RDTN Episode 123: Lignum, Downforce, Indulgence, and The Lost Expedition

Episode 123 is just full of the latest and greatest games to hit your shelves. We spend a lot of time talking about a very deep Euro called Lignum that is being brought to you by Capstone Games. This is one of those games where you might need to take a deep breath before you dive in, but it isn’t that bad to learn and is very straight forward. Where it jumps up and bites you is in the amount of planning you need to do, not just in your current turn, but in future turns. But, please, don’t let the terms heavy, meaty, complex drive you from this game. If you get a chance to play it, walk through the board as in doing a “fake” round and you will be ready to go. So easy to understand with the board face up and in front of you.

Restoration Games is killing it with their re-release/re-skinning/re-branding of the games Indulgence and Downforce. If you like racing games where it doesn’t matter who wins, because you win by guessing the correct winner, then you really need to try Downforce. It is a fun, fast game and has yet to disappoint. But there is a caveat to that statement, player count in this game does matter, so higher is better. Can’t wait to see the final production of Stop Thief so that we can see if Restoration is going to go 3 for 3.

We also have a contest, so be sure and go fill out the form if you want to win a game.

Segment Time
Intro 0:36
Splitter 2:58
Funagain and Portal Back 3:55
Apology #1 5:39
Apology #2 8:37
Really Again 10:54
The Chameleon 13:10
Plan B Announcement 17:48
It Arrived 19:53
Downforce 23:25
The Broken Token 28:29
Lignum 29:33
Indulgence 54:18
Portal 58:47
The Lost Expedition 59:41
Contest 1:04:26
Game Toppers 1:06:56
Gen Con – Strike! 1:11:25
Fernanda Suárez 1:14:05
Outro 1:15:00
Scott King Calendar 1:17:16
Funagain 1:20:37

RDTN Episode 122: Near and Far, Sentient, Lovecraft Letter, and Pit Crew

We are well rested after our recent vacations and back at the mics. Because of the vacations, we have a backlog of games, so we have four for you in this episode. We also revisit our vacations and our experiences. As always, Origins was a blast for Marty and he got to sample the food at the vendor hall, the food at MELT, and of course the food at the North Market. Oh, and he played a few games. If you haven’t checked out the video of him and Chaz as they closed out Origins, you can see it here.

Rocky Mountain Gaming Vacation was an incredible adventure for me and my wife. The lodging was great and the hiking was an awesome experience. First, nobody was trampled by a moose, attacked by a bear, or bitten by a squirrel. But there were plenty of pictures with squirrels and moose poop. Oh, and also some good gaming was had during the vacation. Next year is in Park City, Utah and we are trying to decide do we go again or not.

Since there are four games in this episode, not going to go in depth on any of them. Near and Far is another great Red Raven game that if you enjoy Above and Below, you need to give this one a try. Sentient will be one of those games that is going to get mixed thoughts from people, but not from us. Lovecraft Letter is well, Love Letter with a new theme, but at least it is a theme we can enjoy. Pit Crew gets nothing but three F’s, it is Family Fun Filler for sure.

Okay, been hanging out with Chaz to much. Congrats to our winners of the Screening, Streaming, or Steaming contest. And here is the link to the Gen Con Event that Marty mentioned.

Segment Table
Intro 00:39
Instagram Event 2:51
And the winner is 5:23
And the winner is…again 9:16
Transformers 11:33
Back to Business 13:54
Near and Far 16:06
Origins 21:40
Origins: Century 24:09
Origins: Renegade Booth 24:47
Origins: Werewords & Rodney Smith 26:13
Origins: Summit – The Board Game 32:06
Origins: JVMF Auction Team Vest 34:17
Origins: The Food 36:13
Origins: Almost The Final Thoughts 38:31
Origins: Restoration Games 40:41
Sentient 41:18
The Broken Token 46:19
Lovercraft Letter 47:08
Pit Crew 49:27
Rocky Mountain Gaming Vacation 52:00
Sit down with Sean and Mark 1:00:25
Portal 1:12:27
Outro 1:13:38
Megamoose Con 1:15:28
Bye-Bye Flip the Table 1:16:50
Funagain 1:21:00