RDTN Episode 93: Ship of Fools – Rob Daviau and Seafall

seafallHaving not learned from his last appearance or he has a short memory, Rob Daviau, designer of countless games and co-designer behind the #1 game on Boardgamegeek, has returned to the our show to discuss his next game Seafall. We all know that Rob is known for his Legacy series style games, but little did he know that this game design was going to be his legacy. What you may not be aware of is that Rob’s hobby is cooking and he steps us through how to prepare steak with a perfectly rare center to a seared crust on the outside.

But the show isn’t all about cooking, though I got a feeling we could have talked all night about it. We then jump into the meat of the show, Seafall*. We hear the inspiration behind the game, discuss various rules and tactics, and the various variants that can be used if you don’t have a steady playgroup. You can just hear the passion in Rob’s voice for his creation, his Indian Jones game in the Age of Sail. One of the many outstanding elements of the game is that the story book, while everyone has the same book, people will not have the same experiences. This means that in our mind, you could play this game a second time and have a different experience. Seafall usually takes about 15 games to reach the end of the story with each game going about 2 hours, according to Rob. However, if groups decide, they can extend out the game plays by never reaching a milestone by the time the game ends.

Pandemic Legacy players need to understand that Seafall is competitive and there is going to be diplomacy in this game. While the rulebook is long, there only five basic actions, so don’t be scared by the length. Either way, we will be preordering this game from Plaid Hat and securing the metal coins. Also, we want Plaid Hat to know that when they backed Rob, they backed a winner.SOF

Segment Time
Intro 00:10
Broken Token 1:35
Rob Daviau in the house 2:20
It Hurts 2:45
How to cook Steak 3:35
Boston Red Sox 6:10
Happy Mouth Rub 7:50
Seafall 9:05
Synopsis 12:30
How the Seafall Legacy System Work 14:30
Seafall is Competitive 16:12
What is in your turn in Seafall? 18:30
What is Eminity Tokens? 21:47
Blank Board & Stickers!! 25:52
Endevours & Dice 27:22
Interesting game mechanics 29:57
The Advisors 32:30
Do you need a steady group? 35:00
Seafall two years ago to today 37:48
Seafall questions from Guild 41:10
Other Guild Questions 45:35
D&D with Rob 53:20
Pandemic Season 2 01:02:25
Chronicle: Origins 01:02:55
Mountains of Madness 01:08:11
Closing it out 01:13:32
Portal Games 01:19:35
Outro 01:20:07

*See what I did there?

RDTN Episode 92: Midnight Train to Georgia – CMON Expo, Eric Lang, Rodney Smith and Action Phase Games

comoexpoCMON Expo in Atlanta, GA is a great small con and we could not have been happier to have been able to attend this year. Between getting to play all the new cool Cool Mini or Not games and prototypes, we got to hang out with great designers, podcasters and Rodney Smith. What is great about the small con is the level of personalization you can experience while there. You can actually relax and enjoy your surroundings and never feel like you need to rush here and there. And the location was top notch with great dining nearby, easy to access transportation, and The World of Coca-Cola. What other Con can you go to and get to taste 100 flavors of Coke. Okay, it is better than it sounds.

There are a few games that we saw there that really stood out for us. First was Bloodbourne: The Card langgodfatherGame. There was something about how quickly it played and the multiple options to win that really stood out. Next was Masmorra: Duneons of Arcadia. Here is one that we backed and happy that we did. Even though this was an early prototype, the models were outstanding and what you would expect from Cool Mini or Not. Then there was the game The Goodfather, an Eric Lang design. Enough said about this one, just save enough money to get it. One last game to mention is Potion Explosion. Not sure why, but it was a game that more plays over the weekend would have been a joy. This game will be on the shelves of RDTN when it is released by Cool Mini or Not in 3rd Quarter.

Word to the wise, some minis are sharper than others and can cause puncture wounds.

Segment Time
Intro 00:45
Jared Miller – CMON Marketing Manager 02:17
Portal Games 16:50
And the Games at CMON 17:25
Potion Explosion 18:00
Ta-Da! 20:50
Unusual Suspects 23:27
The Grizzled: At Your Orders! 25:20
Masmorra 28:45
Defenders of the Last Stand 32:33
Eric Lang Interview 37:00
Bloodbourne 39:50
The Godfather 45:25
More Eric News 56:20
Battle Bin 1:07:20
Action Phase Games 1:09:00
The Broken Token 1:19:45
And the Myth is debunked – Rodney Smith 1:20:20
Captain America – Civil War 1:29:05
Strike 1:31:35
Dutch Blitz 1:34:30
A Game of Thrones 1:38:50
Outro 1:43:45

RDTN Episode 91: Californication – The 2016 Summer Movie Preview with Dan and Chris

rdtn_summerIt has been a year since we did the last summer movie preview show with Dan Patriss and Chris Kirkman. Funny how that works. Anyway, while the show has some very interesting board gaming information at the start, we spend the majority of the time talking about the upcoming 2016 summer movies. We know, we know, we are a board gaming podcast, but this is always one of our favorite shows to do. It is always fun to just hear everyone’s different perspectives on the upcoming releases. You can tell that Marty and Chris are about the finer points of movies and take into account the various directors, producers, special effects and so forth and Tony and Dan are wanted to just be entertained and being disconnected from the real world while watching.

Item of note from this show is Kirkman’s discussion on Pax East and how it is becoming very board gamer friendly. That was some good informationsecretroom for this con may not be one people would think to go to for board gaming. They may imagine that in order to get to the board gaming area, they need to go through the kitchen to get to some dark, dingy room in the back. Something to think about for 2017 and Boston is a great city to visit if you have never been.

