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RDTN Episode 125: Clank! in Space, Terraforming Mars Expansion, and The Climbers

Surprise, surprise, surprise. That is right Renegade Studios is releasing Clank! in Space at Gen Con. Talk about keeping things under wraps and making a huge a splash, Renegade might have done it. If you like Clank and you like space themes, give this game a try. It builds on the mechanics of Clank!: The Deck-Building Adventure and adds some solid additions. One of those additions is the factions on cards where if cards from the same faction are played on a turn, their special abilities trigger. This is a solid component that it really can add strategy to the market as you look at what to buy during your turn. Was looking forward to seeing Thunderstone Quest at Gen Con, but this might still a little of that thunder in the deck building world.

The Climbers was released in 2008 and is being brought back to us gamers by Simply Complex which is part of Capstone Games in 2017. This is an easy to play game with a ton of strategy that even creates moments of take that. As you play the game, it is so cool to watch the tower grow and see it morph into a skyscraper. However, there are cases where players can almost be eliminated and thus not be fun for those left on the lower portions of the tower. This is one of those games that maybe for the older gamers, it will be a nice one to break out periodically, but this definitely has the staying power with younger gamers.

Gen Con is this week and we are very excited to be attending and for the first time, together. Hard to imagine, but Marty and I have never attended Gen Con at the same time. Last time that I was in attendance was in 2012, so I know I am in for a shock to the system. I joked during the show about being confused and lost, but how can you not be? This is a huge show and there will be so much to take in. If you can’t make it to Gen Con, be sure to take part in Gencant which is now in its third year and headed up by our incredible friend @425Suzanne.

If you are lucky enough to be attending, here is our schedule:

Day Event Time
Thursday The Summit Charity Event 21:00
Friday Portal Booth 16:00
Friday RDTN Meetup Omni Bar 19:00
Saturday Dice Tower Booth 11:00
Saturday Passport Games 13:00
Saturday Secret Cabal Meetup 19:00

Thanks for listening and look forward to our next show where we data burst our thoughts on Gen Con.

Segment Time
Intro 00:36
Moving 1:15
Gen Con Game Preview 6:10
Game Toppers 13:10
Secret Cabal Meetup 15:35
RDTN Meetup 17:00
Expletive 17:45
Save a Gamer 19:05
The Summit Charity Event 21:50
Squirrels 25:01
Clank! in Space 27:20
Portal Games 37:43
The Climbers 38:51
Terraforming Mars: Hellas & Elysium 44:22
The Broken Token 50:56
Mega Moosecon 52:05
The Front Porch 58:25
Outro 1:01:31
Funagain 1:03:30

RDTN Episode 122: Near and Far, Sentient, Lovecraft Letter, and Pit Crew

We are well rested after our recent vacations and back at the mics. Because of the vacations, we have a backlog of games, so we have four for you in this episode. We also revisit our vacations and our experiences. As always, Origins was a blast for Marty and he got to sample the food at the vendor hall, the food at MELT, and of course the food at the North Market. Oh, and he played a few games. If you haven’t checked out the video of him and Chaz as they closed out Origins, you can see it here.

Rocky Mountain Gaming Vacation was an incredible adventure for me and my wife. The lodging was great and the hiking was an awesome experience. First, nobody was trampled by a moose, attacked by a bear, or bitten by a squirrel. But there were plenty of pictures with squirrels and moose poop. Oh, and also some good gaming was had during the vacation. Next year is in Park City, Utah and we are trying to decide do we go again or not.

Since there are four games in this episode, not going to go in depth on any of them. Near and Far is another great Red Raven game that if you enjoy Above and Below, you need to give this one a try. Sentient will be one of those games that is going to get mixed thoughts from people, but not from us. Lovecraft Letter is well, Love Letter with a new theme, but at least it is a theme we can enjoy. Pit Crew gets nothing but three F’s, it is Family Fun Filler for sure.

Okay, been hanging out with Chaz to much. Congrats to our winners of the Screening, Streaming, or Steaming contest. And here is the link to the Gen Con Event that Marty mentioned.

Segment Table
Intro 00:39
Instagram Event 2:51
And the winner is 5:23
And the winner is…again 9:16
Transformers 11:33
Back to Business 13:54
Near and Far 16:06
Origins 21:40
Origins: Century 24:09
Origins: Renegade Booth 24:47
Origins: Werewords & Rodney Smith 26:13
Origins: Summit – The Board Game 32:06
Origins: JVMF Auction Team Vest 34:17
Origins: The Food 36:13
Origins: Almost The Final Thoughts 38:31
Origins: Restoration Games 40:41
Sentient 41:18
The Broken Token 46:19
Lovercraft Letter 47:08
Pit Crew 49:27
Rocky Mountain Gaming Vacation 52:00
Sit down with Sean and Mark 1:00:25
Portal 1:12:27
Outro 1:13:38
Megamoose Con 1:15:28
Bye-Bye Flip the Table 1:16:50
Funagain 1:21:00

RDTN Episode 107: The Fog of War interview with Geoff Engelstein and BGG Con Recap

episode107We had the opportunity to sit down with Geoff Engelstein to talk about his new game The Fog of War, published by Stronghold Games. We are all aware of Geoff’s Space Cadet series and his recent release of The Dragon and Flagon. However, Fog of War is a departure from Geoff’s normal type of game. We ask him why the change and specifically going into the World War II era where there are many games that already exist with this theme. One item about his game that you might want to be sure you understand is that there are no “dudes on the map”. It is a card game where you are trying to bluff your opponent so that you cansunnyday gain control of areas. Supply lines must be considered and various operational phases come into play that can impact outcomes. The game is long, people reporting over 90 minutes of play and this is a two player only game.

Marty also talks about the various demos he got to play at BGG Con and the shenanigans that he was part of. If you got to attend BGG Con this year, hope you enjoyed it and had as much fun as he did. More importantly, Marty was shown something that just takes our breath away. Once again, Ignacy is the freakin’ man. Thank you

Thanks for listening and always happy to hear your comments. Our annual survey comes out soon, so hope you will take the time to fill it out. Yes, we will probably bribe you somehow to get you to do it.

Section Time
Intro 00:35
BGG Con  2:00
Strike Again 4:45
Lovecraftian Games 6:48
Munchkin CCG 8:30
Viral 10:35
Alien Artifacts 12:06
Gamelyn Games 13:57
BGG Con Panels 16:13
Final Thoughts at BGG Con 19:15
JVMF Auction 23:38
The Broken Token 25:08
Geoff Engelstein 26:02
Charcuterie 27:21
Working with Stronghold 30:45
Fog of War 33:23
Details of the Game 36:18
Demo Feedback 41:14
Operations Wheel 42:55
Intel & Supplies 46:10
Expansions and other games 49:23
Questions from the Guild 53:00
Rank'em 1:02:30
Portal Games 1:14:02
Outro 1:14:50
Toy Hall of Fame 1:16:07
Sunny Day at the Beach!!! 1:18:00
Funagain 1:23:35