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RDTN Episode 211: At the Table with Lindsay and Rob Daviau

00:00 Restoration Games – Unmatched: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
08:30 Lindsay – Production Super Hero
16:30 Graphic artist vs Illustrator
24:30 Little Lindsay
35:40 Pandemic Legacy: Season 0
51:00 Daviau Down Time
59:10 Rank ‘Em

We are trying something new with this unexpected release. You would think after eight years, we would learn not to try new things, but sometimes something comes along that is to good not to try. We are going to try and bring our guests on as an independent release and not make them part of the normal show release schedule. This will help us with time management and also provide us not to feel rushed when we are having a great conversation.

We are also going to try and bring on people beyond designers and publishers. We are hoping to bring artists, writers, production people on to give you an inside look at what it takes to bring a game to your table.

We are very lucky to have Lindsay Daviau join us in this inaugural episode. Lindsay is a Graphic artist at Restoration Games and has an amazing background in the board gaming industry that I am bet you were not aware of. She makes the game flow and make sense. We also “let” Rob sit in and discuss Pandemic Legacy 0, so be sure and hang around for that.

Also interested in feedback and hope you enjoy our latest adventure.

RDTN Episode 210: Honey Buzz, Cartographers Heroes, MTV Party Game, The Few & Cursed, Betrayal at House on the Hill

00:35 Intro
03:20 MTV: The Throwback Music Party Game
13:14 Betrayal at House on the Hill
19:40 Home Repair Sucks
23:56 The Few & Cursed
32:40 Cartographers Heroes
35:54 Portal Games
37:00 What is in the Bag
50:57 Miniature Market
52:16 Honey Buzz
1:13:08 Outro
1:22:37 The Broken Token

Two games took what we know about certain mechanics and expect from those mechanics and changed them up on us causing a pause for a moment. Honey Buzz took the standard worker placement/tile placement mechanics and meshed them together into a programming game that looking back, requires more planning than originally done. This game’s core idea of you get to do actions when you complete a honeycomb makes you have to really think ahead toward future moves. It is very deceptive in the play and easy to miss if not careful.

The second game, The Few & Cursed, changed up the deck building concepts for us. When you deck build, you look for getting cards that provide a synergy to your hand. The Few & Cursed doesn’t work that way due to the random draw that you get. You have to work on the synergy by acquiring cards at the store that build up your character and then play/store cards from your hand to help you in your quests. So, it isn’t the same as most deck builders where you just empty your hand, buy cards, discard and draw new ones. You have to put some strategy in how to play cards, how to move and get into position and then unless unholy damage on the Cursed. Once again, a different mindset was needed.

Thanks for listening and come back in a week where the Daviau’s come and join us At The Table or whatever we are going to call the new segment.

RDTN Episode 209: Tammany Hall, EOTN-Barbarians, Warp’s Edge, Ohanami, Yukon Airways, Silver Dagger, Tellstones, Yukon Airways, Rise of Red Skull

00:00 Intro
19:00 Tellstones
29:00 Silver Dagger
36:00 Yukon Airways
41:22 Marvel Champions: Rise of Red Skull
44:51 Ohanami
50:00 The Broken Token
51:44 Empires of the North: Barbarians
57:35 Toy Hall of Fame Nominees
1:10:45 Portal Games
1:12:04 Tammany Hall
1:27:18 Warp’s Edge
1:33:00 Outro
1:41:36 Miniature Market

We had a penalty on this episode, False start. So be sure to pay attention at the end if you can make it that long. According to Marty, there was a bunch of stuff going on about review of Tellstones and how some reviews are negative and some are positive and how people are saying that the negative reviews have integrity over the positive reviews. Whatever. It is a memory game and if you like those types of games, especially if they are quick and simple, then you might like this. If you are like me and short term memory is being challenged, then you might really need to consider this game. Weigh the good with the bad and see if it is worth your time. And both the wives enjoy this type of game.

Now Tammany Hall is an old game and one we never got to play until the re-release. Game with simple actions wrapped in warm, soft strategy, no wonder it is a favorite of so many. However, we didn’t experience the backstabbing because I believe the player count (3 people) kept that from happening. If you like the area control style games, you might want to give this a play but be warned, you will have to remember what the actions are so memory is involved

Empires of the North Barbarians was a good expansion to get on the table. Love the interaction that these clans provided to the game versus the head down do your own thing. Silver Dagger expansion gets back to the roots in Silver line and thankfully it does. We can see where bringing some of these cards over to the original set would create more mayhem than already exists with this memory game.

Thanks for listening to the show and appreciate you taking the time to let us go on and on in your ears. Be sure to subscribe to the Discord channel