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RDTN Episode 185: Tabletop Showcase – Klaus and Benny Teuber

Time Segment
00:34 Intro
03:28 Klaus and Benny Teuber
22:35 Rank’em
30:23 Thoughts on Starfarers

As part of the Tabletop Showcase Event, we have the honor of talking with Klaus and Benny Teuber. There isn’t a lot of introduction needed here or explanation who they are. It is almost fair to say that if you play board games, own board games, or walk down an aisle with board games, you will see the Teuber name. Do I really need to spell out it for you? Fine, Catan.

Do want to point out that the interview was shorter than we wanted, but we had to catch them between their engagements at Essen. We had too many questions and just hope that we asked ones you would be interested in. We played RDTN Rank’em, which we do with our first time guests, and pay attention because you might get some valuable insight for how to play your next Catan game.

Finally, Marty and I talk about the re-release of Starfarers and our experience. Neither of us have played before and our going in thoughts did not match our thoughts coming out of the play.

Thanks for taking the time in listening to the interview and be sure to check out all the other Tabletop Showcase creations this week.

RDTN Episode 155: Tabletop Showcase – Martin Wallace

Over the six years of doing the Rolling Dice & Taking Names podcast, we have been privileged to have some of incredible designers drop by the show and talk. Once again, the show is graced by another well-known designer who really doesn’t need much introduction. Martin Wallace took some time from his game designs to discuss his new game Wildlands.

Wildlands is being produced by Osprey Games and already has one expansion and a second following in first quarter of 2019. This isn’t a typical Wallace game, but the depth and strategy are there as you would expect. Martin mentions during the show about the use of the Interrupt in the game and just how strategic it is. To be honest, it is something we had not even thought of during our plays. So, the next time it is on the table, we will sure to be taking it into consideration.

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Thanks for listening and be sure and check out our next episode when Ignacy stops by to  discuss Portal’s new game, Monolith Arena.

Segment, Time
Quick Introductions,3:12
Tour of WETA,7:17
Movie Set Tours,9:07
Early Life of Martin Wallace, 10:55
Lego Discussion, 14:50
When did it all start,17:42
Now vs Then,19:18
His better half, 21:47
Clockwise or Counter-clockwise, 23:49
Industry thoughts,25:02
It’s a Martin Wallace, 28:02
The birth of Wildlands,30:47
Combat in Wildlands, 32:52
Designer Hints on Playing Wildlands,36:22
Wildlands is like?, 39:07
Simplicity for the win,41:03
Infinitely Expandable,43:02
How do you win and game balance,45:12
Wildlands comes together,48:40
Rank’em, 51:50
What is next for Martin Wallace,1:05:22
Martin Wallace’s lawnmower,1:11:00

RDTN Episode 121: Tabletop Showcase – Interview with Eric Lang, Designer of The Godfather

As part of the Tabletop Showcase series, Eric Lang returns to RDTN for a discussion on his newest game from CMON, The Godfather: Corleone’s Empire. Eric goes over the design process and the things he hoped to accomplish with this euro-game that based on the theme, you might not expect it. Our discussion takes us from the start of the project to the final graphic design. Eric was a very gracious guest and provided us some great insight.

Don’t forget about the contest sponsored by Tabletop SHOWCASE. You have until 6/30/2017 to enter and you can get to the contest page HERE.

Marty and I would like to give a special thanks to Rich Sommer for coming onto the show and providing us with the Cocktail while gaming. Rich does a similar segment on his show that is always a treat to listen to, even if you do not partake in the spirits. Here are the links to The Godfather and The Godfather II drinks.

Be sure to return for Episode 122 where we discuss our events at Origins and the Rocky Mountain Gaming Vacation as well as another game review.

Intro, 00:36
Tabletop Showcase, 2:00
Eric Lang, 2:40
Why the move, 3:40
What started The Godfather, 5:40
The Prototypes, 8:16
The Design Process, 10:14
No movie needed, 17:12
Game Overview, 19:39
The birth of The Suitcase, 21:45
Four rounds and why, 23:12
It is the Family Business, 24:25
Paths to Victory, 27:04
Theme is everything, 29:02
We got some replay, 33:04
Why are there no $4, 37:12
Talk about the Graphic Design, 39:00
Rich Sommer: The Godfather Cocktail, 42:43
Future Plans, 49:45
What is Eric’s Future, 51:51
Con Plans, 55:35
The Broken Token, 59:48
Portal Games, 1:00:31
Our thoughts on The Godfather, 1:01:11
We have a CONTEST, 01:07:42
Funagain, 1:11:12