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RDTN Episode 180: City of the Big Shoulders, Era, Ecos, Blockbuster, Letter Jam, and more

City of the Big Shoulders, Era, Ecos, Blockbuster, Letter Jam, and more

00:50   Intro
06:35   Blockbuster
11:49   St. Noire
19:24   Second Chance
22:17   Letter Jam
28:57   Squirrel – Just One
30:45   WoW Classic
36:56   The Broken Token
37:45   Ecos: First Continent
43:20   City of the Big Shoulders
1:09:00 Cartographers
1:14:16 Portal Games
1:16:16 ERA
1:21:57 Meeple People Show
1:23:14 Play Like A Pirate
1:27:09 Miniature Market

Tons of games made it to the table. Marty’s family got to play a bunch of them because it is simple to get people to play games when it is 95 degrees outside and the humidity is in the mid 70s. What else would you do but stay inside an enjoy the A/C.

He and I did get in some very good games these past two weeks. City of the Big Shoulders is one that we saw at Gen Con, got excited for when we talked with Raymond Chandler, and kept that enthusiasm going as we played. Ecos got another play and still needs more because there is hidden depth here that must be explored and discovered. Then Era was on the table with all of its bits and pieces. And we finished off the week with Cartographers which was  a breath of fresh air in the mark on a piece of paper games that have been coming out.

RDTN Episode 176: Empires of the North, Warcry, Abomination, Catan Switch version


This episode includes a Scurry Report on Empires of the North. The Connell gentlemen talk about the new Warcry miniature game. And Marty tries to channel me in a discussion on the Plaid Hat Game Abomination.

Time Segment
00:46 Intro
14:10 No Quarter Required: Catan & Silver
25:08 Miniature Market
26:26 Empires of the North
1:02:15 Abomination
1:09:33 Portal Games
1:10:39 Warcry
1:36:45 Capstone Games
1:39:15 iello Little Town
1:42:55 Outro
1:47:04 Monolith Arena: Academics
1:49:50 Trailers at San Diego Comic Con
1:59:10 The Broken Token

RDTN Episode 174: Origins Recap, Undaunted: Normandy, Corinth, Southern Fried Gaming Expo

Time Segment
00:50 Intro
13:20 Nintendo Switch Obsession
21:25 Corinth
23:35 Discover This
26:50 The Broken Token
28:30 Origins Recap
52:05 Portal Games
53:17 Undaunted: Normandy
58:55 Southern Fried Gaming Expo
1:14:05 Game Toppers
1:18:23 Miniature Market

Marty had a great trip to Origins. There are so many good games coming out and he shares a sample of some that stood out to him.

It is no secret that we went gaga over War Chest last year. It won a Squirrely last year, that is how gaga we were for it. Well, the same designers have returned and this time, they bring us a theme that I enjoy playing in board games, World War II. Specifically, this game is about the invasion of Normandy and the attempt of the Allies to break the German lines. It comes with a scenario book that helps detail the battles that occurred during that phase of the war. It has a theme that I enjoy and a mechanic, deck building, that I enjoy and has strategy incorporating cover, line of sight, and variability with dice. Very excited for this game and look forward to more plays of it in the coming months. Also checking online, preorders are being taking at Miniature Market, so if you are interested, might want to place that preorder.

We played another roll and write, which is now officially known as RnW. It is Corinth from Days of Wonder. This is a simpler RnW but there is a mechanic that haven’t seen in these types of game. If you don’t have a play or you don’t want to use what is given to you during your turn, you can move a traveling merchant and where he stops, you get the bonus at that spot. However, he can’t cross his path again. So, you have to plan accordingly as you plot your path. If you are enjoying the flurry of RnWs, give this one a chance.

With a name like Southern Fried Gaming Expo, we just have to find out more. Marty talks to one of the organizers about the event and what he can expect when he attends as a special guest.

Thanks for listening to the show and we will be back in two weeks.