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RDTN Episode 85: Golden Years – Chit Chat, Pandemic Cthulhu, Seafall, Portal Announcements, and Other Stuff

RDTK PROMO-01We have returned from the awards and we spend our time catching up on all the news. Big announcements from Portal, Z-man, Plaid Hat, and tons of other publishers. They are beginning to release their plans for 2016 and this is just the start. So with all this news coming out, we ask the question during the Chit Chat segment on are we becoming board game overloaded? Think about it for a second. Wasn’t it just last week when we received news from Essen about all those new releases? So maybe it was much longer ago, but it just doesn’t seem that long ago.

Suzanne also tells us about her new job over at the Board Game Breakfast. She is now the face for Kickstarter campaigns if you hadn’t heard. She tells us about the workings behind that segment and more importantly, she gives us a glimpse ks_suzanneinto how an item gets on her radar. Following that riveting discussion, we discuss a topic submitted by a listener on if games were to be equated to say a fancy dinner, fast food dinner, and a home cooked meal, which games would go into those categories. Please, by all means, tell us which games would fill those spots for you.

We also do an overview of the Kickstarter Escape Room in a Box that is currently active. We were surprised by this demo. Yes, the skepticism was high and we were caught off guard when we played it because this could be something very fascinating at your next party. It isn’t the same as going to an Escape Room, but it is a lot cheaper.

The last thing is the link to our announcement of the Podpledge page. Also if you want to just get the shirt, head over to Analog Gamer.

Segment Time
Intro 0:45
Portal Announcements 8:40
Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu 14:15
Plaid Hat Announcements 16:20
Cool Mini or Not Announcement 19:45
Marvel Universe Mini Game 21:00
Chit Chat 28:15
Kickstarter BGB Segment 29:45
Baseball 2045 App 45:00
Board Game Overwhelmed 48:30
What game is this meal 1:02:30
Squirrel – Meeple Source KS 1:07:45
What game is this meal – cont 1:09:00
Werewolf Experiment Kickstarter 1:17:25
Megamoosecon – a local CLT Con 1:21:45
Shush Con 1:24:25
Podpledge Announcement and new Shirts 1:25:30
And the Guild speaks 1:31:35

RDTN Episode 58 – Start Me Up: Happy Mitten Games, Ghostbusters, and Stronghold

happymittenWow, that didn’t go as planned. We had this entire episode planned to bring in the guys and gal from Happy Mitten Games, discuss their podcast, their Kickstarter for Aether Magic. and then a bunch of other big announcements. Well, one thing lead to another, and bam, we were out of time and didn’t get to all of the news we had. But the sacrifices have to be made and you dear listener will get a bonus with RDTN rolling out another episode as soon as next week if that plan goes well. I will say this has got to be one of the best Rank’ems we have had on the show so be sure to check it out. Once we finally got HMP out of the studio, we talk about the Cryptozoic Kickstarter for Ghostbusters and Stronghold’s Box - Standardannouncement for publishing a new version of Ignacy’s Stronghold. I am very excited about the this because I love the original game.

Enjoy the show and if you get a chance, head over to BGG and rank us with the other Podcasts in the Golden Geek Awards. Marty and I are very surprised and humbled by this honor and want to say thanks to everyone that helped us get there. And we don’t make this stuff up: Wombat

Segment Time
Happy Mitten Games 1:30
Happy Mitten Games Company 8:00
Aether Magic 15:00
Rank'em 52:30
How did they get their name 1:07:00
Ghostbusters 1:15:00
Stronghold 1:18:00

RDTN Episode 56 – Reminiscing: Tiny Epic Galaxies, 2014 Look Back, Game of Thrones, and Camel Up

Not sure how many of you use BGG to record your plays, but at the start of the year, we decided to try and record our game plays as best we could for 2014. It just surprises me that even after feeling like I played a bunch of games this year, my stats are not as high as I thought they would be. I also didn’t realize just how many are the same ones we play again and again. It goes to show you, you play only what your group is comfortable playing.

Marty and I then ask what is a good gateway game that came out in 2014 to handle the issue above and we couldn’t come up with one. Can you think of a gateway game of 2014? Let us know via BGG, Twitter, Facebook, or here. Love to hear your opinion.pic2349732

Marty then sits down for a one on one interview with me about the new Kickstarter from Gamelyn Games – Tiny Epic Galaxies. It is funded, blowing past goals, and Marty likes it. I think he has funded all the Gamelyn Games and this is no exception. Enjoy the show.

Segment Time
Intro into the show 1:00
Game of Thrones Board Game 7:45
Camel Up 15:25
2014 Highlights 21:50
What was a good gateway game of 2014? 35:20
Tiny Epic Galaxies 45:50
Outro 1:04:45

Our stats for 2014

Game Plays in Month Marty Tony
December 11 28
November 43 30
October 22 5
September 13 3
August 13 19
July 47 8
June 22 19
May 25 10
April 16 12
March 18 10
February 15 7
January 20 9
Total 265 160