RDTN Episode 102: Mechs vs Minions

Marty was able to work his magic at Gen Con and got a preview of a board game from Riot Games. Well, one thing lead to another and we got the opportunity to interview Chris Cantrell and Rick Ernst, part of the team behind Mechs vs Minions. This game is due out in October and it isn’t one that you need to back and will get later. When you order it, it will be on its way to your door. Between now and mid October, you are going to be inundated with pictures and videos. This game is gorgeous and those pictures will not do it justice.

But being pretty doesn’t make it a good game. It is a co-op game, so if those types of games aren’t your thing, then you might need to bypass it. However, if you like co-ops, then you need to take in all you can between now and October. We will be releasing more thoughts as we continue to play the game, but will not be spoiling the missions at all. Not sure how far we will get in it, it is a tough game for sure.

As you can see below from the list, we hope the questions we asked help peak your interest in this game and you dig into over the next month.

Segment Time
Who is Riot Games 2:15
Mechs vs Minions overview 9:55
Rob Daviau moment 13:20
What started it 14:55
How long in development 24:45
Scope Creep 29:10
Production Value 31:55
Keeping cost down 40:15
Expansion Plans 45:40
What is success 1:00:40
Games you are playing at the office 1:08:50
Rank'em 1:11:25
Final Details 1:21:00
Our Thoughts 1:30:55
Boardgamegeek GotW 1:38:05
Gigamic Karibou Camp squeaker 1:39:40

And the Winner is…

We would like to thank everyone who entered the contest for the $100 GC from Funagain Games. We have picked our winner based on a random drawing from the list of Facebook RDTN members and BGG Guild members combined. There were over 2100 entries in this contest. But before we tell you the winner, we would like to thank our sponsor Funagain Games for providing this opportunity to give our listeners the chance at this GC. Alright, enough stalling…

drumrollThe winner is: Matt Jeffery

But wait, there was also the hidden contest inside the show. That is right, we offered another $100 GC for those who made it to the end of the show. We asked for people to send an email with the subject line of 100 in an email. We then picked a random name from the list based on numbering the emails and using a random number generator. Before we tell you who got the second GC, we want to thank you for including in the body of your messages all the kind, thoughtful and encouraging words. While we couldn’t respond to them all, we wanted everyone to know that we read each one of them. Once again, thank you so much.

And the name selected from all the emails was: Joshua Acosta

Hopefully our winners will send us a follow up with what they spent their booty on.

Congrats to the winners and thanks again for Funagain Games for sponsoring the contest. rainn-wilson-thank-you

RDTN Episode 101: The Networks, America, Quartz, and the Flying Squirrels

episode101Now that Episode 100 is in the rear view mirror, we can’t rest on our laurels. Then again, maybe we should have gone out on a high note and not released Episode 101 (Money for Nothing), but we couldn’t help ourselves. The Flying Squirrel segment is back and in it we have some mini reviews of games and some educational information.

We have a full review of the game from Formal Ferret Games The Networks. Short answer is, we like it a bunch. This game is about getting viewers for your TV station by selecting TV shows, acquiring Stars and securing Ads. The game plays fast, easy to teach, and strategy is quickly picked up by new players. If you like your lighter card drafting games with a solid theme, give this one a glance or at least get a play in.

And we would like to thank everyone who entered the @RDTNgamefail contest for $50 CSI gift card offered by the Dice Tower Network. The one that Marty and I* picked was sent in to our Facebook page from Bryan Winter. He said:

Played a one shot d&d this year for a friend’s bachelor party. This was only the 2nd time I had ever played. The group started in some northern location where the place was covered in snow and we all had to roll to see how our characters handled the harsh weather. I rolled and 1 and my character played the first hour of our adventure unconscious being carried by my fellow party members #RDTNgamefail

Segment Time
Intro 00:45
Flying Squirrels 03:50
America 04:35
TEG: Beyond the Black 06:45
Wolf & Hound/Flag Dash/Dracula Feast 08:50
I & Me 11:20
Quartz 13:05
Marty Rants again 15:03
Safety during gaming 17:00
Little Debbie Discussion 18:55
American Ninja 21:20
Portal Games-Death Breath 23:15
The Networks 24:15
Executive Summary 25:00
Play Summary 28:45
Pros 40:38
Cons 42:25
Final Thoughts** 44:45
The Broken Token 47:03
#RDTNgamefail Contest 47:33
Outro 59:00

*Used what I learned form this episode
**PAWNG: Plays always with Non-Gamers