RDTN Episode 107: The Fog of War interview with Geoff Engelstein and BGG Con Recap

episode107We had the opportunity to sit down with Geoff Engelstein to talk about his new game The Fog of War, published by Stronghold Games. We are all aware of Geoff’s Space Cadet series and his recent release of The Dragon and Flagon. However, Fog of War is a departure from Geoff’s normal type of game. We ask him why the change and specifically going into the World War II era where there are many games that already exist with this theme. One item about his game that you might want to be sure you understand is that there are no “dudes on the map”. It is a card game where you are trying to bluff your opponent so that you cansunnyday gain control of areas. Supply lines must be considered and various operational phases come into play that can impact outcomes. The game is long, people reporting over 90 minutes of play and this is a two player only game.

Marty also talks about the various demos he got to play at BGG Con and the shenanigans that he was part of. If you got to attend BGG Con this year, hope you enjoyed it and had as much fun as he did. More importantly, Marty was shown something that just takes our breath away. Once again, Ignacy is the freakin’ man. Thank you

Thanks for listening and always happy to hear your comments. Our annual survey comes out soon, so hope you will take the time to fill it out. Yes, we will probably bribe you somehow to get you to do it.

Section Time
Intro 00:35
BGG Con  2:00
Strike Again 4:45
Lovecraftian Games 6:48
Munchkin CCG 8:30
Viral 10:35
Alien Artifacts 12:06
Gamelyn Games 13:57
BGG Con Panels 16:13
Final Thoughts at BGG Con 19:15
JVMF Auction 23:38
The Broken Token 25:08
Geoff Engelstein 26:02
Charcuterie 27:21
Working with Stronghold 30:45
Fog of War 33:23
Details of the Game 36:18
Demo Feedback 41:14
Operations Wheel 42:55
Intel & Supplies 46:10
Expansions and other games 49:23
Questions from the Guild 53:00
Rank'em 1:02:30
Portal Games 1:14:02
Outro 1:14:50
Toy Hall of Fame 1:16:07
Sunny Day at the Beach!!! 1:18:00
Funagain 1:23:35

RDTN Episode 106: Great Western Trail, A Feast for Odin, and a conversation with FunAgain about Essen

episode106Episode 106 was a Beast of Burden for us, but it was a labor of love. We have played two of the newest games that are out now, A Feast for Odin from Z-man Games and Great Western Trail from Stronghold Games. We do not go into a full review of both the games, but we use our 5 minute initiative format wear we touch on each game at a high level and discuss our Pros and Cons. In the outro, we do go back and revisit, but it is a discussion on which we liked better and why that was the case. Don’t get us wrong, both games are really good, solid games and aside from what we think, you need to do yourself a favor and try both.

The local con MACE was held in Charlotte, NC over the weekend of 11/11 to 11/13 and we had a very good time. Happy to see all that could attend. The organizers have done a great job in giving people a place to play as well as have some tables for open gaming. One thing that always happens is that while we are there for 18 hours, it is never enough time.

One of the big things done at MACE, which is probably why time was gone before we knew it was demoing the game Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle for the Envoy Team. If you are interested in joining the team, head over to their website and read through what it takes as far as time commitment. One of the neat aspects of being on the Envoy Team is doing the splashes where one weekend, a game is demonstrated across the USA. Check it out if you think you might have the time for this.

One final thing in this episode is a visit from Nick Medinger who is the COO at Funagain Games. We all love playing games and the joy we get when we see a package on our doorstep knowing what goodness is inside. But it is amazing what it takes to get the games to us or our local game stores and Nick shares some of that knowledge. More importantly, we wanted to know what was going on at Essen this year and hoped he would share with us some of the hotness from that con.

Segment Time
Intro 00:50
MACE Adventures 1:35
Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle 5:05
A Feast for Odin 10:55
The Broken Token 16:10
Great Western Trail 17:10
Interview with Nick from Funagain 22:50
Essen Games to the USA 24:45
How accessible is Essen 28:30
How do you pick 29:50
What was the big Pre-order @ Essen 34:00
Why do prices fluctuate 37:50
Essen vs Other Conventions 41:15
Essen Misc 44:05
BGG Con Plans 45:50
Why Puzzles & Funko 47:40
The Business side 49:45
What is up with release dates 53:00
Portal 57:00
Outro 57:48

RDTN Episode 105: Arkham Horror – The Card Game Review and GTS Come and Play Day

episode105We heard about the new Arkham Horror: The Card Game earlier this year when an image was leaked. Well, it is a reality now and we begged, pleaded, gave up our first borns to get a review copy and it was worth it. We liked it so much, we wanted to spend a good while discussing it on our show and really go into the game. Hopefully we provide you with enough information that you can decide if this is an LCG that you might want to invest in. Spoiler: We are in for the long haul.

Marty was able to go down to Atlanta and take part in the GTS Come and Play event. This event allows retailers the chance to see some of the games that are not familiar to them, but we, as fans, know all too well. While there, he interviewed some of the publishers to find out what was coming out in 2016 in time for the holidays. Many things we all know about, but there are some little nuggets of information in these interviews. But then there is Buonocore too. We love this guy.

Conventions are coming to a close and we get to attend our local con, MACE It is celebrating its 20th year which is a great feat for a small convention. It has morphed greatly over the years and is now a convention for all tastes. There is plenty of RPGs going on, miniature gaming, and the board game area grows and grows each year. Pretty soon it will outgrow the hotel it is in. However, we hate that it competes with another great event in our area, Gamer’s for Cures up in Raleigh. This is an event that Dan Patriss from The Geek All-Stars runs each year to benefit the Turner Syndrome Society. One year, I will get to it.

We do want to point out the the Jack Vasel Memorial Fund auction is going on right now over at Board Game Geek and if you get the chance, be sure and check out some of the great items being listed. On top of JVMF, the Extra Life campaign is also going on everywhere and we would love to hear if you were able to participate.

Thanks for listening, we really do appreciate it.

Intro 00:38
JVMF RDTN Auction 8:55
Secret Cabal: Dunwich Horror 13:25
Epic Long Game Nights 15:25
Broken Token 19:20
Arkham Horror: The Card Game 20:30
Portal 54:39
GTS Come and Play Show 55:45
CMON Games 57:35
Passport Games 1:01:50
Renegade Game Studios 1:10:05
Tasty Minstrel Games 1:14:05
HABA USA 1:16:45
R&R Games 1:18:55
Stronghold Games 1:22:10
Cryptozoic 1:27:30
Indie Boards and Card Games 1:32:28
Steamforged Games 1:35:45
Eagle Gryphon Games 1:40:45
Upper Deck 1:43:00
Portal Games 1:47:15
Outro 1:50:35
MACE 1:52:00
Kickstarter Stuff 1:58:40