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RDTN Episode 70 – North to Alaska: Terra Mystica Review, Marty’s CMON Adventures, Eric Lang’s The Others & Blood Rage

In this Episode, we are going to cover a not so new game, one that came out in 2012, Terra Mystica and its expansion Fire and Ice. We also hear from Marty on the adventures down at CoolMiniorNot Expo and the games he got to play. He really enjoyed himself and if you are in the Atlanta area in May 2016, consider this small little Con. We of course have some Flying Squirrel moments to discuss the happenings in the gaming community and things that just cause me to shake my head at. There is even an actual squirrel moment in the show, so happy hunting.

And yes, these are my accommodations in Alaska


Meeples or Minis 4:50
I am cheap 6:50
Paradox 9:00
Kickstarter Video Stupidity 11:15
Selfie Sticks 13:15
Hug YLGS 15:15
Kraftwagen 17:15
Give the old games another try 19:45
2016 Scott King Gaming Calendar 21:45
CMON Adventures 26:15
Eric Lang's The Others – 7 Sins 29:00
Grizzled 36:30
Blood Rage 38:30
Shout Out Time 44:00
Terra Mystica 47:30
Hero's Convention 59:00

RDTN Episode 68 – Roll with the Changes: Roll for the Galaxy, Jaipur, Terra Mystica Expansion

We spend a good portion of the show talking about Roll for the Galaxy, a game that not only has our attention, but the attention of our wives and we get to hear their thoughts. That is right, bad enough we get to hear our wives opinions off the air and now you get to experience it on the air. For my wife, she has not been on since Episode 11 and so I was very happy when she said she would be willing to come on and discuss the game. That taz_photoshould say something on just how much she likes this game. It is #2 on her list, with Pandemic being #1. Vanessa, Marty’s wife, has been on since Episode 11, but once again, she was willing to take time from her new responsibility, see picture to the right, and discuss Roll for the Galaxy.

Flying Squirrels includes a discussion on my new favorite two player game Jaipur and a must buy expansion for Terra Mystica according to Marty.

Enjoy and please leave comments over at the guild. Always love those reviews on iTunes.

Segment Time
Intro 00:30
Cubist Podcast 01:30
Terra Mystica – Fire & Ice 4:50
Jaipur 06:50
The Movie Draft – The Concession 08:50
Defenders of the Last Stand vs. Defenders of the Last Realms – Dragons 10:50
Trading Trends at Boardgameco 12:50
Bug Testing Software 14:50
New MicrobadgesGet you some 16:50
Roll for the Galaxy Overview 18:30
Roll for the Galaxy – Wives 26:00
And Now Us 41:00
Outro – Origins 53:00

RDTN Episode 61 – Rock Me Amadeus: Deus and Pandemic – The Cure Reviewed, Imperial Settlers Family Thoughts, and Kickstarters

Has it already been two weeks since our last show? Man, time is moving quickly and spring is upon us, or at least in the Charlotte area. So, time to get outside, do some weeding, pruning, and get the gardens ready for planting. But before we do, Marty and I got the chance to play Deus and for me, I really enjoyed it. Do yourself a favor and find someone who has the game and give it a play. It is a nice mix of various mechanics from other martyvanessa.jpg-largegames, but it doesn’t feel like they were forced together at all. I get to talk about Pandemic: The Cure and if I think it is more than Just a Game as stated by Rhi on a previous episode. Marty tells us what the family thinks of Imperial Settlers and if you missed his tweet on trying to read the cards, reposting image here..

Segment Time
Pandemic: The Cure 7:00
Imperial Settlers – with the family 12:30
Deus 22:00
Machi Koro 44:30
Blood Rage 47:00
Bottom of the 9th 51:00
Outro 54:30