RDTN Episode 100: RDTN Match Game, Gen Con Interviews and Reflection and $100 Funagain Gift Card

Episode100It has been a Long and Winding Road getting to our 100th Episode. We want to thank everyone for all the support as we made it to this milestone and we are already looking at how to continue to make it better as we begin the next journey to 200! In order to show our appreciation and due to the generosity of Funagain Games, we are able to hold a contest to celebrate our 100th episode be giving away a $100 Gift Code to their site. It is simple to get entered into the contest, either like us on Facebook or join our Boardgamegeek Guild. We will draw a name from that pool of names. Do not delay because the contest will end on 9/6/2016.

To celebrate our 100th show, we wanted to bring as many people onto the show as we could, but Google Hangout limits to 10 and so it was a hat pull. With the group, we were able to play Match Game. You know, the one where contestants fill in a BLANK in a sentence and hope the six panelists matched their answer. In the RDTN Match Game, the task is even harder. Not because the questions are more challenging, not because they were cryptic, but because of the crew that was playing, that was the challenge. Just take a look, this was going to be a train wreck, so hope you enjoy it.matchgame2_2016

Marty went to Gen Con and represented us well. He wrangled up some Gen Con Squirrels and brought them home for y’all to hear. One has a very unique accent and we hope you understand it. Either way, the boy was spent when he got home, but the trip was well worth it. It is going to be another good year for us board gamers.

Once again, thanks so much for supporting and listening to the show. We really do mean it when we say we couldn’t do this without you. Don’t forget to enter into the Funagain $100 giveaway, the cutoff time will be here before you know it.

Segment Time
Intro 01:00
Dice Tower Network Contest 01:45
Funagain Games $100 Contest 04:50
And now the show 09:10
RDTN Match Game 09:40
Broken Token Break 22:50
Back to the show 23:50
Portal Break 33:20
Gen Con Reflections 50:20
CMON Press Event 57:10
Capstone Games 01:05:15
Gen Con Food 01:08:00
Gen Con Flying Squirrels 01:10:15
Ice Cool 01:10:20
Privateer Press 01:12:45
AEG 01:16:40
Chaz Again 01:18:45
Fantasy Flight Arkham Horror LCG 01:20:00
Adventures in Middle Earth by Cubicle 7 01:22:43
Mystic Vale 01:27:15
Valley of the Kings Designer 01:31:10
Star Wars Destiny with Robb Rouse 01:33:50
Outro 01:39:04
Ignacy slammed us 01:40:15
Funagain Sponsorship renewed 01:42:35
Previous Contest Winners 01:45:20
Thank you so much 01:46:00



Win a $50 Giftcard to Cool Stuff Inc.



Once again, Rolling Dice & Taking Names has been given the opportunity to participate in the Dice Tower Network Cool Stuff Inc $50 Gift Card Giveaway. We are not going to require some survey to be filled out. You don’t need to send in a video begging for the giftcard. No photoshop skills will be required. You simply need to Email, BGG Post, Tweet Instagram or reply to the contest post on our Facebook Page your best example of a board game fail using the hashtag #RDTNgamefail.

It can be that time where your buddy thought he was going to win and a mistake cost him the game. Or the time everyone was ready to play a game and something happened to keep it from occurring. We will review the entries and the one that we like the best will get the Gift Card. That person will then be entered into the big Dice Tower Network drawing.

Be sure to post with the hashtag #RDTNgamefail. Instagram can be a generic picture, but be sure in the text area you give your example along with #RDTNgamefail.

Contest ends August 31st, 2016.

Good luck…and make us laugh!


RDTN Episode 99: Scythe, Millennium Blades, Piratoons, Simurgh and Megamoosecon

episode99We are on the road again and at our new local convention MegaMooseCon. We finally got to play two games that everyone has talked about or been talking about, Scythe and Millennium Blades. These are not full blown reviews with game discussion, you can find that elsewhere. We discuss the pros and cons of both games and we admit that we will need to get more plays in, especially Scythe.

MegaMooseCon was a great and will only get better. Mark Kale did a fantastic job organizing and providing space for all the games. Yeah, there was concerns being 30 minutes south of Charlotte, NC. Would the crowd show? How was the facility? What about food and drinks? Will there be enough space? 150+ people, very clean facility, food truck and local restaurants, and space for plenty of growth next year, no concerns now. We mention this in the show, but love the fact that the tables and chairs were very comfortable. Admit that they were set for like 8 people, but that gave us plenty of room to spread out Scythe and not worry about being cramped at the table.

We also talk some more about Simurgh and how it played. Is it just another worker placement game or does it have a little something different? You have to give it a try and determine for yourself. The game has some unique characteristics like the limited amount of resources you can keep and the placement of cards to open up more options for placing of workers. Either way, give it a try if you get a chance.

The next show is our 100th Episode and we hope it goes as planned. We are going to try and do something similar to a game show with podcast celebrities. Who knows if this is going to work. We will also announce another contest as well as the winners from our past two contests. Thanks for listening, we really do appreciate it. Also, we want to remind everyone of Rodney Smith’s Indiegogo campaign that has a month left. He is almost at 100% and hopefully he will reach it shortly.

Segment Time
MegaMooseCon 00:40
Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes 04:00
Strike 10:35
7 Wonders Tournament 11:40
Piratoons 13:53
Scythe 15:50
Simurgh 26:55
Millennium Blades 34:00
Gen Con 2016 thoughts 44:00
Marty's Rant 53:30
Outro 56:40