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RDTN Episode 224: Maglev Metro, Rapa Nui, In a Nutshell

00:00 Game Toppers
02:26 Vanessa Intro
02:57 Intro
07:36 Baseball Card Resurgence
16:10 Pokemon 25th Anniversary
27:00 Valheim – We got no clue
29:22 Food Talk Again
34:50 Portal Games
37:49 Maglev Metro
50:32 Miniature Market
1:01:11 In a Nutshell
1:01:45 Warhammer Quest: Cursed City
1:08:50 Summoner Wars: Second Edition
1:11:13 Meeples and Monsters
1:14:42 Mosaic: A Story of Civilization
1:17:32 Rapa Nui
1:31:23 Outro

Only two games in the episode with a deep review? Well, we spent a bunch of time on them and didn’t want to just cram the episode full and cut out important items we wanted to cover. Plus, there was some news to share with you that you might have missed, needed to make sure we covered those items as well.

Maglev Metro by Bezier Games is a pickup deliver game that enhances the actions you take as you play. You can modify the amount of a specific action you take. For instance, you want to build track, the more robots you put in this action, the more track you can build. And since there are a bunch of actions that all can be modified, you will shift much of your concentration away from building of tracks and stations to how to optimize those actions to help you score the points at the end of the game. So, if you are thinking why do I need another train pickup and deliver game, take a look at how you have to manipulate the actions to be successful in this game.

Rapa Nui is a mystery on how something so simple in mechanics can quickly become very strategic as you play. This game could be considered entry level due to those simple mechanics and easy teach, but as you play, you will start seeing little nuggets of the strategy. Strategies such as claiming key locations on the map to gain resources while benefiting others. Thinking how to use other peoples locations to help you on your turn. Or strategically holding back in hopes that maybe next round you will benefit from someone else’s play during the current round.

Thanks for listening and the next episode is our Squirrely’s

RDTN Episode 166: Unmatched, Restoration Games Interview, Tudor, Kapow, Combo Fighter, Kickstarters

I told Marty that we should occasionally change the secret word to the Green Room. By keeping the same code, past people could show up and request to come back on the show. Luckily that has not happen yet, but we were lucky to have Justin Jacobson and Rob Daviau make another guest appearance on the show. The last time they were on, Fireball Island was launched on Kickstarter and we all know how that turned out for them. This time, they tell us about the new Unmatched Battle of Legends. Also, it seems “moonpie”, “squirrel”, and “lawnmower” aren’t very strong codes.

We rez from the dead the segment In a Nutshell and talk about a couple of games that we got to the table and a 21 Questions Game online.

. We had a dice chucker called Kapow. This was one that is a filler and ramps up very quickly. Hidden strategy on building and constructing your dice to combat your opponent. Combo Fighter is a card battle game that rewards those that can card count. Tudor has a unique method of changing the base actions through the collection of rings and their position on a cardboard hand. What makes this difficult is the only way to get the rings is by moving up to the top in the throne room. And if someone displaces you, then they can take your ring. Interesting mechanic in the game.

We also played many Kickstarters and give our opinions on them. They are either already active or will soon be active. One of these was designed by a Nate Bivins who has been on the show before and is part of the Scurry Report. This seems to be Kickstarter season, so lots of competition for your dollar. I know I have passed up some incredible ones, but the temptation is too great on some of the ones we talk about in this episode.

Time, Segment
03:10,Tantrum Con – Table Flip
06:05,Portal has a new URL
14:32,Combo Fighter
23:35,Miniature Market
24:22,Restoration Games in the House
29:00,Breaking Bread
30:50,Kitchen Makeover
32:20,Fireball Island
35:00,Dark Tower
37:12,Unmatched – Restoration of Epic Duels
1:08:13,Fireball Expansion – Spider Springs
1:21:15,Downforce – Wild Ride
1:25:50,Sports Ball Talk
1:31:16,Portal Games
1:32:32,Kickstarter Previews
1:33:20,Roland Wright
1:34:32,Graphic Novel Adventures
1:37:21,Silver River
1:48:12,Summit Expansion
1:49:40,Glen More II Chronicles
1:57:07,The Broken Token

RDTN Episode 139: Stone Age, Cult, V-Commandos, Fast Forward Series, Age of Rivals

We are actually doing something that was asked for by the listeners of RDTN, we are looking at some older games in our 5 Minute Initiative Segment. The first one is a personal favorite of mine, Stone Age. Aside from the awesome wood dice and leather cup, I really enjoy the aspect of pushing your luck when collecting resources and I find it to be the next step in complexity for those new to board games. Marty has a different opinion on this and he tries to convince me why. Also, how can you not enjoy a game with a love shack in it.

We talk about a Kickstarter that we were able to try that is being brought to you by Cryptozoic. Cult: Choose Your God Wisely is an attempt to bring the Elder gods into the world and make yours be the one that goes off on destroys everything. Before you pass on this one, consider if you like multiple paths to victory, area control and backstabbing your friends, then you might want to go watch a video or two on their page.

And finally, we must say good-bye to Funagain Games. Like everyone else, we found out about them closing their online doors via email and it did sadden us. They have been great supporters of the show and to our listeners with our giveaways. However, they realized that after 15 years, they needed to make a business change and decided to go to brick and mortar stores.

Segment, Time
Social Media, 04:50
Game Night Movie, 06:15
Wardrobe, 9:45
Pulsar 2849 Again, 11:45
Thank you BGG Nomination,14:25
Kickstarter Hurting Us,16:15
Man vs. Meeple Shameless Plug, 19:25
Cheater’s Monopoly, 26:00
In a Nutshell, 28:35
Age of Rivals, 28:55
Fast Forward, 33:08
V-Commandos, 37:08
Old Games and Us,45:14
Stone Age, 46:28
Cult: Choose Your God Wisely,52:00
The Broken Token,01:06:39
Grumpy Tony Winners,1:07:34
Outro, 1:12:15