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RDTN – Gen Can’t 2014 – Report from the Floor


Marty and I took some time out of our busy Gen Can’t schedule to throw together a report to highlight our early experiences so far this year. We give reports on the accommodations and food we had and how the gaming library compares to what we are use to. Be sure to check out other reports and experiences by doing that Twitter thing #GenCant2014. Also, be sure to get into the contest by submitting a picture to twitter of how you are enjoying Gen Can’t and include #GenCantContest.

For all the information, prize list and rules, be sure to head over to the unofficial official website

Thanks again to everyone for making this the best four days of gaming at home!

Segment Time
Accommodations 1:00
Gen Can't 2014 Photo Contest 4:15

RDTN Episode 37: Sheep


We are keeping with our title naming structure by using Pink Floyd’s Sheep but it also ties in nicely with our main content of the Dice Tower Network Board Game of the Month discussion on Catan. True, I could have gone with Another Brick in the Wall, but that would have been too easy for Marty to figure out at the start of the show. I still enjoy playing Catan with people and have not played any of the expansions yet, which is odd. Going to have to rectify that in the coming year.


The big news in this show is the Stronghold announcement about them working with Artipia and bringing their game line up to Northern America, Australia, and Asia. This is outstanding news and we bow to Mr. Buonocore for making this happen. I am very excited about getting my hands on Among the Stars and those in our Game Club better be ready for some plays come September when it is released. Not only will we have ATS coming our way, but Drum Roll, Briefcase, and Shadows over the Empire. Yes, exciting news. If you want to catch a neat how to play video go here.

sheepAlso, we announce a new contest as promised because we hit the 1000 follower mark on twitter. Not bad for a bunch a Southern guys. Anyway, the contest is open to those in the US due to shipping costs, sorry but we are a low budget production. I wish we could send it overseas, but the prize isn’t worth the postage.

Thanks for listening and here is the breakdown:

Segment Time
Stronghold Games News Announcement 3:30
Tabletop Fundraiser  15:00
Board Game of the Month: Catan 25:30
My $40 Allowance – In the Lab & Hanabi 46:45
Outro 58:00
Origins Nomination Discussion 1:00:00
1000 Twitter Follower Contest 1:05:30
Russian Railroad Discussion 1:09:00

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$50 Cool Stuff Inc Gift Card: The Final Entry Method

We wanted to make our first contest very easy to do, the second a bit more challenging and now for the
pièce de résistance. Please fill out our survey at SurveyMonkey, be sure to include your email, and you will get your name in the hat again.

It is a short survey, we are talking less than 10 questions. Only one survey per email address please.

All contests end on August 31 at midnight EST. The winner will be drawn on September 2.

Don’t forget to check out the other shows on the Dice Tower Network who are also running their own contests.

Geek All-Stars

Good luck!