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I have been playing board games for as long as I can remember. When the summer heat in North Carolina was too much to be outside, we would retreat to playing games inside. My favorite game was Stratego but always loved the new, especially when things went electronic with Stop Thief. Even in later years, games would continue to be a major part of my life, none more that APBA Pro Baseball. Outside of gaming, I enjoy playing all sports but the current favorite is disc golf. There are some incredible courses in the area and a ever growing disc golf community keeps them in great shape. Whenever time permits, I will break out a game and play with family and friends and I get great enjoyment out of teaching new games to others though I don't do it worth squat. My favorite types of games are those that promote a fairly fast style of play and can be done in under two hours. My least favorite games are those that promote analysis paralysis by the players or promote large amounts of downtime waiting on other players. I am currently co-hosting a podcast at

RDTN Episode 138: 3rd Annual Squirrelly Awards

Time for the 3rd Annual Squirrelly Awards. For those of you that are joining us for the first time, welcome to a unique type of award show. We want to make sure you understand this isn’t a typical award show. This is our way of recognizing the games that we played last year and really enjoyed with some different if not bizarre categories. Also, we are joined by many awesome people for the board gaming world to help us with the presentations. Some you may know, some you may not, either way, be sure and check out their contributions to the hobby by clicking on the link below.

2017 was another fantastic year in board gaming with an incredible amount of content released. So much content, that we didn’t get all we wanted to the table and we are sure many great games were missed. Please let us know some of your favorites so that we can be sure to try them.

Once again, thanks to everyone who made this another great show and be sure to let Marty know what a terrific job he did in editing this episode. We return in two weeks with the normal stuff and a new segment where we go back and play a game from many years ago.

Award Presenter(s) Show Time
Intro Marty & Tony RDTN 01:00
You're The Game That I Want Ambie & The Nuts 6:22
The Review Song Contest Marty 09:20
Most Innovative Dan King Gameboy Geek 12:35
About Freaking Time Ambie & Cassidi & Crystal Boardgame Blitz 15:50
Miniature Game Joel Eddy Drive Thru Review 19:35
How Did We Miss It Robb & Patrick BPPP 22:58
Best game Tony didn't play Roy & Rob Epic Gaming Night 27:32
We just don't get it David & Jeremy Man vs Meeple 32:30
All Y’all Award Patrick & Brandon WDYPTWPT 36:35
Accounting Firm Mandi & Suz The Dice Tower 41:14
The Broken Token Marty RDTN 44:45
Portal Tony RDTN 45:41
Funagain Marty RDTN 46:30
Pass the Advil Jamie Keagy The Secret Cabal 49:20
It is New to Us Dan & Chris Geek Allstars & Dice Hate Me 52:57
If I can’t play Strike Rodney Smith Watch It Play 56:53
The Really Neat Award Matt Evans Board Game Replay 1:01:39
Just the two of us Rich Sommer Cardboard Cast 1:05:24
Game of the Year – Tony Matt & Christy Cardboard Carnage 01:10:00
Game of the Year – Marty Chaz Marler Pair of Dice Paradise 01:14:14
Thank you Thank You Thank you 1:21:03

Hippocampus and Nociceptor

RDTN Episode 137: Castell, Pulsar 2849, and Being Swaggled

We spend a good portion of this episode discussing the new game Castell from Renegade Games. While what you do on your turn is simple, the complexity is driven from the advance planning that needs to be done. This is not a game where you play your turn, rinse, and repeat. No, you need to be thinking two, three, shoot, to the very end of the game if you want to be successful and pull of the best human tower, a Castell, as possible. This game, when done playing, is like others where you will find yourself thinking about the strategy for the next play. But due to the randomness, it will not be cookie cutter, you will need to adapt.

Pulsar 2849 from CGE was another thinky game that we put on the table, but the randomness of the dice and the limited actions on your turn can keep you from being able to plan ahead. You will have a strategy, but it will not be detailed like Castell, but more on how you will maximize your points this turn and hope that you have built your engine up enough to score major points at the very end of the game, while keeping your opponents in check.

Both of these games will be back on the table this year, or I can only hope.

Finally, we have a contest! Have fun with this as you can use the Grumpy Tony image to make your own meme or box cover. You can send your submission via Twitter using #GrumpyTonyRDTN, post in our BGG Guild, on our Facebook page, or send an email to We’ll pick our top 3 and send the winners a RDTN Mason Jar (shipping to US only). Make us laugh!*

Segment Time
Intro 00:35
Skybell 3:40
You have been Swaggled 5:47
Charterstone 9:55
Thank you 12:00
Shadespire 14:00
Tide Pods 17:00
LOTR LCG Digital 18:30
Portal Games 26:30
Castell 27:30
Pulsar 2849 52:00
The Broken Token 56:55
Outro 57:49
Contest 58:30
Funagain 1:04:29

*And there might be one more in the future