Last day for Dungeon Roll Kickstart

I am not sure if you have seen our posts about this, but both Marty and I have jumped on the bandwagon for the Dungeon Roll Kickstart and must say, we are amazed at how well it is doing. So if you are a fan of dice games like Elder Sign, Zombie Dice and so forth, you really should think about this game.

  1. It is going to be $5 off the MSRP 
  2. The Kickstart goals are almost complete. 
  3. Eventually the zombie craze will “die” off and fantasy stuff never gets old.
Besides, we really want to see the last Kickstart Goal achieved to get the big D10.

TMG…You are killing us, back to back Kickstarts

Love this new case!!!

Not only is your Dungeon Roll Kickstart looking better and better, TMG just sent us an email that says:

Eminent Domain: Escalation
Will be going live on Kickstarter shortly after we finish up the project for Dungeon Roll.  It will only be up and available through Kickstarter for 12 days, so be ready when it comes along.

The game is fantastic and the artwork is an improvement on the original in my opinion.

There are new uses for the different shapes of ships in the base game, some direct player conflict, new technologies, and one of my favorites…  
Scenarios where players have asymmetric starting positions and technologies.  Now for a preview of some artwork…

We knew about the changes thanks to what Seth posted to us, but the limited Kickstart is news, glad we are not on vacation somewhere, like on a Carnival Cruise ship.

Anyway, you got our attention and we are ready to drop some more coinage your way just keep us informed when it goes live so we can possibly be an early supporter.

Episode 7 – Rollin’ Them Bones

Roll the dice and take a listen to Episode 7. In this episode, we talk about dice games, what we think makes a good dice game, and just how people love dice.

  • The first segment is about various dice games, how they have gone beyond Yahtzee, and the way the market is now bleeding over into other categories, but using dice as the main component of the game (01:47)
  • In Casual Corner, Marty discusses the game Quarriors! by Wizkids Games. (15:15)
  • We also touch on how dice aren’t used just in games, the variety of dice, and some other accessories you might need when playing dice games. (34:10)
  • We then try a new segment called “What’s Your Point” where we debate how dice games need to allow the player to minimize luck. (44:26)

Hopefully the show will give you new ideas on how to take dice to a new level in your gaming activities.