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RDTN Episode 180: City of the Big Shoulders, Era, Ecos, Blockbuster, Letter Jam, and more

City of the Big Shoulders, Era, Ecos, Blockbuster, Letter Jam, and more

00:50   Intro
06:35   Blockbuster
11:49   St. Noire
19:24   Second Chance
22:17   Letter Jam
28:57   Squirrel – Just One
30:45   WoW Classic
36:56   The Broken Token
37:45   Ecos: First Continent
43:20   City of the Big Shoulders
1:09:00 Cartographers
1:14:16 Portal Games
1:16:16 ERA
1:21:57 Meeple People Show
1:23:14 Play Like A Pirate
1:27:09 Miniature Market

Tons of games made it to the table. Marty’s family got to play a bunch of them because it is simple to get people to play games when it is 95 degrees outside and the humidity is in the mid 70s. What else would you do but stay inside an enjoy the A/C.

He and I did get in some very good games these past two weeks. City of the Big Shoulders is one that we saw at Gen Con, got excited for when we talked with Raymond Chandler, and kept that enthusiasm going as we played. Ecos got another play and still needs more because there is hidden depth here that must be explored and discovered. Then Era was on the table with all of its bits and pieces. And we finished off the week with Cartographers which was  a breath of fresh air in the mark on a piece of paper games that have been coming out.

RDTN Episode 179: Ragusa, Bargain Quest, Watergate

00:37 Intro
04:36 Pivot
08:57 Shipnaked Game Box
12:27 Funkoverse
14:30 Other Games in the Box
17:51 Bargain Quest
26:00 Portal Games
27:25 Flying Squirrels
27:56 Metal Gear Solid
29:38 Teburu
31:55 Come on vs Sea Mon
34:08 Renegade: Vampire the Masquerade
36:08 5211 – Yedo – Ascension:Skulls and Sails – The Dark Tower
38:44 Switch Games
41:28 The Broken Token
42:41 5 Minute: Watergate
48:31 Ragusa
1:10:14 Boards and Bits Traveler Bag
1:15:38 Traveling Again
1:16:40 Outro
1:20:00 Miniature Market

When Ragusa hit the table and we had set up done in under 5 minutes and rules in about the same time, we were impressed. The game play was solid and tight for three of the four players. The other player appreciated the play, but was no competition and that brought out the grumpy. The reason I say this is because people will think I didn’t like the game and that isn’t the case. The game was fine, the player and his play were lacking. It goes to show, that not every game is for everybody. We all have encountered it in the games we have played. So, if you get an chance, play this game. You might discover another classic to add to your collection.

RDTN Episode 177: Pathfinder 2nd Edition Review (Compared to 1st Edition and DnD 5e)

Time Segment
00:30 Intro to Pathfinder 2nd Edition
02:50 History of Paizo and Pathfinder
10:50 Portal Games
11:30 Compare Pathfinder 2nd Edition to the 1st Edition
40:28 The Broken Token
40:53 Compare Pathfinder 2nd Edition to Dungeons & Dragons 5e
1:00:18 Conclusion
1:18:41 Miniature Market

In this special episode of RDTN, Marty is joined by his sons, Adam and Travis, to discuss the brand new 2nd edition of Pathfinder. They’ll talk about the history of Pathfinder, compare the differences between the 1st and 2nd of Pathfinder, compare and contrast the 2nd edition with Dungeons & Dragons 5e. And in conclusion, give recommendations to the audience based on RPG experience.