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RDTN Episode 124: Summit – The Board Game, Skyward, Isaac Vega, and The Scurry Report

Episode of epic proportions is upon us. Isaac Vega returns to the show after being sent away to an island to contemplate what is next for Plaid Hat Games. In this interview, Isaac talks about the future of Ashes and the new game Crystal Clans. While no dates are given, it is always nice to hear that things are still in the works. There might even be some nuggets on Mice and Mystics thrown into this interview.

We give the new game Skyward from Passport Games the five minute treatment. This is a fast game with a unique twist to the card drafting mechanic. Instead of players picking their cards one at a time, the dealer determines the distribution by placing them in piles equal to the number of players. They must be very careful in their distribution for while they control what cards go where, they get the last pick of the pile. There is strategy involved in the process and thus could cause the game to slow down, but not to the point of being painful.

Flying Squirrels return to the show as we have some quick topics to discuss and a new segment called The Scurry Report. This segment is where we are joined by other members of our gaming community and we talk about a recent game that we played. Hopefully, there will also be some moments that we can pick on one another.

Another contest, so be sure to see our post with the entry form on our website. Thanks for listening.

Gen Con 1:10
Dice Tower Booth 3:57
Passport Games 4:56
Other Business 7:12
Passport Games: Skyward 10:41
Portal Games 16:10
Flying Squirrels 17:02
Hobby Games making Bank 17:42
Expansions in the Base 19:18
Raxxon 21:18
MAPP Violations 23:18
Sweet Revenge 25:14
Isaac Vega 27:15
The Broken Token 53:10
Intro to The Scurry Report 54:00
The Scurry Report: Summit-The Board Game 55:18
Outro 1:21:00
Watch It Played Fundraiser 1:22:10
Contest 1:24:26
Funagain Games 1:28:56

RDTN Episode 121: Tabletop Showcase – Interview with Eric Lang, Designer of The Godfather

As part of the Tabletop Showcase series, Eric Lang returns to RDTN for a discussion on his newest game from CMON, The Godfather: Corleone’s Empire. Eric goes over the design process and the things he hoped to accomplish with this euro-game that based on the theme, you might not expect it. Our discussion takes us from the start of the project to the final graphic design. Eric was a very gracious guest and provided us some great insight.

Don’t forget about the contest sponsored by Tabletop SHOWCASE. You have until 6/30/2017 to enter and you can get to the contest page HERE.

Marty and I would like to give a special thanks to Rich Sommer for coming onto the show and providing us with the Cocktail while gaming. Rich does a similar segment on his show that is always a treat to listen to, even if you do not partake in the spirits. Here are the links to The Godfather and The Godfather II drinks.

Be sure to return for Episode 122 where we discuss our events at Origins and the Rocky Mountain Gaming Vacation as well as another game review.

Segment Time
Intro 00:36
Tabletop Showcase 2:00
Eric Lang 2:40
Why the move 3:40
What started The Godfather 5:40
The Prototypes 8:16
The Design Process 10:14
No movie needed 17:12
Game Overview 19:39
The birth of The Suitcase 21:45
Four rounds and why 23:12
It is the Family Business 24:25
Paths to Victory 27:04
Theme is everything 29:02
We got some replay 33:04
Why are there no $4 37:12
Talk about the Graphic Design 39:00
Rich Sommer: The Godfather Cocktail 42:43
Future Plans 49:45
What is Eric's Future 51:51
Con Plans 55:35
The Broken Token 59:48
Portal Games 1:00:31
Our thoughts on The Godfather 1:01:11
We have a CONTEST 01:07:42
Funagain 1:11:12

RDTN Episode 120: Lorenzo il Magnifico, Emerson Matsuuchi (Century), Honshu, Element

In this jam packed episode we spend time on the new CMON game called Lorenzo il Magnifico. To say it was a unique experience might be putting it somewhat mildly. The game is not hard to learn or play, but there are some really taxing decisions that must be thought through. However, we are not talking analysis paralysis type decisions, but ones where you know what you want to do and you go and do it only to say, “Oh crap, I can’t do that.” We heard that most of the night when playing. What would cause these events? Well, it is the tightness of the resources. This game doesn’t allow for you to squander them away, you really have to be on your toes. Will this game replace any other euro in your collection, we can’t say, but we can say give it a try for sure.

Next on the table was Century: Spice Road. This game is being called Splendor 2.0 because of how it plays so similar to Splendor. We are not saying that here at RDTN. This game should be judged on the merits it has going for it. Century is one of those game where you will find yourself planning 4 or 5 steps ahead and feel like you are in a race constantly with the other players. You will need to always be looking for alternate moves and not count on what you had planned being there. Maybe you do that in Splendor, but that is not the feeling we had when we played Splendor.

Must apologize for the technical difficulties in the show. We had an interview ready to go with Emerson and due to internet issues where he was, we couldn’t pull it off. And by the time he got to a reliable service, Tony was gone on his vacation. So, Marty took the helm and lead the discussion. Sometimes even we get bit due to technical difficulties.

Next episode is our first Tabletop Showcase and Mr. Eric Lang is back to tell us all about his new CMON game, The Godfather: Coreleone’s Empire. Eric is always a treat being on the show and he didn’t disappoint this time.

Thanks for listening and supporting us, we really appreciate it.


Segment Time
Intro 0:35
Warhammer 40k 7:32
Street Masters Video 13:50
Exit 16:35
Beasts of Balance 17:40
Train Heist 20:24
Honshu 24:27
Element 30:11
Lorenzo il Magnifico 32:23
The Broken Token 42:57
Interview with Emerson 45:53
Rank Em' 1:08:20
Portal Games 1:19:12
Outro 1:20:05
Funagain 1:27:21