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RDTN Episode 152: Blitz Bowl, Electric Football and MegaMooseCon

Nostalgia gives us that feeling of a melancholy time from our past when we were happy and can be brought on from a smell, a sight, or even the buzz of a motor vibrating a piece of metal. That is right, we got to enjoy the rebirth of Electric Football from Tudor Games recently and the moment we pushed the button to cause the players to move and I heard that familiar sound, I was filled with nostalgia. I remember playing this game with friends and the excitement as we watched our players “move” across the field like we were at a real football game. We didn’t have a local NFL team in Charlotte back then and this was our way creating our own memories of going to a game. Not only that, we were the coach. We had our playbook and the satisfaction of watching a receiver run a route to perfection and score was a huge sense of accomplishment. But don’t forget the curiosity this game creates because as a kid, I wanted to understand how it worked. Why did the vibrating metal make those little plastic tabs move across the board.

With Tudor Games celebrating 70 years of football, which I didn’t realize it was that old, and the resurgence of board games, this is something you need to check out. With refined rules, an application to help with the flow of the game, and the ability to design even more complex plays, Electric Football from Tudor Games just makes smile.

Then we moved on to fantasy football and not the one where you draft pro players of today. We are talking the stream lined version of Blood Bowl which is now Blitz Bowl. When I tried Blood Bowl, I enjoyed it, but y’all know me, long play time is not my thing. So with Blitz Bowl, my ears perked up and I was interested. I will say, this game was more of a chess match than a football game for me. It was about player pieces on the board and the strategy that was associated with them. Not so much about getting a touchdown. Anyway, other than the dice not being kind, this was a fun one on the table.

Finally, the episode is around our exploits at Mega Moose Con. This is a local con put on by Scurry Reported Mark Kale and he and his team do an incredible job. Thanks to everyone we say and got to play games with over the weekend.

Segment Time
Intro 0:37
MegaMooseCon 4:00
Tony's Lawnmower Again 7:53
iTunes Review 10:37
Guardians 14:04
Ganz schön clever 15:42
Welcome To… 18:25
Kashgar Merchants of the Silk Road 23:25
The Front Porch Restaurant 26:35
Portal Games 28:35
Electric Football from Tudor Games 29:57
Miniature Market 51:39
Blitz Bowl 52:50
Football Highlights 2052 1:04:10
Outro 1:07:33
The Broken Token 1:09:50

RDTN Episode 150: Gen Con 2018 in Review w/ Special Guest Rodney Smith

This is our Gen Con recap show and we have joining us, like he had a choice, is Rodney Smith from Watch It Played. We discuss the shiny things we saw at the show and the adventures we had while there. Marty and I were also lucky enough to sit down with Joe Manganiello and discuss his new line of clothes Death Saves. We even have time to discuss the recently released game Railroad Rivals by Forbidden Games. Love my train games and this is a straight forward pick up and deliver game where you are trying to manipulate the prices of stocks that you are collecting so you have the most money at the end. What makes this game different is the strategy of placing the city tiles in hopes of connecting more than one route which if done, can greatly benefit you in the game.

There were other games we played, but didn’t go into any details. The breakdown of the show is in the table below, so hopefully that will help you navigate to the parts you might want to hear.

Segment Time
Intro 00:37
Wednesday @ Gen Con 2:07
Portal: Detective 2:55
Maxine’s 7:05
Watch it Pack 8:46
Age of Sigmar: Champions Event 11:05
CMON Event 13:25
A little history of Miniature Market 22:45
Fantasy Flight Report 26:55
Keyforge 32:14
Thursday @ Gen Con 42:37
No Respect 46:25
No Respect continues @ Stronghold 47:25
Meet the Designer 50:15
Interview with Joe Manganiello 54:10
Back to the Games 1:13:00
Portal Games 1:17:30
Friday @ Gen Con 1:19:15
Symphony 9 1:23:00
Squirrely Award Presentations 1:25:35
Kolossal: Mezo 1:27:50
Justin Gray quick discussion 1:31:10
Railroad Rivals Thoughts 1:32:20
Ticket to Ride: New York 1:34:35
Strike Tournament 1:35:35
Dark Tower Announcement 1:41:20
Ravensburg did us right 1:43:15
The Broken Token 1:47:55
Saturday @ Gen Con 1:50:00
Tudor Electric Football 1:54:05
Plaid Hat Games 2:01:10
Just taking it all in 2:04:06
Yellow & Yangtze 2:07:39
More Gen Con Stuff 2:10:10
Miniature Market 2:17:40

RDTN Episode 147: Origins 2018, Age of Sigmar Soul Wars, Lorenzo Expansion

Marty returns with the wonders and not so wondrous sightings from Origins 2018. The Vendor and Game Hall were where the wonders occurred and at the hotel, there was the not so wondrous sightings due to his roommates. One thing about Origins that I always appreciated was the chance not only to play the new games, but to also get in the old games as well. Origins has a nice, relaxed atmosphere about it and if you haven’t attended, maybe someday you can. I know I hope to get back there.

Marty’s middle child Travis takes over the review corner and schools his father on Warhammer: Age of Sigmar Soul Wars. I remember the days when I had that passion for a miniature game kind of like Travis has for Warhammer. He is into the lore and really enjoys what Games Workshop is releasing these days. No wonder it is contagious for Marty. If you are thinking about dipping your toe into this or jumping back in, listening to an “expert” on the subject. So glad Travis took my place on this, I would not have done it the justice he does.

But, I had some passion this show as well for the expansion to my 2017 GoTY, Lorenzo il Magnifico. Houses of Renaissance introduces family powers and a new tower to help you gain ultimate control of the region. I always enjoy when an expansion adds some meat to a game without changing it dramatically and in my opinion, this expansion did just that. So, if you enjoy Lorenzo as much as I do, highly recommend picking this up.

As always, thanks for listening and our next episode will begin to explorer the games from Origins 2016

Segment Time
Intro 00:37
Jeopardy Question 3:29
50th Birthday 5:35
Origin Talk Starts Now 7:00
Plan B Games 7:20
Thinking of Tony 8:55
Stories from Origin 10:48
Lorenzo il Magnifico Houses of Renaissance 16:24
Back to Origins 24:08
Plaid Hat Games 28:05
Osprey Games 29:06
Hotness at Origins 32:00
Age of Sigmar Champions Teaser 34:50
The Broken Token 40:40
Android Netrunner Demise 42:25
Age of Sigmar Second Edition 49:35
The Miniature Market 1:17:55
Outro 1:19:55
Origins Awards 1:22:10
Edible Games Cookbook 1:26:15
Stikfas Video Kickstarter 1:27:20
Portal Games 1:31:40