Episode 10: The Hostess with the Mostess

10 D10 for 10th Episode

We have achieved double digits in our number of podcasts!!! I know it doesn’t seem like much being only #10, but hey, when you set goals and you achieve them, you got to celebrate them. The next goal is to make it to #26 which will mean we have achieved a full year of podcasting. That is right, we have a full year planned and already working on year two.

So in this episode, we discuss how to hold a game night. Marty and I know that a bunch of this stuff is common sense, but it might not be something you think of right away. Of course you are going to have drinks out, of course you will have game appropriate snacks, but did you plan enough room for all that stuff and the game? It is the little things that can really make the night enjoyable for all and make it so it is more than a one shot.


5 Minute Initiative: You wouldn’t like me when I am angry

Just watched the Dice Tower Video on the 10 games not to play with angry people and it got us thinking, what games get under our skin especially when we lose.Now, we love playing games and generally don’t have an issue when we lose, because it is all about how you play the game that matters. Yeah, right, losing stinks and you can’t help but feel a little anger, it is natural. So, what games get under your skin?


Episode 9 – I am Your King!

In Episode 9, we talk about worker placement games. Next to card games, these have become some of my favorite games to play. They provide the strategy that I enjoy in a game as well as just enough luck to keep the game interesting. And more importantly, they tend to drip with theme. And it is the theme that will help you decide on the type of worker placement game because there are a bunch out there.

  • What is Worker Placement 8:26
  • Casual Corner: Lords of Waterdeep 15:16
  • Closing thoughts 47:00
Enjoy the show and until next time, keep rolling dice and taking names.