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RDTN Episode 203: Scooby Doo Betrayal at Mystery Mansion, Succulent, HABA Games, Top 5 Portal Games

00:35   Intro
02:50   Online Surveys
03:48   Imperial Settlers: Roll & Write App
05:30   Legacy Game Maybe
06:18   Back to D&D and Metallic Dice Games
09:45   Update Ascension Tactics
12:12   AEG Dead Reckoning
17:49   Hamilton – RDTN Review
27:25   Portal Con
38:36   Portal Games
39:48   Top 5 Portal Games
59:02   Miniature Market
1:00:21 Succulent
1:12:15 In A Flash Firefighters
1:16:45 Cloaked Cats
1:23:57 Scooby-Doo – Betrayal at Mystery Mansion
1:36:47 Outro
1:42:53 RDTN Discord and Twitch
1:46:17 The Broken Token

The virus has once again hurt our opportunity to get together and vacation. It is hard to find a location to sit down and play a game during the week. Most places close early and you hate to take up a seat at a place to eat when they need the business. Some places are even limiting the time so they can turn customers over.

Therefore, Vanessa is back and she is sitting down with Marty to talk about the games you see in the image. Amazing what people will do when locked away in a cabin in the mountains of NC and want to get out. That is right, Marty was on vacation and had the family playing games. What a bunch of troopers.

We also rank our favorite Portal games, curious what yours might be. So head over to our BGG guild and let us know. Also, if you want to check out our stupidity, go watch our attempt to host during Portal Con on youTube.

RDTN Episode 202: Justin Gary, Ascension Tactics, Cosmic Encounter Duels, Rise of the Empire

00:00 Intro
01:56 Expiration is a suggestion
05:12 Switch Talk
09:06 Ravensburger – Jungle Cruise
13:35 Stick’em
22:32 D&D Online
25:28 Metallic Dice Games – RDTN 10% Off Code
32:45 Justin Gary – Ascension Tactics
55:00 Ascension Tactics In Depth
1:36:34 Portal Games
1:22:06 Rank’em with Justin
1:36:34 Portal Games
1:37:39 Cosmic Encounter Duel
1:53:37 Contest for Cosmic Encounter
1:56:45 Unmatched Cobble & Fog
2:02:25 Back to the Future: Dice Through Time
2:08:32 Dice Masters Avengers
2:14:50 Miniature Market
2:15:50 Outro
2:16:40 Rise of the Empire
2:25:00 Portal Con – Online
2:29:00 The Broken Token

This episode is full of stuff. We have a discussion with Justin Gary about his career and the new Kickstarter from Stone Blade Entertainment: Ascension Tactics. Tony is a big old fan boy during this, but rightly so with over 1000+ games of Ascension played. But we learn some very interesting facts about Justin that just floors us. If you have the time, be sure to listen to the full episode because there are nuggets about the elements the lead up to Ascension Tactics. However, the hard cord discussion begins around the 55:00 mark. This episode comes out on the day the Ascension Tactics Kickstarter starts, so if you want to back it, do it in the first 24 hours to get your name in the book.

We have a ton of games to talk about in this episode as well. We are going to talk about Cosmic Encounter Duel which really caught Marty by surprise. You know of your expectations are kind of down there and you get blown away. That is what this game did to Marty. When it is just the two of us sitting down to play a game, this and Undaunted are going to be fighting for table time.

Then we have Portal’s new add on for Imperial Settlers, Rise of the Empire. This is only a preview because we need to get Imperial Settlers on the table some more to remember how to play that game well. We had both forgotten strategies, nuisances and the best way to play the factions we picked. If you enjoyed Imperial Settlers before, this add on is something you should consider.

Ravensburger Jungle Cruise and Back to the Future: Dice Through Time find their way to the table. Jungle Cruise is a very light, family game. It is really nothing more than a roll and move game with set collection. However, Back to the Future is a challenging co-op game that will be a tough one to beat. If you like Elder Sign, you should check this one out if you like the IP that the game is based on.

And we discuss the new Unmatched release Cobble & Fog which brings to the table some of the best Universal Monsters and the lovable crime fighter Sherlock Holmes. Finally, Dice Masters has campaign boxes and we got to try one out that let us take a trip down memory lane. We hate that they ran into issues when it was released, such a fun, quick game to play.

Thanks for listening and be sure to enter the contest when you get a chance.

RDTN Episode 198: Nova Luna, King’s Dilemma, Undaunted: Normandy, Feed the Kraken

Time       Segment
01:07      Intro
05:07      Marty’s Studio continues to Morph
07:27      Flashback – Pokemon
09:58      Everdell Crochet
13:13      TV during 2020
17:15      TV shows we both enjoy
20:43      The King’s Dilemma
29:03      Virtual Undaunted: Normandy
33:12      Arkham Horror via Webcam
35:10      Feed the Kraken
42:15      Electric Weed eater discussion
46:45      The Broken Token
48:00      Nova Luna
59:05      Discuss the BGG Awards
1:17:34    Portal Games
1:18:16    Outro
1:19:42    Solo Gaming Discussion
1:28:06    BGG Store Affiliate
1:30:43    Ewin Gaming Chairs
1:32:18    Bezier Wolfpack Membership
1:35:45    Miniature Market

We tried some virtual gaming in the past two weeks. One is shared out on our YouTube site and you can watch us try and teach Undaunted: Normandy. Thank goodness the designer Dave Thompson joined and help correct our mistakes. What a great experience we had. Also, Marty got in the second scenario and Dave took my place. This game is currently out of stock, but we were informed that it should be back in stores and online in June.

Donna makes an appearance in this show, it has been awhile, probably since we talked about Dizzle. She helps me talk about a new game from Stronghold, Nova Luna. Spoiler, she and I both really enjoyed it and look forward to playing it again.

Marty and I sat down “virtually” with the Scurry Reporters and we tried King’s Dilemma. While nothing against the game, it just wasn’t the same and probably missed some of the experience. Games like this tend to feed off of being in the same room. We look forward to trying it again, problem is it is a legacy game.

Sorry again for the audio issues, hopefully that will not happen again. Also, for the Ewin Chairs that Marty mentions, they have the chairs with a 20% off value now, sure that it is normal price, but the RDTN code works on top of that as well.