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I have been playing board games for as long as I can remember. When the summer heat in North Carolina was too much to be outside, we would retreat to playing games inside. My favorite game was Stratego but always loved the new, especially when things went electronic with Stop Thief. Even in later years, games would continue to be a major part of my life, none more that APBA Pro Baseball. Outside of gaming, I enjoy playing all sports but the current favorite is disc golf. There are some incredible courses in the area and a ever growing disc golf community keeps them in great shape. Whenever time permits, I will break out a game and play with family and friends and I get great enjoyment out of teaching new games to others though I don't do it worth squat. My favorite types of games are those that promote a fairly fast style of play and can be done in under two hours. My least favorite games are those that promote analysis paralysis by the players or promote large amounts of downtime waiting on other players. I am currently co-hosting a podcast at

RDTN – Gen Can’t 2014 – Report from the Floor


Marty and I took some time out of our busy Gen Can’t schedule to throw together a report to highlight our early experiences so far this year. We give reports on the accommodations and food we had and how the gaming library compares to what we are use to. Be sure to check out other reports and experiences by doing that Twitter thing #GenCant2014. Also, be sure to get into the contest by submitting a picture to twitter of how you are enjoying Gen Can’t and include #GenCantContest.

For all the information, prize list and rules, be sure to head over to the unofficial official website

Thanks again to everyone for making this the best four days of gaming at home!
Segment, Time
Accommodations, 1:00
Gen Can’t 2014 Photo Contest, 4:15

RDTN Episode 44: Back in the Saddle – GenCon List for Non-Attendees, Our Pre-orders & Crowdfunding madness

Amazing what a vacation can do to your rhythm and timing, not that I really had any, but Marty was patient as I get back up to speed in this episode. Once again, a big shout out to Rodney Smith for sitting in last episode and if you haven’t checked out his MartyresultsIndiegogo campaign yet, be sure to give it a look.

What goodness do we have for you in this episode? Well, Marty gives us a quick review of the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie. We then get back on track and talk about our pre-orders (Among the Stars, Panamax and more) and various crowdfunding items that have our attention such as Scott King’s 2015 Gaming Calendar, Mantic’s new Dungeon SagaChris Handy’s Pack of Games, and Dice Hate Me Games’ Compounded: Geiger Expansion.

Way too much goodness out there and on top of that, GenCon releases. Wonder what an ’89 Rookie Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr is worth these days so I can sell it and support all this goodness.

We then get to our main segment and share our top 5 list on why we are glad we are NOT going to GenCon. This is also our At the Table question for this month so be sure to head over to our guild on BGG and tell us why your are glad you are not going GenCon. We have been told that group therapy helps during these times.

Enjoy the show and thanks for listening, we do appreciate it!

Segment, Time
Catching up, 2:00
Guardians of the Galaxy Review, 3:30
Crowdfunding, 12:00
We are on a Pre-Ordering Juggernaut, 27:00
Top 5 Reasons NOT going to Gen Con, 38:30
Bad Sports – Puerto Rico, 52:30
Marty’s gaming night, 1:00:00
Outro, 1:04:00