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RDTN Episode 90: Africa – West of Africa and Ascension Dreamscape Reviews and Flying Squirrels

Two reviews in this episode along with 2 minute discussions mostly on Kickstarter stuff. The first review is on the 9th expansion for the deck building ascension_dreamscapegame Ascension, called Dreamscape. We know there are people out there that enjoy talking it down, but it gets love here at Rolling Dice & Taking Names. For Tony, it is the only game that he is constantly playing on his Ipad, next to Cookie Jam. For Marty, it is a deck builder that he can appreciate, even though the art isn’t to his liking. We have different opinions about the new Insight mechanic, but if you are a fan of Ascension, you should check it out. Also, if you want to play online, shoot damcree a challenge, just be sure to set it for 28 days.

westofafricaWest of Africa, which is on preorder at Funagain, was the next game on the table. This is a very interesting game and one that might sneak up on you. Your first play may have you thinking, that was interesting, but how is this any different than the other dozen euro games I play. Well, as Marty points out, you better have a Plan B ready to go because of the simultaneous selection, you never know when things could go south. So, how many of your Euro games force you to do that. Then there is the whole how to break a tie mechanic in this game that is really awesome. Did we mention that if you don’t come to the table with a Plan B then you will find yourself playing catch-up at times.squirrelonnut

When the squirrels get let loose during our Flying Squirrel segment, they bring back an abnormalamount of Kickstarter news. We punished them for this and hope they will do better the next time. Once again, the big Summer Movie Episode is our next release, so be sure to pick up some popcorn between now and then.

Segment Time
Toto 01:10
Ascension Dreamscape Review 04:35
Armada Games 20:55
Game Canopy Bag 22:50
Cavern Tavern 25:00
Tiny Epic Kingdom v2 26:55
Saltlands 28:55
Warmachine/Hordes New Rules Edition 31:05
Horse isn't dead yet 33:20
West of Africa 36:30
CBJ Shoutout 1:05:20
Podpledge 01:06:05
Outro 01:07:35

*Correct to location of Armada Games, it was stated I-77 on the show, they are off of I-75.
**Yes that was the second time there was a flush on the show

RDTN Episode 87: Castle Walls – B-Sieged: Sons of the Abyss, Titan Race, iOS Patchwork, and Ascension Dreamscape

It always amazes me on how things repeat themselves, time and time again. Fifteen years have passed since Marty and I got into CCGs and now, Marty’s son is getting into Magic. Because of this, Marty is reliving the excitement of opening new packs, trading cards and even sharing in the joint venture of buying a full booster box through his son. And then the anniversary of Pokemon is upon us, talk about a rehash from the past. This makes me want to pull out my daughter’s Pokemon cards and give them a try and see how the game fairs after all these years. Like I said, it is funny how things tend to come back around.bsieged

More importantly, we also got to sit down and play a few games recently and wanted to share our thoughts on them. The first is B-Sieged by CMON. This is one of those games that will smash in the face, ask if you are okay, and then do it again. This game reminds us of many scenes from the Lord of the Ring movies. Now we know how the armies felt at Helm’s Deep or on the other side with the Orcs trying to assault Minas Tirith. Either way, it looks like a never ending battle with little hope.LOTR_ReturnOfTheKing_2385

Titan Race is a very light game that also fell under our critique. It is a fun family game if the family enjoys doing a little take during their gaming time. But if you think about it, many family mass market games have a take that type of mechanic in them, so this game should not be an issue for anyone if they have played Sorry, Trouble, or Aggravation. Either way, Titan Race is one of those games that there is more strategy laying in the underlying game than you realize.

As we mentioned in the show, there is a joint contest going on between many podcasts to get your hands on a shiny insert. If you haven’t entered yet, please head over to here.

Segment Time
Intro – Styx 1:26
Warhammer Quest 3:50
Flying Squirrels 5:55
Patchwork iOS Thoughts 6:10
Pack o' Games (Rum Orc) 8:15
Pack o' Games (Sow Gym) 10:20
Magic for the Next Gen 12:35
Road Trip to Raleigh 14:45
Pokemon 16:40
Portal Info 18:50
CMON B-Sieged: Sons of Abyss Review 19:25
Initial Thoughts 21:05
Set-up 21:40
Overall gameplay 23:55
Pros and Cons 36:05
Final Thoughts 46:35
Passport Studios Titan Race Review 48:55
Initial Thoughts 50:15
Set-up 51:05
Overall gameplay 52:00
Pros and Cons 57:55
Final Thoughts 01:02:15
Insert Contest with Board Game Theater 01:04:05
Outro 01:05:30
CMON Expo – we are there 1:10:45

RDTN Episode 83 – Fortress Around Your Heart – Stronghold 2nd Edition Review and a bunch more

strongholdThe start of the new year is upon us, but before it began, a boatload of games were played over the holidays and probably one of the biggest Epic Fails in playing a board game occurred. Have you ever had one of those games that was just not going right, things were not working out the way it should and come to discover that after you played the game, you were doing something wrong. It wasn’t anything to make the game play wrong, it just made the experience not good.  But on a happier note, we had many enjoyable gaming experiences over the holidays.

Unfortunately, we did discuss our impression of Star Wars VII, thought we could avoid it, but everyone else has been doing it. If you want to skip it, we understand and have clearly indicate when it is going to start in the show and you can find the time below. Speaking of Star Wars, when we talk about the SW: Risk game, one of the biggest complaints I heard over the holidays is just how unfair it is. They said the Death Star shouldn’t be blowing stuff up that easily or the rebels shouldn’t have it that easy to blow up the Death Star. This was from the same group, so it isn’t like one side was just saying. So, what does that tell you? Tells me if both sides are complaining, then maybe it is balanced 🙂

Lastly, Marty and I do a different style of review for Stronghold Second Edition. One of us discusses the Attacker and the other is the Defender. Just like in the game, we go back and forth discussing the options as if we were going through the phases in the planning part of the game. Quick spoiler, we really like the game. Yeah, the rules are a mess, but we will be happy to help you with questions.

As always, please leave comments here, Facebook page, or BGG Guild.

Segment Time
Intro 00:35
What we did over the holidays 02:15
Star Wars: Risk 03:15
Other things under the tree 04:45
Starcraft Brood War 07:00
Star Wars: The Force Awakens (spoilers) 09:45
Flying Squirrels 14:45
Warhammer Quest: Adventure Card Game 15:15
Scoville Epic Fail 17:15
B-Sieged: Sons of the Abyss by CMON 19:15
Qwixx 21:15
The Last Spike 23:00
Ticket to Ride 10th Anniversary 25:00
Magic: Arena of the Planeswalker 27:00
Line of Sight Discussion 29:15
The Cookie by Gaga Games 31:30
The Golden Ages 33:30
Rolling America 35:30
Wrath of Dragons 37:30
Carcassonne 39:30
Zombicide Black Plague 41:30
Epic Fail concludes 43:45
Stronghold Second Edition Review 46:45
Stronghold Phases 49:30
The Battle in Stronghold 55:20
Determining if there is a Breach 57:30
Final Thoughts 59:30
The RO Scale verdict for Stronghold 1:13:15
Outro 1:15:00