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RDTN: Episode 217 Cthulhu Wars: Duel

We have a special episode releasing today in order to tell you about an unannounced Petersen Games. Many of you are probably aware of their successful kickstarter from 2013 called Cthulhu Wars. Today, Petersen Games released a two player version called Cthulhu Wars: Duel and we were lucky enough to get a chance to play it before the release. This was a fun, quick miniatures style game where you are racing to be the first person to 30 victory points. However, while it is quick to play, there is strategy and tactics on every turn along with the constant thinking ahead on what to do next. The moves made by your opponent could drastically change your plans and even adjust your overall strategy.

This game includes standees, but that is a plus in my opinion. It keeps the cost down and makes it accessible. You can always upgrade the components later, but what a great way to try this out and decide if it is a game for you.

Big thanks to Petersen Games for letting us have a copy and share our thoughts

RDTN Episode 216: Beyond The Sun, Red Cathedral, New York Zoo, Blood Bowl, Little Red vs Beowulf

00:00 Intro
02:55 Mountain Dew Merry Mashup Taste Test
06:42 Reprimanded by a Mall Cop
12:45 Arkham Horror Live Play on Twitch
13:45 Blood Bowl Second Season First Impressions
24:30 Tony teaches Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-Earth
27:30 Pillars of the Earth is back on the table
29:30 Marty’s family plays Hint
33:10 New York Zoo impressions
40:30 Monopoly Blind Box Tokens?
47:15 The Broken Token
49:20 The Red Cathedral
1:03:00 Portal Games
1:05:05 Beyond The Sun
1:20:15 Online Strike Tournament
1:21:45 Unmatched: Little Red Riding Hood vs Beowulf
1:28:00 Tony modifies the rules for finding episode mistakes
1:30:55 Marty gets a Mesh Network thanks to a listener
1:36:50 Miniature Market

We have been playing a few games from Rio Grande lately and Beyond The Sun was probably we liked the most of the group. It involved a tech tree and that is something we always enjoy in a game. However, it doesn’t center on the tech tree, you have to utilize the explore and colonization of the planet board if you are going to win. There is a balance between how much technology you want to discover versus how much exploration you need to do. It is important that you pick the technologies that can benefit your strategy to win but don’t get bogged down over on that board. And the game is going to offer you replay ability because the tech trees will change every game even though the cards in the deck don’t. The planet board is visually pleasing but the tech board is bland. However the cards are very easy to read and understand, a great plus for the game.

Then out of the blue comes a game that is another real thinker, Red Cathedral. If you enjoy rondel games and ones where you need to plan steps well in advance, then take a look at this game. Unfortunately, the planning must wait on other player’s turns, but you can have a good idea of the strategy you want to deploy on your turn. But you better have a other plans ready in order to get to your final objective. With new players, be sure they understand the scoring at the end because that can be confusing.

There is a special episode that is being released this week, but it is short, we promise because there isn’t a bunch of time to edit.

Then we will release our last episode of the year with special opportunities at prizes and as always, the RDTN Survey will be available for you to tell us what we did wrong and what we might have done right. If you want to get a head start on it, here is a link

RDTN Episode 215: Dune Imperium, Shores of Tripoli, Lord of the Rings Anniversary Edition, Blue Skies

00:00 Intro
08:32 Blue Skies
19:45 Join Marty on Twitch
26:18 Marvel Champions Ant Man
30:25 Crafting Time
32:33 1 or 2 or 3 Tokens
36:55 Miniature Market
38:35 Dune Imperium
1:08:19 Portal Games
1:10:25 Lord of the Rings Anniversary Edition
1:15:25 FFG splitting off Miniatures
1:18:55 CMON new Animation Games
1:21:15 Toy Hall of Fame Revisit
1:26:02 Shores of Tripoli
1:32:00 Outro
1:39:43 The Broken Token

Dune Imperium from Dire Wolf is the next big Deck Builder that is out for this year. The key difference with this game is you are trying to gain 10 victory points which will trigger the end of the game. You are not just trying gather the most victory points or beat down your opponents. You’re placing agents on the board having them to perform actions that allow you to either gather resources or dispatch troops in your garrison so they can compete in a conflict.  The cards in your hands will dictate where you can place your agents on the board and once used, cannot be used to purchase cards from the supplies. Tough decisions will need to be made on how to use your hand of cards. This game can be tense at times and you will have moments where other players will ruin your plans by beating you to get points on the board.

LOTR is a classic cooperative game that is simple to play but is going to beat you more than let you win. The person we played with stated that in all his plays, he has yet to win. I would be surprised if that as you near the end of the game and winning is in your grasp, one miscalculation in card play could be the doom of the fellowship. Probably one item that will turn people off is the player elimination, so be sure you are aware of that.

Shores of Tripoli, touch to find right now, is a solid two player game that provides strategic card play and the luck of the dice. If you wanted a little bit more randomness that what was afford in Watergate, then consider playing this one if you can find a copy. If you think about it, ship battles during that time were kind of random. Shooting canons at moving targets in open water was a challenge.

Blue Skies from Rio Grande is a introductory area control game where you must strategically decide how to adjust victory points of the other players based on the gates you claim at airports and the passenger cards you play. This game can suffer from a runaway leader if not kept in check by the other players, so you need to be aware of how people are managing their gates as well as their control.

Thanks for listening and as the year comes to a close, we will once again be doing a survey to help us make 2021 the best year for background noise.