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RDTN Episode 68 – Roll with the Changes: Roll for the Galaxy, Jaipur, Terra Mystica Expansion

We spend a good portion of the show talking about Roll for the Galaxy, a game that not only has our attention, but the attention of our wives and we get to hear their thoughts. That is right, bad enough we get to hear our wives opinions off the air and now you get to experience it on the air. For my wife, she has not been on since Episode 11 and so I was very happy when she said she would be willing to come on and discuss the game. That taz_photoshould say something on just how much she likes this game. It is #2 on her list, with Pandemic being #1. Vanessa, Marty’s wife, has been on since Episode 11, but once again, she was willing to take time from her new responsibility, see picture to the right, and discuss Roll for the Galaxy.

Flying Squirrels includes a discussion on my new favorite two player game Jaipur and a must buy expansion for Terra Mystica according to Marty.

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Segment, Time

Intro, 00:30

Cubist Podcast, 01:30

Terra Mystica – Fire & Ice,4:50

Jaipur, 06:50

The Movie Draft – The Concession, 08:50

Defenders of the Last Stand vs. Defenders of the Last Realms – Dragons, 10:50

Trading Trends at Boardgameco, 12:50

Bug Testing Software, 14:50

New MicrobadgesGet you some, 16:50

Roll for the Galaxy Overview, 18:30

Roll for the Galaxy – Wives, 26:00

And Now Us, 41:00

Outro – Origins, 53:00

RDTN Episode 61 – Rock Me Amadeus: Deus and Pandemic – The Cure Reviewed, Imperial Settlers Family Thoughts, and Kickstarters

Has it already been two weeks since our last show? Man, time is moving quickly and spring is upon us, or at least in the Charlotte area. So, time to get outside, do some weeding, pruning, and get the gardens ready for planting. But before we do, Marty and I got the chance to play Deus and for me, I really enjoyed it. Do yourself a favor and find someone who has the game and give it a play. It is a nice mix of various mechanics from other martyvanessa.jpg-largegames, but it doesn’t feel like they were forced together at all. I get to talk about Pandemic: The Cure and if I think it is more than Just a Game as stated by Rhi on a previous episode. Marty tells us what the family thinks of Imperial Settlers and if you missed his tweet on trying to read the cards, reposting image here..

Segment, Time
Pandemic: The Cure, 7:00
Imperial Settlers – with the family, 12:30
Deus, 22:00
Machi Koro, 44:30
Blood Rage, 47:00
Bottom of the 9th, 51:00
Outro, 54:30

To the Walls!!! Castle Panic Impressions

I treated myself to a impulse buy before the holidays and picked up Castle Panic. I had watched the Tabletop show on Castle Panic and I am always looking for another coop game to play so thought it was worth a shot. Well, we finally got to play it the other night and here are my impressions of the game.

First, the game is very simple to play and easy to teach to people. We opened the box, I went through the rules and we were playing in no time. The concept is to protect your castle from the siege of goblins, orcs, and trolls. You loose if your six towers are destroyed. All the players are trying to protect the castle, not just you, so this is where the coop part comes. The castle has various rings around it and these rings determine who in the army can attack the oncoming horde. You draw cards which are part of your army and you play them to defeat the attackers. Example, the archer card can attack an enemy in the archer ring, pretty simple.

But before you attack, you can trade one card to a fellow player and this is where the strategy comes in. Because, the horde moves up one ring at the end of each players turn and you then add two more attackers by a blind draw. You have to take this into account as you play because the next person must be able to do damage during their turn. There are other things in the draw like bosses that have powers you have to perform or sometimes a big boulder comes rolling at the castle. These elements really add to the fun and surprise of the game. Once you defeat all the horde and you still have towers standing, you won the game. Then each player totals the number of monsters killed based on the point system and whoever scores the most is the Master Slayer (yes we all chuckled with that name)

So, what did I think? Well, I usually use Forbidden Island as an intro coop game for people, but I am going to have to switch to Castle Panic. I like the challenge of the game and the excitement it brings with the blind draw of the next set of attackers. I also like that everyone has the equal participation unlike in Pandemic where it seems the person that draws the Medic becomes the go to player that saves the day. Don’t get me wrong, love, but it can also cause some analysis paralysis by players and doubt this game can do this. It is fast paced and a blast to play.

So if you are looking for a coop entry game with either the family or friends that aren’t the board game connoisseur that you are, give Castle Panic a try.