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I have been playing board games for as long as I can remember. When the summer heat in North Carolina was too much to be outside, we would retreat to playing games inside. My favorite game was Stratego but always loved the new, especially when things went electronic with Stop Thief. Even in later years, games would continue to be a major part of my life, none more that APBA Pro Baseball. Outside of gaming, I enjoy playing all sports but the current favorite is disc golf. There are some incredible courses in the area and a ever growing disc golf community keeps them in great shape. Whenever time permits, I will break out a game and play with family and friends and I get great enjoyment out of teaching new games to others though I don't do it worth squat. My favorite types of games are those that promote a fairly fast style of play and can be done in under two hours. My least favorite games are those that promote analysis paralysis by the players or promote large amounts of downtime waiting on other players. I am currently co-hosting a podcast at

RDTN Episode 129: London, Azul, Flying Squirrels, and Rambling

I am back and ready to get back in the rut of life. You know, play a game, talk about a game, play a game, discuss food, and so on. It is good to be back and to put two different games on the table. Plan B Games showed us Azul at Gen Con and said to keep it hush hush. Well, we did but now we can tell you about it in a 5 Minute Initiative. Then, Osprey Games was kind enough to let us try out the re-implementation of Martin Wallace’s London. This is going to take multiple plays in order to fully appreciate this game. There are so many different aspects of this game that we couldn’t contain it in 5 minutes. Either way, we hope you get the opportunity to give this one a try.

Segment Time
Intro 00:30
Codenames: Duet 13:10
Restoration Games Contest 14:50
Drama on Vacation 18:53
PAX Unplugged 21:55
Gaming is growing 23:24
Stroopwafles 25:46
SNES Classic 27:31
Brave New World 29:30
TRU is Bankrupt 31:30
Grey Fox Customer Service 33:16
L5R RPG 35:20
2018 Vacation 37:10
The Broken Token 39:05
London 39:51
Portal Games 57:35
Azul 58:33
Outro 1:03:45
Dream On by CMON 1:04:55
No Gift for You 1:11:00
RWBY Combat 1:12:00
What is that on your face 1:14:38
Funagain 1:17:21

RDTN Episode 126: Gen Con 50 with special guest host, Rodney Smith from Watch It Played!

Our Gen Con report is here and it is a hefty one. It might have been shorter had a special guest not joined us, but he was forced to participate or we wouldn’t let him go to bed. Rodney Smith joins us on this episode as we recount our events at Gen Con. The daily festivities are recounted and not much gaming because, well, Gen Con is about seeing the stuff that is coming and hearing about what is planned for the rest of the year. Also, it doesn’t help that there are 60,000+ people at the Con and we are all trying to get to the hotness. Also, please don’t forget to support Rodney on his crowd funding campaign.

Even with that many people, it never felt that crowded. Now, don’t misunderstand, there was a crowd, but you could move and patience went a long way when you were on the floor. And when the vendor area closed, there were plenty of opportunities to attend other events, some you paid for, others were free.

We also want to say thank you to everyone who attended the RDTN meetup at the Omni Bar, it exceeded our expectations. The Strike tournament was a hit and the final battle was epic.

We also want to thank those companies that sponsored the prizes during our meetup, without them, we would have still had the event, but it wouldn’t have had that humph! (Portal Games,Restoration Games,Stronghold Games,The Broken Token,Capstone Games,Osprey Games,CMON,Big Potato Games,Passport Games,CGE)

You can visit our Facebook page for pictures from our trip!

Segment Time
Intro 0:32
Day One 5:58
Portal 7:35
FFG Booth 9:20
Gia Project 11:33
Crystal Clans 13:05
Stuffed Fables 15:00
Starship Samuri 20:12
Other Plaid Hat Games 21:32
Face Plant 24:30
CMON Booth 26:05
Way of the Panda 28:00
Other CMON Games 30:50
The Broken Token 34:18
Day Two 34:56
The Century Frenzy 36:50
Renegade Games 37:30
Steamforged 38:50
Academy Games 40:48
Queen Games:Merlin 42:10
Osprey Games 44:44
Asmodee Event 48:10
The Summit Charity 49:27
Day 2 concludes 51:29
Games Workshop 57:13
Day Three 59:40
Fantasy Flight Inflight Report 1:00:25
That's A Question 1:10:10
Asmodee Digital 1:13:45
RDTN Meetup 1:16:20
The Awesome BPPP 1:20:15
The Final Battle 1:21:19
We played a game 1:26:23
Portal Games 1:31:52
Day Four 1:32:37
Plan B Games 1:33:25
Forgetting Marty 1:37:46
Say What!! 1:39:05
Dice Tower Booth 1:40:55
JVMF Meetup 1:42:15
Passport Game Event 1:44:28
Always busy 1:47:15
Star Trek RPG 1:49:30
Zman Games 1:49:55
Splitting Up 1:54:30
Lucas Oil Field 1:57:47
Forgetting Marty Again 2:00:00
Secret Cabal Meetup 2:02:10
Stop Thief! 2:05:31
Traitors 2:08:50
And we are punchy 2:09:45
Funagain 2:16:05