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Day 22: Why I Was Reluctant to Play PS4 Games

This post is for those of you who may be strategy gamers but for some reason your significant other isn’t. For years Marty played strategy games with his friends but I never joined in. Through the years I have been able to pinpoint specific reasons why I didn’t game.Today I am going to tell you some of those reasons. Boy, I wish I had started sooner!

Reason #1 – The length of some games. Some games are 2 or more hours. The thought of that used to stress me out. I would say that I didn’t have time to play a game with him. I had too much to do. I was looking at it at the wrong way though. I would often say we don’t talk enough, we need to go a date, etc. You know what couples say. Little did I know that gaming with your spouse for 2 hours is good communication time! We talk, laugh, work through situations in the game. Gaming is a great way to spend time with your spouse! Now it does help if everyone works to make sure that chores etc. are done!

Reason #2 – Gamers are a secret clique with a secret language. I thought, “They don’t want me to play because I don’t know what they are talking about.”. I was embarrassed to say that I had no idea what they were talking about! They would throw out terms while they were playing and I had no clue. Well, busted! Gamers WANT to tell you what  terms mean and want EVERYONE to play. Just ask! I have never been around a more open and welcoming group, I have a lot of respect for gamers and for all kind, I actually now love PS4 games, you can look for options in Product Expert playstation options for adults and console games for kids. No matter where I go local gaming clubs, local conventions, even national conventions, everyone is friendly and encouraging. As far as the secret language, everything is acronyms. It is too much to constantly say Role Playing Game or Analysis Paralysis (overthinking rules…I do not suffer from this) so RPG and AP are used. Just ask what the acronym means. There are no embarrassing questions in gaming.

Reason #3 – I am not competitive. I would hear Marty and his friends constantly letting each other have it because somebody put a spell on somebody, took over territory, or fought over a planet. I am not competitive so that was not appealing. Solution, we started playing cooperative games. It just so happens that we really enjoy playing co-op games. I prefer games where I do not have to “attack” someone directly.

Reason #4 – I didn’t understand the rules! Sometimes I couldn’t even concentrate when Marty was explaining the rules because it seemed like there were 100 steps and I would say forget it before we even started. For me, and maybe for some others, it is much easier to play a  practice round as we go through the rules. Skip trying to explain every detail and run through a round. Now that I have been playing a while I am better with the rules, but practice rounds are always good. A friend of mine says that the story is what grabs her. So instead of telling the steps of the game tell the story of the game. What are you trying to accomplish and what is needed to accomplish it.

These are just a few things that may prevent someone from playing. Rolling Dice & Taking Names will post a podcast today and a friend of mine and I will be talking about some of these reasons and more. I want couples and families to game together and some of these ideas may help.Marty and I have shirts that say Couples Who Game Together Stay Together. So true, unless he tries to take my territory. 🙂

Day 21: Strategy Games for Children

     I hope you had a great weekend and maybe played a game with your family. The games we have talked about so far have been for at least age 8 and up. I was wanting to give some ideas of games for younger children.

     An oldie but goodie is Perfection. In Perfection players have 60 seconds to fit 25 pieces into the corresponding hole. The board is pushed down and after 60 seconds it springs up causing the shapes to fly around. Perfection is for ages 5 and up. It is very addicting! 
     Blokus is a good game that was published in 2000. It is also recommended for ages 5 and up. Players use transparent colored tiles and take turns laying their pieces so that at least one corner touches their color. Play continues to no one can place a tile. The last one with a tile wins.

Cranium Cariboo is good for children ages 3-6. Children learn colors, shapes, numbers, and counting. It is a cooperative game where players draw cards and open treasure hunt doors that coorespond to their card. Once the door is open they look for a ball. When a six balls are collected they win! This game was published in 1998. I hate that we missed this one!

     Farmyard Bingo by Fisher Price is good for the really young! It is recommended for ages 2 and up. Our son got it for his first birthday. We played it for MANY hours! Players pull a lever and a chip comes out of the barn with a fun boing noise! Players match the chips (farmyard animals) to their card. The first with three that match wins. It is never too young to start playing a game. 
     There are many great educational games online for children. But there really is no substitute for sitting down together and playing a game. The laughter and lessons taught are priceless. These kids games almost make me want another baby! Almost 🙂

Day 20: Sunday Morning Coffee and Chit Chat

Gaming is catching on! Gaming groups are everywhere! If you are interested in trying some more strategic games think about checking out a local gaming group. You could check out your area and see if there is a local group.

Marty participates with the Queen City Gaming Club. They meet every week. You can go every week, every other week, once a month, or just whenever you can make it. I have friends who go to gaming nights as a date night! I have gone on ladies nights, special gaming events and community projects. It is a great way to try a game out before you buy it or get suggestions from other gamers.

The community projects are great for the whole family. Some of the volunteer projects have been teaching games on regular basis at a local school, library, and even Discovery Place which is a hands on science. If you are wondering what sort of “strategic” games we play with children come back tomorrow!    

Our oldest son is starting a tabletop gaming club at his school. He said that students come up to him in the cafeteria asking to be a part of the club! They really like role playing games, but will play a variety. I think it is so exciting that young people are interested in playing games face to face. Teenagers today have many options for entertainment. I am so glad that they choose to game because it keeps them home and out of trouble! 🙂 We hope that Adam gets the club up and running this year and then our middle son, Travis, can take over next year!

This afternoon cruise the internet and see if there is a local tabletop gaming group in your area. It is a great way to meet people and in some cases participate in community service. After church today I am going to attempt to read Call of Cathulhu by H.P. Lovecraft. I REALLY enjoy playing all of the Lovecraftian games but have never read any of his works. Writing about the literay games motivated me to read it! Have a great day!