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RDTN Episode 223: Carpe Diem, Royal Visit, Cloudage, Sagani, Block and Key

00:00 Intro
03:45 Cloudage
22:56 Valentine’s
26:00 Venus Flytrap
28:50 Window AC Removal
29:50 Stay in your lane, Bojangles
31:46 Coke vs Pepsi
33:25 Kickstarter: Block and Key
42:28 The One Ring
45:06 Marvel and Arkham LCG Expansions
50:36 Portal Games
53:14 Carpe Diem
1:04:08 Royal Visit
1:13:49 Miniature Market
1:17:31 Sagani
1:26:25 Outro

The wives come back and bail us out once again. Vanessa discusses her thoughts on the re-release of the game Royal Visit. Donna shares her opinion on the tile laying game Sagani.

We also talk about the game Carpe Diem which is in its third release. Sometimes you just need a game that is simple to play and it’s easy to get to the table. Not saying that the game isn’t strategic or thought provoking it’s just nice to keep things simple on gameplay.

Marty also convinces me that I need spent more money over at Kickstarter by talking about Block and Key. While I am not much on spatial relations, this does sound like a very enjoyable and strategic game. Unfortunately I missed out on the play of Cloudage but Marty definitely shares his thoughts and how that game went.

Thanks for listening and see you in a couple of weeks.

RDTN Episode 222: Meeple Land, Umbra Via, Fleet: The Dice Game, Flying Squirrels

00:28 Intro
09:20 No Luck at All
13:55 It’s your Birthday
19:02 Fleet: The Dice Game
21:15 Three Sisters Roll & Write
22:56 Long Shot – The Dice Game
24:20 Lasting Tails
27:32 Game Sales of 2020
30:07 Digital Games vs Physical Copies
35:41 Miniature Market
37:53 Rose Gauntlet
39:41 Star Trek Alliance
41:51 Roguebook on Steam
44:02 My City: Talk about Balance
46:07 Muppet Show on Disney+
48:12 Kickstarter Exclusive – Is it?
50:16 Portal Games
52:41 Meeple Land
1:07:54 Umbra Via
1:28:24 Outro

The wives joined the show to help us review games. Sometime getting together is difficult, so we are glad that are good sports and help out when they can. What is interesting is that both games were tile laying games. We didn’t even plan that and it just happened. We discussed the new roll and write from Pinchback and Riddle and excited to see how it compares to Fleet: The Dice Game.

We also did a Flying Squirrels segment because we had some news and just didn’t want to go on and on about it. So, keep us to two minutes, that is a good way to eliminate the rambling.

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RDTN Episode 221: At the Table with Sara Erickson, Renegade Game’s VP of Sales and Marketing

00:00 Renegade Games
02:20 Intro
04:00 TV Shows
07:35 Little Back Story
15:10 After College – This is so cool
20:16 Process is needed
22:52 And how did Board Games enter the equation
28:35 The Career in Board Gaming Begins
32:06 Cryptozoic History
34:45 IELLO Time
38:42 Renegade Time
46:24 How to make a name for a game
57:00 Marketing challenges
1:05:55 Puzzles at Renegade
1:14:43 Renegade History
1:20:04 Rank’em

For this At the Table, we are joined by the incredible, amazing Sara Erickson from Renegade Games. Marty had to keep me on track because this one could have gone on for a very long time. Sara’s background working in a lab was beyond educational and we could have just kept going on about her work. But we do get over the board games and her history in the industry. She has so much knowledge to share and experiences that if you are thinking about getting into the industry, pay attention to her.

She also has the vision to keep the industry growing and knowing what it will take to make a game a success. Sara said something very important during the interview that a game is more than a game, it is the community around the game that is so important. Completely agree

Hope you enjoy listening to this very special interview with Sara Erickson, VP Sales and Marketing at Renegade Games