Be sure and head over to our Google Form and enter a contest. Yes, this is one of those contests that you enter and forget because it doesn’t end until 10/1/2016. Don’t wait either, we are going to close off entries by 5/17/2016 around 11pm. Yes, you will already know how well Captain America is doing at the box office, but who wasn’t going to put that one on their list. Then again, that could be a strategy and see how it is doing and see if you think there is going to be a bigger movie later. Full rules can be found on the Survey form.


  1. described or thought of as having a human form or human attribute
  2. ascribing human characteristics to nonhuman things
Segment Time
Intro 00:30
Why this title? 01:35
Squirrel 1 – Rock Band 2:20
Squirrel 2 – Pax East 03:15
2015 in Review 06:50
How to Play 13:00
Captain America: Civil War 13:55
Money Monster 17:55
The Nice Guys 20:15
Angry Birds 22:25
X-men Apocalypse 25:00
Alice through the Looking Glass 29:00
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 31:20
Pop Star 35:05
Warcraft 37:25
Finding Dory 43:25
Central Intelligence 45:10
Independence Day: Resurgence 48:20
Free State of Jones 52:05
Legend of Tarzan 54:30
The BFG 58:27
Secret Lives of Pets 01:00:40
Ghostbusters 01:04:35
Star Trek Beyond 01:08:20
Ice Age: Collision Course 01:11:23
Absolutely Fabulous 01:12:37
Jason Bourne 01:14:25
Suicide Squad 01:16:15
Sausage Party 01:24:50
Ben Hur 01:27:30
Pete's Dragon 01:30:20
Final Wrap Up 01:33:20
The Draft 01:36:00
Outro 01:51:40

RDTN Episode 90: Africa – West of Africa and Ascension Dreamscape Reviews and Flying Squirrels

Two reviews in this episode along with 2 minute discussions mostly on Kickstarter stuff. The first review is on the 9th expansion for the deck building ascension_dreamscapegame Ascension, called Dreamscape. We know there are people out there that enjoy talking it down, but it gets love here at Rolling Dice & Taking Names. For Tony, it is the only game that he is constantly playing on his Ipad, next to Cookie Jam. For Marty, it is a deck builder that he can appreciate, even though the art isn’t to his liking. We have different opinions about the new Insight mechanic, but if you are a fan of Ascension, you should check it out. Also, if you want to play online, shoot damcree a challenge, just be sure to set it for 28 days.

westofafricaWest of Africa, which is on preorder at Funagain, was the next game on the table. This is a very interesting game and one that might sneak up on you. Your first play may have you thinking, that was interesting, but how is this any different than the other dozen euro games I play. Well, as Marty points out, you better have a Plan B ready to go because of the simultaneous selection, you never know when things could go south. So, how many of your Euro games force you to do that. Then there is the whole how to break a tie mechanic in this game that is really awesome. Did we mention that if you don’t come to the table with a Plan B then you will find yourself playing catch-up at times.squirrelonnut

When the squirrels get let loose during our Flying Squirrel segment, they bring back an abnormalamount of Kickstarter news. We punished them for this and hope they will do better the next time. Once again, the big Summer Movie Episode is our next release, so be sure to pick up some popcorn between now and then.

Segment Time
Toto 01:10
Ascension Dreamscape Review 04:35
Armada Games 20:55
Game Canopy Bag 22:50
Cavern Tavern 25:00
Tiny Epic Kingdom v2 26:55
Saltlands 28:55
Warmachine/Hordes New Rules Edition 31:05
Horse isn't dead yet 33:20
West of Africa 36:30
CBJ Shoutout 1:05:20
Podpledge 01:06:05
Outro 01:07:35

*Correct to location of Armada Games, it was stated I-77 on the show, they are off of I-75.
**Yes that was the second time there was a flush on the show

RDTN Episode 89: Reverence – Commissioned, Dungeons & Dragons 5E, and Asomodee North Price Policy

Based on the poll over in our BGG Guild for what game to review next, we followed the advice of our members and reviewed the game Commissioned. If you are not familiar with the game, it is a coop, cube manipulation, deck building game based on the history around the time of the spread of Christianity. The game is not in your face on the theme, but it brings to life the events that were going on during that time through the commissionedgame’s mechanics. You are facing trials that are out to hinder your progress as you try and accomplish the goals of your chosen scenario. This game has been compared to the inverse of Pandemic, but with the deck building, it is more than that.

We decided to go check out Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition on an Encounters night. We have dabbled in the RPG world many times, but were curious how the new edition was different than the old and with other systems we have tried recently. The shop was very crowded and the noise was very loud, but that did not dampen the fun we had playing.

Finally, we debate the recent interview that was done at GAMA with Asmodee North and their reasons behind their pricing policy changes. Research was done because we even asked our local store owner his opinion on these changes. It is fair to say that we understand these stances, but the reasons just don’t match up to our experiences in the various hobbies we have been part of over the years. Beware, minor ranting will be done.

Congrats to Chris G. from our guild on his win in the first annual RDTN NCAA Guessing Game Bracket Challenge. He beat about ten other people who had no clue on the NCAA Basketball Brackets so take it for what it was worth.

Segment Time
Intro 00:40
Commissioned 04:40
Game Play 08:55
Building the Deck 14:00
Which Cards to play 15:30
Pros of Commissioned 16:35
Cons of Commissioned 18:40
Final Thoughts 20:45
D&D 5E Adventure 26:15
The Pricing Policy Debate 41:40
Local Store Owner thoughts 50:55
Privateer Press Policy 54:25
Outro 58:25