RDTN Episode 43: Take Off – w/ Guest Host Rodney Smith from Watch It Played

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The show must go on while I was on vacation and Marty was able to find someone, well in my opinion, way over qualified to fill my chair. You guys are in for a real treat as Rodney Smith from the Watch It Played incredible gaming YouTube series guest stars on this episcutmypic (1)ode. They discuss the awards from Dice Tower and Spiel and their thoughts on the winners and how could Kemet not win. They then do a great job with the At the Table question and abuse my write up in the forum. Based on suggestions from our listeners, the segment has been shortened. See, we listen.


Segment Time
Dead of Winter Impressions 5:00
Shadowrun: Crossfire 10:30
Dice Tower Awards – The Ceremony 19:00
Spiel des Jahres – Winners 46:30
At the Table – Summer Game 54:00
Outro 1:02:00
Watch It Played Indiegogo 1:05:00
GenCon Event with Rodney 1:08:00


RDTN – Marty’s Musings: Game Box Inserts

I’ve always been impressed with well designed game box inserts. So in this video, I look at a few inserts, discuss their design and perform a simple test to see how well they hold up for transportation purposes.

Note: No games were hurt in the making of this video. The only thing hurt may be my pride.

RDTN War College – Episode 3 – Setting Objectives

RDTN Episode 42: Fields of Gold – Trajan, Castles of Burgundy, and Marvel Dice Masters

trajanSummer is upon us and down here in the South, humidity and heat chase us inside so we get more opportunity to play games and boy did we get some games in this past two weeks. Like the title says, we were on a Feld kick to the point where Marty broke the drought again of not buying a game and took advantage of the Barnes & Noble sales and picked up his own copy of Trajan. I can’t wait to borrow it.


cyclopsWe continue our delve into the Marvel Dice Master world with an Organize Play event at our game store. While it wasn’t a tourny or draft event, it was a chance for us to demo the game, play against other people, and talk about the likes and dislikes of the game. Don’t get us wrong, we like the game and while it is fun, we continue to struggle with the strategy to use. That night we saw the Black Widow Super Rare and the Green Goblin “Gobby” and saw how they performed. One thing for sure, the luck of the roll can make or break you in that game. As I said in the podcast, I was down 1-11 in life points and the gentleman I was against pulled two Black Widows from his bag and both rolls resulted in energy, no characters. I pulled a Cyclops and rolled a level 3. With what was on the field already, Cyclop’s ability to kill everything when he attacks, allowed me to pull out a win. Some will hate this about that game, but right now, it doesn’t bother me.

Enjoy the show and don’t forget about the At The Table question over at BGG.

Segment Time
Intro 1:00
Instant Effect in Card Games 11:30
Marvel Dice Masters 17:15
Feld Games 28:00
Tony Tantrum 45:30
Origins Previews 47:00
Outro 53:15
Tiny Epic Defenders 55:15

RDTN Episode 41: Locomotive Breath – BGG Game Trading, Ticket to Ride and Mark

cutmypicI have been trying to trade a game on Boardgamegeek for over a month now and when Marty and I talked about having Mark, gentleman from the gaming club, on the show, it was one of the topics he actually suggested we talk about. I was like, great, now I can learn what I am doing wrong. Well, it boiled down to that I am not doing much wrong, need to expand my want list a bit, but it just takes time and persistence and one will occur. Mark also introduced us to Math trades and that about blew our minds so be sure to click on the links below to get better info on that topic. Anyway, good discussion on the show and while I am sure many are aware of these options, we still thought it might help those that have never tried it. Dice Tower Game of the Month is Ticket to Ride and we discuss why that game is still great even after ten years. Go ahead, you know you want to play it again, so take it off the shelf and give it a play. Or go drop $80 on the 10 year anniversary edition. In the past month, I know I have played it at least five times with people who have never played it. Matter of fact, my daughter just used Ticket to Ride to introduce board gaming to her boyfriend’s family. Insert maniacal laugh here as we bring others into the hobby.

