Previews and Crowdfunding

Want Us to do a Preview or give a Mention on our show

We are always happy to do previews of games, rpgs, game accessories, and well anything. However, there are a few things that we need help with in order to be fair when you ask us to provide a preview or mention on our show.

  1. Please send us a preview copy so that we can do the review. It doesn’t have to be the final copy, demos are great. If you have a Print and Play and want us to give it a look, be sure to allow more time, a lot more time, and provide a link to the file.To be honest, PnP demos are hard for us to get to just because we don’t have the resources to put together a game to try, but doesn’t mean we will not look at them if time allows.
  2. If your item is going to be crowd funded, be sure to give us time to review and cover in our show before it goes live. Normally a month lead time is enough, but depends on the complexity of the item being reviewed.
  3. We will only discuss those items which we like or have a keen interest for. However, if we find that we don’t care that much for it after previewing, then we might state that it isn’t something for us, but we will discuss the merits of the project overall.
  4. We normally have our shows planned two weeks in advance of our recording date. We then record our show at least a week before the release date. We normally release every other Tuesday. Therefore, if you want us to give a mention or preview, please calculate the lead time needed based on our recording of the show, not the release of the show.
  5. Finally, we do not return demos or previews unless agreed to earlier. Sorry.

Please shoot us an email if you have any questions or are interested in having us do a preview.

Marty and Tony

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