RDTN Episode 226: The Initiative, Excavation Earth, Holi, War Chest: Siege The Key: Murder at the Oakdale Club, Heroclix Wonder Woman, Southern Rails, Holi

00:00 Game Toppers
08:14 Special Announcement
11:40Food Discussion – Imaging that
21:25Board Games Finally
22:00Wonder Woman Heroclix
24:40War Chest: Siege Expansion
27:30Switch Time
37:08Holi: Festival of Colors
43:32Southern Rails
50:24Portal Games
55:53The Initiative
1:12:21The Key: Murder at the Oakdale Club
1:27:34Miniature Market
1:28:45Excavation Earth

The Episode after the Award Show is always a tough one. We have to do work and not leave it to others. But we are pros and we put in the effort.

Many great games in this episode but the two we spend the most time on is The Initiative and Excavation Earth.

The Initiative is a coop legacy game that has simple mechanics and relies on the players to work closely together to solve the clue before the “time” runs out. There isn’t a clock to worry about, but the draw deck is the timer and adds a push your luck element to the game. Puzzles are not Escape Room hard, but challenging enough to give the players a sense of accomplishment when solved.

Excavation Earth takes simple mechanics and forces the players to really think ahead on their turn for the entire round. On your turn, if you get out of sequence or someone messes up your plan, you need a good Plan B as well. This may not be the game for people who like a bit more freedom during their turn or you don’t like to pivot once a plan is put in motion

RDTN Episode 225: 6th Annual Squirrelly Awards

00:37IntroMarty & Tony
05:43Let’s get this party startedDan King
09:40It’s in the CardsTantrum House
11:00Acceptance SpeechMatt Riddle
13:35You gonna paint thoseJoel Eddy
17:53No Quarter requiredBJ Rojas
23:01Pass the AdvilChaz Marler
29:10Go Do My Bidding David Waybright
33:00Miniature Market
Portal Games
Game Toppers
35:49This Game has Bling Christina & Robb Rouse
38:00Acceptance Speech Isaac Childres
41:26Just the Two of usDan & Chris
45:12Gimme More! Jon & Emily Detmer
46:43Acceptance SpeechIgnacy & Joanna Kijanka
50:32Publisher of the YearMarty & Tony
51:46Acceptance SpeechZev Shlasinger
53:03If I can’t play Strike Rodney Smith
57:56Better Late Than NeverLuke Otfinowski
1:01:23“It’s Alive!” Jamie Keagy
1:08:19All Y’all AwardDon Bagget
1:12:36Game of the Year – TonyCrystal & Ambie
1:17:54Game of the Year – MartyPaula Deming

It’s our 6th Annual Squirrelly Awards! We pick some of our favorite games from 2020 to present the coveted (haha) Squirrelly Award. Our friends from everywhere are coming in to help out. We are challenged this year with all the safety protocols that we must follow, but it will not keep us from having fun and recognizing some incredible games.

Thanks for listening

RDTN Episode 224: Maglev Metro, Rapa Nui, In a Nutshell

00:00 Game Toppers
02:26 Vanessa Intro
02:57 Intro
07:36 Baseball Card Resurgence
16:10 Pokemon 25th Anniversary
27:00 Valheim – We got no clue
29:22 Food Talk Again
34:50 Portal Games
37:49 Maglev Metro
50:32 Miniature Market
1:01:11 In a Nutshell
1:01:45 Warhammer Quest: Cursed City
1:08:50 Summoner Wars: Second Edition
1:11:13 Meeples and Monsters
1:14:42 Mosaic: A Story of Civilization
1:17:32 Rapa Nui
1:31:23 Outro

Only two games in the episode with a deep review? Well, we spent a bunch of time on them and didn’t want to just cram the episode full and cut out important items we wanted to cover. Plus, there was some news to share with you that you might have missed, needed to make sure we covered those items as well.

Maglev Metro by Bezier Games is a pickup deliver game that enhances the actions you take as you play. You can modify the amount of a specific action you take. For instance, you want to build track, the more robots you put in this action, the more track you can build. And since there are a bunch of actions that all can be modified, you will shift much of your concentration away from building of tracks and stations to how to optimize those actions to help you score the points at the end of the game. So, if you are thinking why do I need another train pickup and deliver game, take a look at how you have to manipulate the actions to be successful in this game.

Rapa Nui is a mystery on how something so simple in mechanics can quickly become very strategic as you play. This game could be considered entry level due to those simple mechanics and easy teach, but as you play, you will start seeing little nuggets of the strategy. Strategies such as claiming key locations on the map to gain resources while benefiting others. Thinking how to use other peoples locations to help you on your turn. Or strategically holding back in hopes that maybe next round you will benefit from someone else’s play during the current round.

Thanks for listening and the next episode is our Squirrely’s