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RDTN Episode 83 – Fortress Around Your Heart – Stronghold 2nd Edition Review and a bunch more

strongholdThe start of the new year is upon us, but before it began, a boatload of games were played over the holidays and probably one of the biggest Epic Fails in playing a board game occurred. Have you ever had one of those games that was just not going right, things were not working out the way it should and come to discover that after you played the game, you were doing something wrong. It wasn’t anything to make the game play wrong, it just made the experience not good. But on a happier note, we had many enjoyable gaming experiences over the holidays.

Unfortunately, we did discuss our impression of Star Wars VII, thought we could avoid it, but everyone else has been doing it. If you want to skip it, we understand and have clearly indicate when it is going to start in the show and you can find the time below. Speaking of Star Wars, when we talk about the SW: Risk game, one of the biggest complaints I heard over the holidays is just how unfair it is. They said the Death Star shouldn’t be blowing stuff up that easily or the rebels shouldn’t have it that easy to blow up the Death Star. This was from the same group, so it isn’t like one side was just saying. So, what does that tell you? Tells me if both sides are complaining, then maybe it is balanced 🙂

Lastly, Marty and I do a different style of review for Stronghold Second Edition. One of us discusses the Attacker and the other is the Defender. Just like in the game, we go back and forth discussing the options as if we were going through the phases in the planning part of the game. Quick spoiler, we really like the game. Yeah, the rules are a mess, but we will be happy to help you with questions.

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Segment Time
Intro 00:35
What we did over the holidays 02:15
Star Wars: Risk 03:15
Other things under the tree 04:45
Starcraft Brood War 07:00
Star Wars: The Force Awakens (spoilers) 09:45
Flying Squirrels 14:45
Warhammer Quest: Adventure Card Game 15:15
Scoville Epic Fail 17:15
B-Sieged: Sons of the Abyss by CMON 19:15
Qwixx 21:15
The Last Spike 23:00
Ticket to Ride 10th Anniversary 25:00
Magic: Arena of the Planeswalker 27:00
Line of Sight Discussion 29:15
The Cookie by Gaga Games 31:30
The Golden Ages 33:30
Rolling America 35:30
Wrath of Dragons 37:30
Carcassonne 39:30
Zombicide Black Plague 41:30
Epic Fail concludes 43:45
Stronghold Second Edition Review 46:45
Stronghold Phases 49:30
The Battle in Stronghold 55:20
Determining if there is a Breach 57:30
Final Thoughts 59:30
The RO Scale verdict for Stronghold 1:13:15
Outro 1:15:00

Thoughts on Dice Masters Amazing Spider-Man


We were lucky enough to receive a copy of the new Amazing Spider-Man starter pack from Wizkids Games for their Dice Masters series. As many of you know from our previous podcasts, we were all over the Dice Masters  game. We bought the original starter set and one gravity feed box. I then supplemented our collection by going to CoolstuffInc and buying additional dice and cards so that we had a complete set of commons and uncommons and enough dice to have four of each character. We were playing at our local game store and even had some weekly events, but then something happened. Blame it on lack of product, the meta with what seemed to be ultra-powerful rares, or just hype of the game dying off, the group stopped playing and things kind of died off to the point where we stopped playing.

spidermanHowever, things seem to be picking up around our area and just in time for the release of the new Amazing Spider-Man expansion. I am not going to do a deep dive into the cards like others have, for having missed the past expansions, I doubt I could do them justice in how the relate to the overall game. But when looking at how just the Action Cards and the base set might fit in with the first Dice Masters release, there shouldn’t be any major issues. So with that generalization, I am going to look at this expansion as if this is something that would bring me back to Dice Masters.
First, it is a Spider-Man expansion so I expect that some of my favorite characters be included in this expansion. And they are, so that is a positive for the expansion. Many of the best villains from the comics are here and many of the various incantations of Spider-Man are also here. This allows you to have some potential battles between the Spider-Mans against the villains trying to bring destruction upon the masses. And with the Ally keyword addition, I can see how they included MJ and Aunt May in the series. So, they can’t battle the Rhino, but you got to think of them as support and that is what they do in the comic series.

This expansion also brings to us a new keyword in Underdog that triggers when you have less dice fielded than your opponent. I kind of like this because one of the biggest issues I had with the original was the minion rush as I called it. It seemed that was the only strategy people were going for and I know it was countered later, it was still one that was used a lot. This keyword can help you out of a jam and the cards in the starter all have a different effect when this occurs. It kind of gives you hope when the odds are not in your favor. The other new keyword, Overcrush, lets damage get through even when blocked. This will finally bring in some epic battles between the big guys or at least create the need for a bit more strategy when defending those attacks instead of just throwing a minion into the fray.

The new action cards contribute something to the game and maybe more than the originals for it seemed we never really used them in the beginning. And Back for Seconds! is one that might be appearing in many decks since it has the new Underdog trait. When you are down a man and have someone sitting in the used pile, you can bring them back into the fight. I kind of like that for here is a card that could turn the battle in your favor even if the dice are not going your way.

So, with the Spider-Man theme, the new keywords and Action cards, this is something that could get me back into Dice Masters. But not so fast, I have moved away from the collectible scene in the past year, but I will say that they have my attention again and will be watching how the rest of cards in the series turn out. Does one strong meta prevail or have things truly balanced out to make me a true believer again? Just going to wait and see.truebeliver

RDTN Episode 80 – Blood of Heroes: Blood Rage, Champions of Midgard, and the Flying Squirrels

IMG_20151107_095854Like  Leif Erikson, we explored undiscovered lands looking for treasures and riches in this release. Okay, maybe we don’t find new lands, but we did review Blood Rage by Eric Lang, the area control style game that pits you against other clans for glory and while Marty has said on past shows that area control just isn’t his cup of mead, this game has his attention. You can’t deny that this game from Cool Mini or Not is beautiful, but we do get in a somewhat heated discussion over the scoring. Champions of Midgard by Ole Steiness is also discussed and this game is right up my alley with worker placement and the added bonus of dice. The games that I have played so far have all been very close in scoring which makes me enjoy the game even more, but then again, I just enjoy worker placement games.

Being fall, the squirrels are on the loose gathering acorns and they invaded the show again. We got some short reviews, close out on a Kickstarter, some groans and complaints as only Marty and I can do. We are off to BGG Con this week and if you are going to be there, please say hello.

Segment Time
Intro 1:00
Flying Squirrels 4:00
Game Hype 4:30
Dicemasters Amazing Spider-man 6:30
Vikings/Nations Dice Game 8:30
The Grizzled 10:30
Brain Damage 12:20
Patchwork 14:20
Happy Mouth BBQ Rubs 16:00
Doublesix Dice 18:00
Blood Rage 20:30
Portal Announcement 42:45
Champions of Midgard 43:30
Outro 57:30