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Episode 7 – Rollin’ Them Bones

Roll the dice and take a listen to Episode 7. In this episode, we talk about dice games, what we think makes a good dice game, and just how people love dice.

  • The first segment is about various dice games, how they have gone beyond Yahtzee, and the way the market is now bleeding over into other categories, but using dice as the main component of the game (01:47)
  • In Casual Corner, Marty discusses the game Quarriors! by Wizkids Games. (15:15)
  • We also touch on how dice aren’t used just in games, the variety of dice, and some other accessories you might need when playing dice games. (34:10)
  • We then try a new segment called “What’s Your Point” where we debate how dice games need to allow the player to minimize luck. (44:26)

Hopefully the show will give you new ideas on how to take dice to a new level in your gaming activities.


5 Minute Initiative: Eminent Domain

Eminent Domain brings pictures to mind of the Federal Government taking control of your land or property for the good of others, whether you like it or not. In this game by Tasty Minstrel Games, you are the government, or at least that is how I look at it, and you are claiming planets whether the inhabitants like it or not.

Maybe not that dramatic, but Eminent Domain is a deck building game with a unique spin of having roles like the game Puerto Rico that keeps the game fast paced with minimal downtime between players. You have various actions you can take as the lead and other players can follow. Ultimate goal, get the most victory points before the end conditions of the game are achieved.

Marty and I discuss the game in this 5 Minute Initiative and the anticipated release of the expansion to the game and what we hope is included to make this great game even better.


5 Minute Initiative-Android: Netrunner

Marty had this brilliant idea that we should do 5 minute podcasts to discuss stuff that is going on in the gaming world. Stuff like:

  • Game Reviews
  • Game Reports
  • Interesting News
  • Local Tournament Reports
  • Rants
  • etc.
The rules of the show are simple, we got five minutes to get our ideas out and if the time runs out, we stop. So the first podcast in this format will be on a game that seems to really be getting momentum in our area, Android: NetRunner by Fantasy Flight Games. It is another one of their Living Card Games which is a huge thumbs up from us because of reasons we reveal during the show.Thanks for giving it a listen