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Episode 11: The Better Halves

In this episode, we step back and as a gift to them for Mother’s Day, we let them take over the mic. Ok, we begged and pleaded with them to do the show because Marty and I thought it would be a great addition to our normal podcast. We were lucky to have Todd join us again and his wife Casey was more than happy to join in the party.

It is always fun to hear others perspective about the board gaming hobby, but when it is your spouse, you might cringe at first to hear what they think. Luckily for us, we have three great wives that support our hobby and participate when the chance presents itself, so there is no battle of the sexes going on here.

In this episode, the ladies really get into the family side of gaming and how it grows the family, and teaches children social skills.

  • Introductions
  • Kids and gaming
  • Effects of the gaming lifestyle on the family

We hope that they make their way back to the show, but any kind words will help us in our begging in the future.

5 Minute Initiative: You wouldn’t like me when I am angry

Just watched the Dice Tower Video on the 10 games not to play with angry people and it got us thinking, what games get under our skin especially when we lose.Now, we love playing games and generally don’t have an issue when we lose, because it is all about how you play the game that matters. Yeah, right, losing stinks and you can’t help but feel a little anger, it is natural. So, what games get under your skin?


Episode 9 – I am Your King!

In Episode 9, we talk about worker placement games. Next to card games, these have become some of my favorite games to play. They provide the strategy that I enjoy in a game as well as just enough luck to keep the game interesting. And more importantly, they tend to drip with theme. And it is the theme that will help you decide on the type of worker placement game because there are a bunch out there.

  • What is Worker Placement 8:26
  • Casual Corner: Lords of Waterdeep 15:16
  • Closing thoughts 47:00
Enjoy the show and until next time, keep rolling dice and taking names.