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RDTN Episode 154: War Chest, Criss Cross, Warhammer:Nightvault, Toy Hall of Fame

Episode 154 has an extended discussion on the new game from AEG called War Chest. We really enjoy abstract games and this one was no exception. The rules are straight forward, the production top notch, and the strategy is where the game really stands out. It is not going to be Chess deep and it might play a bit fast for some players, but for me, it stays on the table the right time. It is a beast to carry around, but it would be the type of game you could play while waiting for others to finish up a game. Better yet, this game really lends itself to tournaments in structure and style of play. This might be a good side project for Marty to do at our local game store.

We mention a few other games that we got to play, but haven’t played together or enough to do a Five Minute Initiative on, so they ended up in the Flying Squirrel segments. Other good chunk of the show was spent talking about the Finalists for The Strong Toy Hall of Fame. Nothing like saying you are old when toys you played with as a kid show up on the list for being inducted into

the Hall of Fame. Then again, you know you are getting older when baseball and football players are getting inducted into their respective Hall of Fames. Tell us who you think should be inducted in our BGG guild, there is a survey running as we speak.

Thanks again for listening and just a heads up, we have back to back episodes in the coming weeks, so don’t think your Podcast software is broke. And also, here is a link if you are interested in helping out the Hurricane Florence victims in the Carolinas.

Segment, Time
Intro, 00:43
Fast Food Disappointment, 2:50
Hurricane Florence,6:57
Instagram Takeover,10:12
Tony’s Trip,12:20
Thanks to David Waybright,16:24
Flying Squirrels,18:18
Asmodee Digital on Nintendo Switch,19:02
Criss Cross by Grail Games,20:49
Warhammer: Nightvault, 22:42
Lawnmower Update,24:32
Wizards selling on Amazon,26:58
The Broken Token,30:56
War Chest Discussion,32:36
Portal Games, 47:15
Toy Hall of Fame,49:12
Movie Draft Rehash,1:07:55
Miniature Market,1:13:24

RDTN Episode 151: Villainous, Keyforge and Age of Sigmar Champions Discussion

One of the hot games coming out of Gen Con was Villainous by Wonder Forge. Demo table was always full, showed out all copies, which would make you think that this would be a hard game to get. Nope, you can pick it up at Target along with many other titles that Target is carrying exclusively. But wait, I say it should be easy to get, but all the stores around me have it sold out, not sure in your neck of the woods. If you are in the same situation, according to the Target website, the game can be shipped to your local store within four to seven days for free pickup. There you go, you can still get the game, just have to wait a bit. Don’t be expecting deep gameplay here, but this game might surprise you.

We also discuss the pros and cons of Keyforge and Warhammer: Age of Sigmar Champions and why one is beating out the other for us. We also bring the Flying Squirrel segment back to the show and discuss a topic that will need some input from the audience, what comics should we be reading right now?

Thanks for listening and be sure to join our BGG guild if you haven’t already.

Segment, Time
Intro, 00:36
Sweet Spot Discussion, 4:05
The Song and Magic the Gathering, 12:00
Flying Squirrels,17:38
Hobby Game Sales,18:35
Doc’s Basement Comics,20:27
Changing of the Guard,22:38
Draft Mechanic Meetup,24:27
Discover Lands Unknown,26:38
Not worth what you think,28:45
Target the next Game Store,30:30
5 Min: Villainous,32:34
Miniature Market,37:55
Keyforge vs Age of Sigmar Champions,39:04
Portal Games,1:03:10
The Broken Token,1:05:45

RDTN Episode 144: Crystal Clans, Rising 5, Raiders of the North Sea, Prowler’s Passage

Episode 144 is a heavy game centric episode. We have gotten in plenty of games and with Episode 143 being about movies, we needed to make sure we talk about the games we played before we forgot what we had played. On top of the games, we also were visited by Bezier Games to demo their newest offerings. We sat down with Matt at our local game store Carolina Tabletop Games and he was patient with us while we did all we could to explore the new treasures he was putting on the table. We got the chance to play the expansion to Whistle Stop, which is still a favorite game of mine, the new social deduction/collection game Werebeast, One Week Ultimate Werewolf, which is on KS right now, and Werewords Deluxe, one of Marty’s favorites. Werebeast caught me off guard because I enjoy the hidden set collection type games and was pleasantly surprised how this game pulled it off. I am never keen on player elimination in a game, but for this game, it worked and after the first player was eliminated, the game soon came to an end, so there wasn’t much downtime and this was with a five player game.

Four games and a tutorial we played over the past month are also part of this episode. There really wasn’t a stinker on the table either. The tutorial was our prep for Hannibal & Hamilcar, which is going to be a beast and a blast to play. Really looking forward to the tactical nature of it, as long as somebody doesn’t have AP during the game. Crystal Clans by Plaid Hat had us with the solo crystal to track how much you spent to summon your army. Then it kept us engaged with the diversity of each clan and the quick play. This will give Shadespire a run for the table time over the year, especially as more clans and potential for deck building comes about. This game has a bunch of potential, hope Plaid Hat doesn’t fumble the ball on this one.

But don’t want to neglect the simplicity of Prowler’s Passage either even though it is light game it still provides thought provoking strategy. It isn’t going to blow you away, but I can see where this two player game will get some plays this year. It reminds me of 7 Wonders Duel and I really enjoy that game, but it is more simpler which is a good thing. Finally, Raiders of the North Sea, I have heard so much about this game that I really looked forward to playing it. The mechanics were there and the choices were tough, but the game got long, which after much reading, can happen. But, with all of us being new to the game, I can see how we might not have recognized this setup and had we, we could have probably made the game progress at a quicker pace. Either way, another game that can get back to the table anytime.

Don’t forget about all the contests going on, just go check out our webpage for more information. And we really do appreciate the reviews of the show, regardless of the ratings.

Song Analysis, 2:43
Hannibal & Hamilcar, 9:07
Restoration Games Celebration, 15:38
One Star Review, 16:23
Crystal Clans, 26:10
Miniature Market, 31:10
Rising 5, 32:10
Flying Squirrels,37:06
Whistle Stop Expansion & Werebeasts, 37:38
One Week Ultimate Werewolf & Werewords Deluxe, 39:33
Majesty: For the Realm & Shards of Infinity, 41:46
Shadespire Tournament, 43:47
Game Night in the Vineyards, 45:44
Thanos Rising, 47:45
Prowler’s Passage, 50:05
The Broken Token, 55:25
Raiders of the North Sea, 56:30
International Tabletop Day, 1:01:37
Rehash, 1:04:02
Spoilers – The Dos and Don’ts, 1:04:56
Portal Games, 1:08:44