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RDTN Episode 96: Another Day in Paradise – Origins Recap, Caravan, Ascension X, Adrenaline, and Guild Ball

caravanThis episode is all about our adventures at Origins for it has come and gone and it did not disappoint. It was great seeing familiar faces and meet all the new faces. Thanks to everyone that said hello and hope your experience was an enjoyable as ours. We were able to demo a bunch of prototypes and played new and old games. We bathed in all the shiny stuff in the vendor hall (Stronghold, Passport, Portal, etc) and some of us tasted the many delicacies at the North Market. We have many pictures posted over at our Facebook page if you want to take a look at the happenings going onadrenaline while we were there.

fontsizeWe do want to make sure that you are aware of a few games we saw. Adrenaline by CGE caught us off guard and we were not expecting the gameplay experience we encountered. If you are at Gen Con, please get by the CGE room and hopefully you can see it in action. Then there was the new Emerson Matsuuchi game Caravan. So simple and straight forward and it will not be a game changer, but it might put other games like Splendor on the shelf for awhile in our humble opinion. While we were there for four days, it didn’t seem it and there were so many other games that we didn’t get to see. Maybe at future Origins, we can have a team of RDTN Squirrels going out and bringing back nuggets that should have our attention. Well, a podcast can dream can’t it.

Thanks for listening and share with us any experiences you had at Origins over in our BGG Guild.

Segment Time
Intro 00:34
Board Game Insider Challenge 3:46
First Games @ the Con 07:16
Ascension X: War of Shadow 9:10
Adrenaline – CGE 15:20
Codenames Pictures 19:45
Stronghold Update 21:20
Caravan by Emerson Matsuuchi 31:43
Crazy Karts Demo 36:05
JVMF Winners- Chris and Angel 40:15
Passport Games Studio: Salem & Simurgh 41:55
Ashes Tournament 50:10
The Meet-ups at Origin 52:45
It was a late night 55:48
Guild Ball Designers 59:45
Our Saturday Gaming Night 01:06:55
Arkwright 1:16:08
The Broken Token 1:22:08
The Duchess – it feels so right 1:25:05
Scott King Calendars back on Kickstarter 1:31:36

RDTN Episode 92: Midnight Train to Georgia – CMON Expo, Eric Lang, Rodney Smith and Action Phase Games

comoexpoCMON Expo in Atlanta, GA is a great small con and we could not have been happier to have been able to attend this year. Between getting to play all the new cool Cool Mini or Not games and prototypes, we got to hang out with great designers, podcasters and Rodney Smith. What is great about the small con is the level of personalization you can experience while there. You can actually relax and enjoy your surroundings and never feel like you need to rush here and there. And the location was top notch with great dining nearby, easy to access transportation, and The World of Coca-Cola. What other Con can you go to and get to taste 100 flavors of Coke. Okay, it is better than it sounds.

There are a few games that we saw there that really stood out for us. First was Bloodbourne: The Card langgodfatherGame. There was something about how quickly it played and the multiple options to win that really stood out. Next was Masmorra: Duneons of Arcadia. Here is one that we backed and happy that we did. Even though this was an early prototype, the models were outstanding and what you would expect from Cool Mini or Not. Then there was the game The Goodfather, an Eric Lang design. Enough said about this one, just save enough money to get it. One last game to mention is Potion Explosion. Not sure why, but it was a game that more plays over the weekend would have been a joy. This game will be on the shelves of RDTN when it is released by Cool Mini or Not in 3rd Quarter.

Word to the wise, some minis are sharper than others and can cause puncture wounds.

Segment Time
Intro 00:45
Jared Miller – CMON Marketing Manager 02:17
Portal Games 16:50
And the Games at CMON 17:25
Potion Explosion 18:00
Ta-Da! 20:50
Unusual Suspects 23:27
The Grizzled: At Your Orders! 25:20
Masmorra 28:45
Defenders of the Last Stand 32:33
Eric Lang Interview 37:00
Bloodbourne 39:50
The Godfather 45:25
More Eric News 56:20
Battle Bin 1:07:20
Action Phase Games 1:09:00
The Broken Token 1:19:45
And the Myth is debunked – Rodney Smith 1:20:20
Captain America – Civil War 1:29:05
Strike 1:31:35
Dutch Blitz 1:34:30
A Game of Thrones 1:38:50
Outro 1:43:45

RDTN Episode 88: I Can’t Drive 55 – Ignacy is in the house, Sularia Card Game, GAMA Thoughts

cc_cover_roboczy_loresTime for our yearly visit with Ignacy Trzewiczek and as always, it was a blast. He was upfront with the plans at Portal games this year and talked to us about 51st State, Cry Havoc and the new game Crazy Karts that was announced at GAMA 2016. We also got to share in a designing session with Ignacy on the challenges he is facing with First Martians. Our input might get us some credit on the box. Okay, that might be a stretch because we didn’t help one bit. We went into great depth about the app that will be used in First Martians and found it interesting how decisions you input into the campaign may impact games later down the line. Yes, that is legacy style, but without changing the rules and board. He also was kind enough to answer our questions from the guild.

20160320_231444We also discussed a new card game the Battle of Sularia that was funded on Kickstarter and you know how we love card games. What is different about this game is the use of two “resources” to play cards. One resource lets you place sites or play special cards in your resource site and the other which is generated by the sites played let you play soldiers to the battlefield. Very unique and if you are interested, give them a look.  Punch-It is going to release an expansion on Kickstarter in April so that shows a commitment to the product for now. Also, for more information, take a look at Lance’s video.

We also talk about GAMA 2016 held during the week of March 14-18. There were live feeds going on and in one of those, there is an interesting discussion going on between Anton Torres from Fantasy Flight (Asmodee North) and W.Eric Martin of BGG. Here is a link to the video, and if you go to the 4:25:00 mark, you can do your homework assignment from our show. And yes, the notes are on a piece of wood, we were not messing around.

Segment Time
Intro 00:45
RDTN NCAA Bracket Tournament 2:40
Ignacy in the House 4:30
Family & Snapchat 6:15
Inis New Game 11:00
51st State  12:20
Cry Havoc 23:40
First Martians: Adventures on the Red Planet 35:40
Crazy Kart 50:45
You asked – Ignacy Answers 1:04:35
Ignacy in America 1:14:00
Outro 1:19:10
Battle of Sularia 1:20:30
GAMA Discussion 1:24:05
Homework Assignment 1:34:40