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RDTN Episode 132: Bastion, Sidereal Confluence, Necromunda, Fate of the Elder Gods, and Samurai Gardener

After playing Thé pour maigrir, we thought all the goodness had come and gone for the year. But no, we are here to tell you that once again, we get blindsided by two games: Bastion and Sidereal Confluence. When will the madness end? How are we going to narrow down our selections for the Squirrely Awards? And on top of that, Marty goes to Forum ou acheter cialis en ligne and I am sure he has more to add to the pile.

Bastion is a coop game from Z-Man that was out in 2015 and they have made it available for all to consume. We saw this at Viagra naturel puissant and we were intrigued by this simple tower defense game. What seemed to be a straight forward coop game turned into a strategy game that caught us off guard. It went from go defeat this guy to now, wait, you need to do this, so I can do that and then he can do that because if you don’t then this will happen and then this chain occurs and so forth and so on. Give this one a try if you like coop games.

Then the Excel spreadsheet game hit the table, Levitra générique and man did it have us scratching our head and in the dark, but not in a bad way. It had player interaction, engine building, multiple strategies and depth, so much depth that we can’t wait to get this back on the table again. Will have to say if it wasn’t for the trading, this game would have floundered a bit, but with the trading, it took it up so many levels. In an engine builder, if your plan comes together, even if you don’t win, there is still satisfaction and that is what happened here. For those that enjoy these types of games don’t miss it.

But not everything was rosy on the table and we discuss that as well. And also, special guests come on the show as Marty heads to Pax Unplugged and has a slumber party with some people you may already know. Listen to these familiar voices talk about Forum pharmacie en ligne viagra.

Thanks for listening and all the support.

Segment Time
Intro 0:35
Big Box Store Concerns 8:35
Sidereal Confluence 13:55
Samurai Gardener 25:15
Tony Whines 29:00
Levitra 20mg prix 30:10
5 Minute Initiative: Bastion 32:30
The Broken Token 37:45
Necromunda 38:37
Necromunda Lore 45:00
Shadow War Vs Necromunda 46:45
Necromunda Underhive Core Set 49:10
Necromunda Rules 54:20
Necromunda Gang War 59:00
Combat Example 1:00:45
Campaign 1:04:00
Bottling Out 1:07:00
Necromunda vs 40k 1:11:00
If Necromunda for you? 1:15:40
Portal Games 1:25:15
5 Minute Initiative: Fate of the Elder Gods 1:26:15
Outro 1:31:10
Funagain 1:41:00

RDTN Episode 131: Gentes, BooBQ, and Jack Vasel Auction

We have a new contender for our game of the year, Gentes. This is one of those games we wish we had gotten to the table sooner than later and we are kicking ourselves because of it. And now, we will spread the word and the game is hard to find and we apologize for that. We are not apologizing for the game being hard to find, but for the fact we are bringing it to your attention so late. We have reached out to some publishers and told them they really need to take a look at this game and see about getting it picked up if they can. If you find it in YLGS, would not hesitate if you like those middle weight Euro games.

BooBQ was a big success with food, games and fellowship. So many games, we are not going to do anything more than just touch on them with high level discussions. And then there were the ones that we have yet to sit down and play together that we need to give a mention too. If you have Ascension on the iPad and want to play sometime, let me know. I am always looking to help someone’s win percentage.

We have added some updates to our Jack Vasel action, so be sure and take a look if interested. You can click here and get to the item. Regardless of what we send you, you know that you are helping a good cause and thank you so much for looking.

Segment Time
Intro 00:37
GW licensed games with Wizkids 7:05
Ascension: Valley of the Ancients 9:50
Star Wars Destiny 13:50
Superhot 18:15
TV Update 22:00
Portal Games 28:05
Gentes 29:05
The Broken Token 51:15
BooBQ 52:00
Fearsome Floors 54:40
Werewords 55:20
Shameful Shoutouts 55:48
Roll Player 58:00
Dead of Winter Waring Colony 1:00:45
Fate of the Elder Gods 1:05:20
BooBQ Sequel 1:07:25
Outro 1:19:12
Jack Vasel Auction 1:09:31
Funagain 1:14:10

RDTN Episode 130: Richard the Lionheart, Sundae Split, Alien Artifacts and Ted Alspach

We are back and we have tricked another designer to come on to the show. Ted Alspach joins us and talks about the follow-up to Castles of Mad King Ludwig, The Palace of Mad King Ludwig. To answer the question right away, yes, they are different games and you need to hear what Ted says about it to determine if you will consider giving it a spin when it comes out next year.

And what would a show be without a few game discussions. CMON’s Richard the Lionheart was on the table and will be back, it was a fun game. Alien Artifacts was played and needs another few or ten plays to get down to the nuts and bolts of this engine. And then there was the filler from our pal Nate Bivens, the up and coming designer, with his first release Sundae Split.

Plus another contest to celebrate 10K in Twitter Followers.

Segment Time
Secret Cabal Halloween Special 2:10
Alien Artifacts 4:00
Master of Orion 10:35
News Break 1 13:00
Lisboa 14:20
News Break 2: Contest 19:45
Star Cartel 22:15
News Break 3 25:45
Richard the Lionheart 27:15
The Broken Token 32:00
Ted Alspach 32:50
Palace of Mad King Ludwig 41:50
Werewolf Legacy 54:35
Rank’em with Ted 1:01:30
Portal Games 1:13:05
Sundae Split 1:14:00
Outro 1:18:50
Outbreak RPG 1:20:15
Game Toppers 1:22:20
Rant 1:23:45
Funagain 1:28:40