our likes and dislikes of this game. That is right, there are some drawbacks for us, but for me, I think I enjoy this one the most out of the Cthulhu series by FFG. Below are some Pros and Cons that we threw together to help you with the game if you haven’t played it yet.

Mechanics are similar to Arkham so easy to understand if you have played that game The game takes awhile to play and longer with newer players (3-4 hours)
Art is always incredible in these games Flavor text is great but gets old
Four very tough Elder Ones in the core set Only four included in the the core set – expansions for sure
Loot Loot Loot You can die easily in this game (but you get to come back as a new character)
Good player interaction Analysis Paralysis can happen in this game
Random mysteries and order of mysteries for each Elder provides good replayability


Episode 33: Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word

bwlimageMarty and I spend this episode talking with some cast members from the web series Board with Life. That is right, Board with Life. Donald, Casey, Niki, and Jonathan tell us how they got started doing this, what it takes to do a web series, their favorite games, and talk about their successfully funded kickstarter for Season 2. One of the things that a remember most about this interview is that it takes 4 to 5 hours to pull together one of their Bits. So as you look over the catalog, you can just see how much time goes into doing these segments. One of my favorites because we can all relate to having to either explain our hobby or how we have tried to teach others. By the way, Sorry can be just as mean as Nothing Personal, okay, maybe not. But as you listen to the show, you will get why we named Episode 33 the way we did.

Segment Time
Intro 00:45
Robert Searing Foam Inserts 01:00
Board with Life 4:50
Cast Introductions 5:30
How and What they are about 9:30
Jonathan's first Bit-SORRY 16:00
Game's they like 17:45
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and other Movies 32:00
Everyone contributes 34:00
Let's talk business 37:00
Why do the Kickstarter 39:30
Stretch Goals are Awesome 48:00
Did he Poop? 58:15
Other credits for the show 1:05:30
BGG Con Adventures 1:09:00
Closing it out 1:19:00
Marty and I wrap it up 1:23:00

Episode 32: I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

cutmypic (4) This episode is a little light on game discussion, sorry about that. We are in a lull coming off the big holiday rush and well, we did this coast down as we gear up for another year. In this episode, Alex and Todd visit us again with their second installment of War College where they discuss the idea of reconnaissance in board gaming. Marty and I discuss a challenge for our listeners to take part in over at our BGG forum and we also close out our At The Table for February which asks the probing question, what game(s) would you play if stuck inside with a snow storm going on outside. At the time of this writing, we are expected to get 4 to 8 inches of snow in our area and for us. That is a bunch of snow that can keep us off the streets for 3 days depending on temperatures the next day. As such, this At the Table couldn’t have come at a better time.

Segment Time
Intro 1:00
Spend My Allowance 12:15
War College 21:00
Recon to us 39:00
At the Table 44:00
In Closing 53:40

Enjoy the show and if you haven’t watched our terrible acting jobs yet and have 3 minutes of your life to give up, check us out here.

Episode 31: Where Dragons Rule

Draco Magi

Draco Magi Cover

We are very excited to get this episode out because we had the opportunity to talk with Robert Burke and Richard Launius about their upcoming collaboration Draco Magi. This is a game you have heard Marty and I talk about on previous shows. It is a card game that has incredible artwork (see below) and strategic play. The game is out on Kickstarter now and will have a price point of $15 for USA residents. I am a backer without any hesitation and was #4, I think.

We also discuss Marty’s experience at SCARAB and my recent failure at teaching Robinson Crusoe

red dragon

Segment Time
Intro 03:00
Draco Magi Interview 08:30
Draco Magi Thoughts 34:30
SCARAB 39:20
Robinson Crusoe 50:18
Tiny Epic Kingdoms 57:30
Otters 01:04:30
Outro 01:06:00

Episode 30: Crystal Ball

CavernaTalk about starting off the new year with a bang, I got to make a youtube video for my company and Marty was kind enough to tweet it on our @DiceAndNames account. So, for those of you watching the polar bear baby walk for the first and not me talking about the polar vortex, now is your chance to view. Got to the bottom of this posting and click on play if you want to see someone not use a green screen correctly.

Long episode for us, lots to discuss on the game play over the Holidays. We revisit Frances Drake, but only briefly, we promise. Be sure to check out the RDTN BGG forum for Jan/Feb At the Table question.

Segment Time
Mansions of Madness* 04:30
Eldritch Horror 10:40
Rise of Augustus 17:00
Get Bit 18:40
Wits & Wagers 19:30
Caverna 23:30
Francis Drake 30:20
Other Anecdotes 36:35
At The Table 46:10
Start of the Long Outro 1:04:00
Double Six Dice Kickstarter 1:04:45
Gripmats Kickstarter 1:08:25
Clarification of our DT segment 1:10:25
Chaosmos Kickstarter 1:14:04
Otters 1:20:00
Top Played Games of 2013 1:24:50
February's At the Table Question 1:28:30

*One clarification, during the recording, Marty and I associated Mansions with Richard and the game was actually designed by Corey Konieczka. Sorry about that Corey.

5 Minute Initiative: Gravwell



Almost four months after Gen Con, Gravwell is finally out for purchase at various outlets. Marty and I have been talking about the game for some time and realized that we have not done a 5 Minute Initiative for this great game. We have corrected that with today’s posting. The game was designed by Corey Young and this is his first entry into the gaming world. He has mentioned in his tweets that he is working on other games for 2014 and we look forward to his sophomore offering. Gravwell can be purchased for  $23.99 online with a MSRP of $35.00. In the box you will find:

  • 1 Game Board
  • 30 Game Cards (26 play cards and 4 ship/emergency stop cards)
  • 6 Spaceship Miniatures
  • 1 Round Tracking Token (the white pawn)
  • 1 Rulebook

The full rules can be downloaded here.

Give our 5MI a listen on Gravwell and just know that we really like this great filler game. Oh, Corey if you reading this and need playtesters for your next game, let us know :)Was that to much of a shameless plug…

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