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Batman Contest has come to an end

For those that happen to make it to the end of Episode 26, we had a contest announcement in the closing outtake. This contest is over and we thank all those that sent us an email with BATMAN in the subject line. In the episode we release this week, we announce the winner.

Episode 26: Marty’s Other Brilliant Idea

This episode is unlike any other episode we have done. Basically, Marty had an idea that we should play a game and then discuss our strategy while recording. I will support any idea that allows me to play a game. So, Todd (who you have heard many times on the show) and Alex (Mr Game Club) came over to Marty’s to play Lords of Waterdeep and it only took three months to schedule. We play the game and then record a show on how it went. Man, the birds were very loud that night.

There aren’t many segments to this show, so I am going to forgo the usual times for the segments but I do want to point out an important announcement from The Geek All Stars about their Charity event around the 4:15 mark of the show. You can find out more information at the¬†website.

Enjoy the show