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RDTN Episode 197: Coldest Night, Musical Chairs, Sagrada iOS, Player Count

00:34      Intro
03:40      BGG Polls
04:57      Marty’s New Studio
07:42      Marty helps Chaz again
11:29      Capstone gets Terra Mystica & Gaia Project
13:37      Bandannas vs Handkerchiefs
15:57      Sagrada iOS app
22:15      Undaunted: Normandy Online
27:00      An Eldritch Dream Games – Pathfinder 2E
29:45      Sandy Peterson GamesCthulhu Mythos
34:33      Portal Games
36:00      Coldest Night
41:20      Musical Chairs
55:13      Miniature Market
56:14      Bicycle Games – The Alpha and Exchange
59:20      Does this player count make sense for this type of game
1:08:32    Outro
1:12:26    Board Together Games
1:14:43    Tabletop Showcase
1:16:27    The Broken Token

While current situations don’t allow us to sit close to the fire to keep from freezing, Coldest Night from Indie Boards & Cards is a light coop game that is brutal and while strategy is needed, luck is part of it because it is a card game. Fast to play and one of those that will tease you in thinking the next time, you will beat this game. Isn’t that what these games are suppose to do? They are to challenge you and make you want to come back and try again. If it is too easy, never come of the shelf again. Will be interesting to see how this plays with more players, but unfortunately, that will be awhile for us.

Vanessa is keeping the show running by coming back again to talk about Musical Chairs and this sounds like another fun game to get to the table. Who would have thought to take a party game and make it a board game. As she and Marty talked about the game, I could only imaging how hectic that game could get with more players and look forward to playing it. Man, all these games that we are playing independently will need a different segment on the show where we see what the other host thinks of them.

And for our discussion topic, we think about what a challenge it is for designers to come up with player counts and how while a game may list a range, there really is best number to play with. We end up also discussing how our selection has changed during this isolation and how some of our favorites do not find the table right now.

RDTN Episode 192: Atlantis Rising, Stellar, The Shining, Brainwaves, Stampede

Time Segment
00:37 Introduction
01:36 Peter Gabriel vs Phil Collins
06:04 Logical Song
11:00 Talking Toys
15:23 Now we are onto TV Shows
18:23 Time for the Games
19:49 Stampede
21:04 Brainwaves
27:00 Miniature Market
28:00 The Shining
34:00 Atlantis Rising
46:50 The Broken Token
47:50 Stellar
53:21 Conspiracy Continues
55:23 Is there a need for an Expansion?
1:05:15 Outro
1:11:49 Portal Games

Hang in there, we get to the games once we get pass the discussion on music. You know us, we love our music and when we get the opportunity to share something interesting, we jump on it. The first game is Brainwaves that Marty got to play with his family. This is about helping with your memory and at RDTN, this is needed. The other discussions about the games we got to play demonstrates that point

Atlantis Rising was released by Z-Man games in 2012 and has been re-released by Elf Creek Games with enhanced components and rule improvements. When Atlantis Rising was released, the game was said to be incredible hard and may have not gotten a fair shake. However, over the years, people began to enjoy it and it became one of those “grail” type games where it was hard to find. Elf Creek Games has brought it back and it is a good thing. Such a solid cooperative game and one that if you get a chance, worth giving a shot.

Then there is Stellar that just knocked us for a loop. Two player card game that has strategy all over it. Such a solid game that challenges you to not just go through the motions, you have to pay attention to what is happening. You need to watch your opponents strategy. You must play offensively and defensively. Decisions are tight and if not thought through, it will be a major inconvenience.

Next episode the brown carpet is being rolled out for our Annual Squirrelly Awards.

RDTN Episode 191: Egizia, Age of Steam, Lawyer Up

Time        Segment
00:29       Intro
02:14       Home Updated
03:00       Tantrum Con
08:01       Sorcerer City again
09:27       Superbowl Commercials
15:28       Marty likes On Mars
20:15       Tantrum Con Again
24:20       Phase 10
28:08       Gen Con High Hopes
29:56       Instapot
32:55       Lawyer Up Prototype
40:12       The Broken Token
41:44       Egizia Shifting Sands
47:21       Age of Steam Deluxe
1:09:20     Portal Games
1:11:45     What catches your attention for games
1:22:15     Switch News
1:25:21     Miniature Market

We are starting something new here at RDTN, we are going to do train games in 2020. That is right, you will hear us talk about train games throughout the year. And we are starting out with a classic, Age of Steam. While the mechanics are simple, you really need to plan ahead as you play. Hope to get this on the table again before we forget the rules

When the game Francis Drake was played and we talked about it on the show in Episode 30, people said, if you really liked the progression track, you need to give Egizia a try. Well, we got the new Egizia Shifting Sands from Stronghold Games played and the mechanic of progressing with your pawns and not going backwards was very rewarding. It has been over 160 episodes since we played Francis Drake, just not sure which is best. Maybe we can get it played again and compare the two on a later show.

Be sure to check out the Secret Cabal’s 200th episode where our stinger makes sense.