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Episode 3 – What do rainbows smell like?

Episode 3 is out for consumption. In this podcast:

  •  Marty and I attempt to explain our understanding of the various card games out on the market. We talk about CCGs or TCGs and the juggernaut known as Magic: The Gathering. The new system of Living Card Games is discussed and the various games that use the mechanics of deck building and card drafting. (00:00)
  • Casual Corner is all about Dominion, the game that started the wave of deck building games. (34:30)

Hope you enjoy the show and listen for Marty as he tells us what rainbows smell like.



New Pandemic, so that is why there is a delay

So yesterday, Zman posted some big news about Pandemic. It seems instead of working on the expansion like they told Marty and I at Origins, they are releasing a new edition to celebrate the 5 year anniversary. To get the infection spreading, they have created a Facebook page, did a video with Matt Leacock to talk about it and went out to say they expansion will come out at the end of this year, not like they said at Origins. Ok, I will admit I was disappointed when it didn’t show this year and yeah, still hold a slight grudge because they dangled the carrot out there.

But anyway, I have liked the Facebook page. Yes, I watched the video. And yes, I will buy the new edition and put my old one into the game library of our local game club. This game is the one game that I always drag out when playing games with the neighbors because it still gives a sense of accomplishment when we “Save the World” in the last turn. But what amazed me in the video with Matt was the number of units sold, 1/4 million, that is a huge number of people saving the world. Yeah, that is no Monopoly or Sorry, but still that is a bunch of units. So anyway, if you are a Pandemic player, suggest you get over to the Facebook page to follow the news and that might be one of our first unboxings here on Rolling Dice and Taking Names.