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RDTN Episode 128: 7th Continent, Professor Evil & the Citadel of Time, Codenames: Duet, Shadespire


Tony is on vacation for this episode, but before he left we were able to record our views on Codenames:Duet and Professor Evil and the Citadel of Time. While he’s gone, Rich Sommer from Cardboard! joined me as co-host to help navigate this episode.

Plus we have our second Scurry Report where we talk about the massive adventure game, 7th Continent. And my son joins me for a segment to share his thoughts on the new miniature game from from Games Workshop, Shadespire.

Segment, Time
Intro with co-host Rich Sommer, 0:40
Rich and Codenames:Duet, 14:10
Rich and First Martians, 18:15
Joe Manganiello and D&d, 21:45
Lords of Waterdeep App, 29:07
Portal Games, 31:25
Professor Evil and the Citadel of Time, 31:55
Five Minute Initiative – Codenames: Duet, 45:42
The Broken Token, 50:45
The Scurry Report – 7th Continent, 51:55
Shadespire, 1:21:00
Outro with Rich Sommer, 1:38:45
GameToppers, 1:38:20
Parking Garage Memories, 1:42:06
Marty Sucks at Teaching Rules, 1:43:15
Where to see more of Rich, 1:47:00
FunAgain Games, 1:50:45

RDTN Episode 127: Interview Ignacy about Portal’s Alien Artifacts, Review Nmbr 9, Dragonfire, Hafid’s Grand Bazaar

It’s a been while, but we are excited to have Portal Games founder and game designer, Ignacy Trzewiczek, back on the show to tell us about the upcoming game Alien Artifacts. Plus he gives some insight on other titles that his company is working on.

We also talk about our first experiences with Dragonfire from Catalyst Game Labs and Hafid’s Grand Bazaar from Rather Dashing Games. And if that wasn’t enough we cover Nmbr 9 from Z-Man Games in a 5 Minute Initiative.

Segment, Time
Intro, 0:35
Dragonfire, 3:00
Mint Delivery, 12:45
Hafid’s Grand Bazaar, 15:08
Stroopwafel, 24:05
Play Like A Pirate Day, 28:15
Portal Games, 30:55
Ignacy Interview, 31:30
Reception of First Martians, 43:00
Alien Artifacts, 49:35
PayPal Horror Story, 1:00:35
Stronghold Expansion, 1:05:35
Ignacy’s Current Workload, 1:08:15
Who looked better in the squirrel onsie?, 1:11:05
Upcoming Portal Games, 1:11:55
Gen Con Cookie Story, 1:16:20
The Broken Token, 1:22:00
5 Minute Initiative: Nmbr 9, 1:22:40
Outro, 1:27:55
Necromunda and Company of Iron, 1:31:20
Tony Preps for RPGs, 1:32:55
FunAgain Games, 1:35:00

RDTN Episode 104: Mansions of Madness, Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu, Qwixx, Karibou Camp and Rant

episode104To get in the mood for Halloween, we played two Cthulhu based games this month. First up was Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu by Asmodee games. This is a re-theme of the original Pandemic that has really been streamlined. We had heard that they had done this, but until we sat down and played it, didn’t realize just how much was removed. The trading is simpler, the use of cards to create effects when “outbreaks” occurs is a nice added feature, and the ease of travel helps getting around the map quicker. However, these changes don’t make this an easier game. The complexity is still here, but maybe without the analysis issues that sometime plague the original Pandemic.

Mansion of Madness is our next game and while we didn’t sit down and play together, we both had very similar experiences with the game. While really enjoying the game, the issue of glossing over the flavor text as the game goes on is one that seems to hold true for all of the FFG Arkham Horror type games and applies here as well. It is great to have the flavor in the beginning but then somewhere during the play, everyone is like, yeah, yeah, yeah, just tell me what have to roll to win. At least with the app, you can also quickly bypass it as well. Man, imagine if they had put a timer in it so you had to wait for the NEXT button to light up because they want you to read the text.

Rocky Mountain Gaming Vacation organizer, Michael Canavan stopped by the show and talked about Tony’s one convention next year. It is a small con, but at Breckenridge in Colorado. It took a location that offered hiking, rafting, and site seeing to get his wife to a gaming con. If you are interested, please check out the site and if you are on the west coast, you might want to give it a consideration. If you just want to see Tony suffer from Altitude Sickness, then this will be a must.

And finally, we rehash our summer movie picks and how we did. Marty was the big winner by grabbing the three big blockbusters this year and Tony came in a respectable third. If you are interested in the final results, you can see them posted in our BGG Guild. Thanks to everyone you played in the contest this year and hope you will back again next year.

Intro 00:37
Guild Ball Starter Box 3:11
Rant Time 4:35
Youtube Videos 8:40
Qwixx Thoughts 9:45
Karibou Camp Overview 12:50
Panic Lab Overview 15:26
Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu 17:40
Broken Token 22:50
Rocky Mountain Gaming Vacation 23:45
Recap of the Box Office/Red Box/Trash Box 41:30
Mansion of Madness 54:15
Portal Games 59:10
Outro 1:00:00
Funagain 01:05:00