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RDTN: Episode 217 Cthulhu Wars: Duel

We have a special episode releasing today in order to tell you about an unannounced Petersen Games. Many of you are probably aware of their successful kickstarter from 2013 called Cthulhu Wars. Today, Petersen Games released a two player version called Cthulhu Wars: Duel and we were lucky enough to get a chance to play it before the release. This was a fun, quick miniatures style game where you are racing to be the first person to 30 victory points. However, while it is quick to play, there is strategy and tactics on every turn along with the constant thinking ahead on what to do next. The moves made by your opponent could drastically change your plans and even adjust your overall strategy.

This game includes standees, but that is a plus in my opinion. It keeps the cost down and makes it accessible. You can always upgrade the components later, but what a great way to try this out and decide if it is a game for you.

Big thanks to Petersen Games for letting us have a copy and share our thoughts

RDTN Episode 214: At the Table with Kim-Joy

00:00 Introduction
03:00 Kim-Joy sits at the table
06:30 Applying to Great British Baking Show
14:04 Christmas With Kim-Joy cookbook
25:15 Kim-Joy and gaming
31:15 Kim-Joy designs her first board game
35:30 Moon Pies and Wagon Wheels
39:35 Rank ‘Em
48:30 Marty pitched a book idea

For the past few years, Vanessa and I have loved watching the TV Series, Great British Baking Show. This is reality cooking show from the BBC that has some really entertaining judges, hosts and contestants. One of our favorite contestants is Kim-Joy who was a finalist on the show. Not only is she a great baker and author but she is also a board gamer and is in the process of designing a board game with Skybound Games!