Segment Time
Our Guest 02:00
Want to trade a game 20:30
GotM: Ticket to Ride 46:30
Final Thoughts 57:00

The links for the show:
BGG Math Trade Announcement
Video Tutorial on Math Trades
On-Line Want List Generator Information


PSA – Clean Up

We’ve posted our video segment about board game Setup/Clean up that was featured in a Dice Tower Boardgame Breakfast. This version has some bonus outtakes at the end. Enjoy!

RDTN Episode 40: Georgia On My Mind – CMON Expo, Dice Masters Saga, and At the Table Buyer’s Remorse

cutmypicSomebody on the show got to go to Atlanta and attend the CMON Expo and we are lucky to hear all about it. Marty got some good info about a new game, Xenoshyft, that Cool Mini or Not has coming out that will not have miniatures and if you want to hear more, be sure and check out the video over on our youtube Channel . We continue to discuss the adventures with Marvel Dice Masters and our concerns over Super Rares. We also have one of my favorite returning segments in the show, At the Table, where we discuss Buyer’s Remorse. I deal with this all the time when buying stuff, just how I am.

Cool Mini or Not Expo 2:34
Star Realms 10:51
Arcadia Quest 12:45
Xenoshyft 18:20
Close out from Con 25:00
At the Table: Buyer's Remorse 31:30
Marvel Dice Masters Saga 51:00

CMON Expo 2014 Interview

I (Marty) had the opportunity to go to Atlanta on May 24, 2014 for the Cool Mini or Not Expo. While there, I got to see all their latest games and previews of upcoming games. In addition, I had a chance to talk with their marketing director about all their latest gaming news.

PS: I’m very excited about XenoShyft

RDTN Episode 39: Follow the Blind

unlockedAchievement unlocked, we have broken the two hour length podcast. We debated for a bit on if we should split this into Part I and Part II, you know, keep in the theme of what is currently going on with TV shows as their season wrap up and give you cliffhangers. So, asked Marty why we couldn’t do that and he made an excellent point along the lines that once you got them hooked, reel them in. So we are going to get you invested in the show for the first hour and you will think I have spent this amount of time, might as well stay for the next hour as well.
For this episode, we are so happy to have with us Dan Patriss from Geek Allstars. He was kind enough to give up two hours of his time to sit with us and talk gaming, their podcast, and the big item, Summer Movies. Yes, we go on a tangent or as Dan says in his show a Dangent and talk about rather the movies coming out this summer are worthy of our money at the box office, at Red Box, or should just go into the trash (trash box). Love to hear your opinions on the movies this summer.
The other big item is the Dice Tower Network game of the month. May’s game is from the Dungeons & Dragons Wizards of the Coast series. In summary, after we revisited the game, I went out and put on my BGG trade list the Dungeons & Dragons: The Legend of Drizzt Board Game and hope to get it in a trade sometime in the future.

Geek All Stars 4:30
Strat-o-matic vs APBA 9:00
New D. Louder Game 11:00
Time for the Sports 16:00
Beer Recommendation – Monty Python Holy Grail 19:30
Turner Syndrome Charity Event 28:30
Box Office/Red Box/Trash Box 32:30
Beer Recommendation 2 1:23:00
Game of the Month 1:26:20
Close Out 1:45:00

RDTN: 5 Minute Initiative: Eldritch Horror – Forsaken Lore

We are big fans of the coop game Eldritch Horror from Fantasy Flight Games. The mechanics are good, the theme is enjoyable and win or lose, it’s always a great gaming experience. So obviously we were excited to get our hands on the latest Eldritch Horror expansion Forsaken Lore. It contains a new Great Old One, new encounters for the existing Great Old Ones and lots of new items and spells. So is it worth getting and risking going even losing more of your sanity? Listen and find out.


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