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RDTN Episode 149: Detective, Carthago, Istanbul the Dice Game, Warhammer AoS Champions & Kill Team

Episode 149 is a long episode. Sorry, but that is what you get when we cram a bunch of game content into an episode. We have a guest joining us, nobody special, just Chaz. We invited him to come on so he and Marty could tell you all about the new game Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game. It is getting some incredible praises right now, so the hype engine is working hard. I have yet to play it, but looking forward to it based on what Chaz and Marty were saying. And from watching videos, there is just something appealing about how the game works that I will not be scared to break it out with the lighter gamer crowd.

Need to warn you now, we really don’t have a lot of grumpiness to report in this episode. In the two five minute segments, enjoyed both of those games and look forward to playing them again. Play Fusion/Games Workshop is knocking it out of the park and really scared with Champions. Scared in that it might take me back down a path of buying into a trading card game again. If you don’t want to have anything to do with a TCG, then the discussion around this game is worth just skipping. If you do though, you will miss out on probably two really nice mechanics that they have built into this game.

Istanbul the Dice Game will be a game I would even try and get my wife to play because of the speed of play, the light strategy, and the teaching ease of this game. Simple actions for people to follow and once again, doesn’t grow stale on the table. One ding that I failed to mention was the setup, took a little while, but that can be decreased with individual bags and maybe someone not putting out all the gems and just one to track the progress on each area.

Segment Time
Intro 1:00
Games at Dice Tower Con 14:40
Clank in Space Expansion 22:15
The Parkers come to town 26:45
Pioneer Days 31:40
Miniature Market 36:25
Istanbul the Dice Game 37:40
Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game 42:50
The Broken Token 1:05:15
Esport Convention 1:06:30
Carthago: Merchants & Guilds 1:15:05
Warhammer 40k: Kill Team 1:21:17
Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions TCG 1:35:40
Chaz Returns 2:05:32
Portal Games 2:16:20

RDTN Episode 148: Coimbra, Century Eastern Wonders, Steamrollers

Marty returns from Origins and he informs me that he has a game that will change my sour attitude of late. I tell him to take his best shot and he pulls out Coimbra from eggertspiele. But before I spoil the episode, need to point out that I have been in a slump with games lately. It seems that while the majority of the games are very enjoyable, I haven’t had one to knock it out of the ballpark lately. You know, one where you just sit back and let the experience pour over you once the game is done. Matter of fact, people are wondering if Grumpy Tony was here to stay. So, Marty drops Coimbra on the table as I have said. He says he knows I will like it because it has two of my favorite elements in a game: drafting and dice determining value. This game did bring back a smile to the face and not only due to the elements listed before, but just the simplicity of the rules and the iconography on the board. It was a pleasure learning this game and even though my score didn’t reflect a solid play, I was very pleased with the outcome. Because this game left such an impression, we had to give it a long discussion.

Century Eastern Wonders got some plays. This follow up to Century Spice Road had a challenge to overcome since everyone will be comparing the two games. Does the game keep the simplicity that was so enjoyable in Spice Road? Did it become overly complicated? How can you add a mechanic without breaking the core game? During the 5 Minute Initiative, we talk about these questions and give our thoughts on which we like more, Spice Road or Eastern Wonders.

More importantly, we announce our Gen Strike Tournament – Round 2. Unlike last year and because space is a premium, we have decided to host a dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory @ 5:45 on Friday, August 3. This is open to the first 80 people. Since this will cost us some money, we need to make sure that if you plan on attending, you have skin in the game as well. Therefore, we are selling tickets for $10 on our Podpledge page, link is here. What does $10 get you? You will get a soda, bread, salad, choice of an entrée and ice cream. That is pretty good deal for a dinner during Gen Con and we know you have to eat. Also, Miniature Market will be giving away a special gift for all those in attendance and we can’t thank them enough for this. There will be giveaways such as gift cards to The Broken Token and games of course. And since there is food, we have found some special guests that will be in attendance: Rodney Smith, Chaz Marler, Rob Daviau, Ignacy Trzewiczek, Robb & Christina Rouse and who knows who else. We continue to work on this event and hope to make it something you will be talking about after Gen Con. Oh, I forgot the most important thing, we will host the Strike Tournament to determine Gladiators in an Arena or Dice in a Bowl. There is a deadline on when you have to have your tickets purchased by, so do not delay.

Segment Time
Intro 0:40
An Apology 3:30
Origins Discussion 5:40
Gen Con Strike Tournament 10:54
Tony Shares A Story 20:25
Portal Games 22:55
Century Eastern Wonder 23:40
Lord of the Rings Collectors Edition 28:24
Vampire: The Eternal Struggle Reprint 34:25
The Broken Token 37:05
Coimbra 38:35
Exodus by Martin Wallace 57:42
Steamrollers first thoughts 59:50
Miniature Market 1:03:20

RDTN Episode 146: History of the World, Dragon Castle, Gorus Maximus

In 1991, Avalon Hill published the game History of the World. Looking back at pictures of this game, you can just imagine what people thought of it. You have this huge sprawling map, little miniature armies, plastic cities and fortifications, and dice. I would have seen this and gone, why would I want to play another type of Risk. But we fast forward to 2018 and Zman Games is re-releasing it. The armies are just normal colored Sorry styled pawns, the board is still incredible, there is a catapult and dice. And once again, I would ask why do I want to play another type of Risk. But I am glad that I did. I am now wishing I had the original from 1991. Instead of those stupid baseball cards, I could have been buying this game and playing at the apartment. Where is that time machine to go back and tell myself to pick this up. Sell that Ken Griffey Jr. Upper Deck card and buy this.

If I haven’t convinced you to try the game, ask yourself, why would Z-man be re-releasing it in today’s board game world if it wasn’t a solid and enjoyable game. There isn’t that much too it, and it is fairly easy to teach. Actually, I would say you could use this games first round to teach the rules without really handicapping players. One thing that is a given, Marty is not a big fan of dice rolling games at times, but even he smiled with this one. I mention the downtime in the show, but looking back, it wasn’t that bad and I think with ever play, it will go incredible fast. Thank you Z-man for bringing this one back to us since we missed it the first time.

What is so surprising from our next game is how it is a deceptive take that game. Dragon Castle from CMON can be pretty nasty with the wrong type of players. I know in our first game, we were not going after each other, but any other game, the gloves are off. But how can that be in a game where you are simply collecting tiles of the same color and symbols to try to score victory points. It all comes down to the one action of discarding a tile to get a victory point. That action, if planned right, can really mess someone up. But be careful, it can also open the board up for others, so you have to be very strategic. So there is the hidden depth that you may not expected from this game on you look at the box cover and flip it over to look at the contents. Must warn you, if people are just concentrating on their board, then this game could fall flat.

Gorus Maximus should be live on Kickstarter, it was schedule for 6/11/2018. If you are interested in the game, be sure to check out their Kickstarter page as well as Inside Up’s home page.

Thanks for listening and all the support. Marty is at Origins this week, so if you are there, go find him for a ribbon and maybe a Moonpie.

Segment Time
Intro 00:37
Linking Show Titles Contest 3:57
Miniature Market Discount Code 9:34
Shipping a game – Really? 11:17
Miniature Market 18:44
Dragon Castle 19:45
Solo Movie Thoughts 25:10
Ascension App Update 30:55
Overcooked Video Game 34:05
Gorus Maximus 38:30
Portal Games 44:26
History of the World 46:18
Outro 1:09:07
Podpledge Update 1:12:55
The Broken Token 1:19:17