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RDTN Episode 142: Council of 4, Shards of Infinity, Space Base

Once again, we get easily distracted in this Episode, but it is a justifiable reason. I need to find a new lawn mower so that I am not spending my weekend mowing, but playing board games. Here in the Charlotte area, mowing is something you start at the beginning of April and usually don’t stop until the first of November. Heck, I have even had to mow before Thanksgiving when we had a fairly warm, wet fall. But once you make it through that discussion, we have three really good discussions about soon to be released or just released games.

Don’t miss Space Base if you are a dice fan. This one is going to have people going crazy over it because they will start talking about how it is their next Machi Koro or something they wanted in addition to other simple dice games. It isn’t a brain burner, but a really fun luck based engine builder that keeps the whole table involved to the end. If you are like me with the love for dice games, then you might enjoy this game.

Shards of Infinity, deck builder, Justin Gary, Stone Blade Entertainment, enough said. Yes, I am biased. Yes I have been dying to play this since I heard about it. Yes, I have 18 games of Ascension going on right now on the iPad. But you might be surprised about our overall thoughts about this game. However, you will wait to find it when it comes back in stock, sorry. In talking with Stone Blade, they understand the issue and are working towards resolution with Ultra Pro.

Council of 4 is a hit and a miss at RDTN. There is some goodness there and then there is some issues and hopefully we discuss them so you can decide if this is a game you would like to play if you didn’t play the original version. I will always play it because I have the love/hate relationship going on with that game. It scores a 7.2 average rating on BGG with over 1000 ratings, so you know something is there. I think if you go into the game realizing that, as Nate points out in the Scurry Report, this is a race, then your play experience might not be as disappointing as what I experienced. But the AP in this game has to go or lessen over time or one can hope.

Segment Time
Intro 00:37
Hidden Meaning 03:20
Marty Struggles 4:40
Fireball succeeds 5:23
Street Fighter KS 7:30
Secret Cabal KS 9:22
Mowing 9:45
Back to Secret Cabal 14:30
Shards of Infinity 16:20
Portal Games 21:25
Support for Shards of Infinity 22:41
Scurry Report – Council of 4 26:21
Clean up 58:10
Space Base 1:00:00
Miniature Market 1:05:28
Age of Rivals Contest 01:06:29
You are Responsible 1:10:27
The Broken Token 1:15:45

RDTN Episode 141: Fireball Island, Flamme Rouge, Middle Earth Quest, Charterstone

We know that Mr. Jacobson and Mr. Daviau are making their rounds to talk about Fireball Island: Curse of who we can’t say until it is funded. And we didn’t want to be left out of the media blitz. Hopefully, our sit down with them will be informative and help you decide on how much money you are willing to drop on this classic. If anything, be sure to check out our questions at the end where Rob’s true personality shows up.

Our games in this episode include the classic Middle Earth Quest (MEQ) by Fantasy Flight and Flamme Rouge by Stronghold Games. Don’t have a lot to say about MEQ other than I am glad I got to experience the game. The length of the game would make it hard to get to the table, but would play it anytime. Flamme Rouge will be a game we get on the table a bunch in the future. So fast and easy to play and teach. The only downside is setting up the track each time, but once that is done, you could easily do a best of 3 racing series in under an hour. Understand that people have been raving about this one for some time and wish we had been right there with them. You will be hearing about this again when we get the expansion to the table.

Segment Time
Intro 01:01
TRU sadness 09:40
Charterstone Thoughts 13:13
Eldritch Horror Excitement 17:54
Funky Chicken/Monster Match 21:05
App Games 23:48
Middle Earth Quest 25:54
Miniature Market 31:11
Flamme Rouge 32:10
Restoration Game 37:20
Trigger Thumb 39:30
Fireball Island 41:00
Game Play 52:45
The Expansions 57:38
See it in Action 1:15:20
Dinosaur Tea Party 1:20:06
Downforce Expansion 1:26:24
History and the Future 1:27:63
White Whale & Ooops 1:28:52
Diet Coke again 1:34:25
Fireball Island Road Tour 1:35:05
Questions from the Audience 1:38:11
This is funny 1:42:22
The Broken Token 1:46:21
Outro 1:47:26
Van Ryder Kickstarter 1:50:36
Portal Games 1:56:15

RDTN Episode 140: Noria, Clank! The Mummy’s Curse, TTR: France, and Miniature Market

We have an announcement to make. While we are very sad to see Funagain’s online store slowly close and support of the show stop, we are happy to announce that Miniature Market is picking us up as one of our sponsors. Marty and I couldn’t be happier about this and what it will mean for our listeners. Miniature Market has committed to us support for our contest and ways for a listeners to save money throughout the year. Matter of fact, if you visit this link, you will find a special discount code to enter during checkout. Who knows where this will end up, but we are very excited to have Miniature Market as a sponsor of RDTN. Not sure I used the link enough, so here it is again.

When was the last time you encountered a game and you finished the play and were not sure what just happened at the table? I had that experience with Noria from Stronghold Games. This is not to say it was bad thing that happened at the table, don’t get me wrong. It was just different, which can be exciting in today’s world of board gaming. Here was a game that took a core mechanic that I enjoy, engine building, and put it on its ear with three turning gears. We have played some tough games over the past year, but this one caught me by surprise. Reading the rules, didn’t seem to be anything special. Watching the videos, nothing jumped out at me. But once I was in charge of my own economic gear machine, it got very real. But once you solve the engine part, you now need to think about how to get the scoring done for a win because others can really mess with your strategy, so you need to be adaptable. Try this game, even if you are not a fan of engine builders, it might surprise you.

We also talk about the new expansion Clank!, The Mummy’s Curse by Renegade Game Studios. I enjoy base Clank!, even though I think it is lacking when it comes to being able to cull your deck of unwanted cards, but I really like Clank! In! Space!. So was curious if The Mummy’s Curse was going to add enough to base Clank! to make it the game to play of the series.

Be sure and enter our contest for a chance at a $10 gift card to Miniature Market. Five lucky winners will be drawn. You can enter the contest below.

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Thanks for listening and appreciate any feedback you can give us.

Segment Time
Intro 00:37
Podpledge Interruption 03:30
Song Trivia 4:57
Back to Podpledge 9:12
Funagain Countdown 12:47
Miniature Market Announcement 17:07
BGG Thank you and the Winners 24:10
Ticket to Ride: France Map 28:30
Seinfeld Reference 33:05
Pop Culture References 35:30
Game Toppers 37:05
Renegade Games: Power Rangers 38:20
Portal 40:05
Clank! The Mummy’s Curse 42:10
Noria 47:00
The Broken Token 1:02:36
Outro 1:03:57
Miniature Market Contest 1:04:56
The Gauntlet is thrown 1:06:54
Miniature Market 01:09:31