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RDTN Episode 68 – Roll with the Changes: Roll for the Galaxy, Jaipur, Terra Mystica Expansion

We spend a good portion of the show talking about Roll for the Galaxy, a game that not only has our attention, but the attention of our wives and we get to hear their thoughts. That is right, bad enough we get to hear our wives opinions off the air and now you get to experience it on the air. For my wife, she has not been on since Episode 11 and so I was very happy when she said she would be willing to come on and discuss the game. That taz_photoshould say something on just how much she likes this game. It is #2 on her list, with Pandemic being #1. Vanessa, Marty’s wife, has been on since Episode 11, but once again, she was willing to take time from her new responsibility, see picture to the right, and discuss Roll for the Galaxy.

Flying Squirrels includes a discussion on my new favorite two player game Jaipur and a must buy expansion for Terra Mystica according to Marty.

Enjoy and please leave comments over at the guild. Always love those reviews on iTunes.


Segment, Time

Intro, 00:30

Cubist Podcast, 01:30

Terra Mystica – Fire & Ice,4:50

Jaipur, 06:50

The Movie Draft – The Concession, 08:50

Defenders of the Last Stand vs. Defenders of the Last Realms – Dragons, 10:50

Trading Trends at Boardgameco, 12:50

Bug Testing Software, 14:50

New MicrobadgesGet you some, 16:50

Roll for the Galaxy Overview, 18:30

Roll for the Galaxy – Wives, 26:00

And Now Us, 41:00

Outro – Origins, 53:00

RDTN Episode 66 – Land of Confusion: 2nd Annual Box Office, Red Box, Trash Box with Dan Patriss and Chris Kirkman

summerMovies2011We deviate from our normally scheduled program and bring to you the 2nd Annual Summer Movie Box Office, Redbox, Trash Box episode. The concept is simple, we review a shortened list of summer movies, 27 in all, and talk about whether we would go see them at the theater, rent them, or not even waste our time. We are lucky to have Dan Patriss from The Geek AllStars joining us again this year and he brought along some of his baggage with him, Chris Kirkman from Dice Hate Me games. It was great having them on the show to add different views to the program and someday we can only hope that the Transformer discussions will end. If you don’t give a rat’s behind about movies, then we hope you come back to Episode 67 when we get back on board games. Either way, be sure to silence your cell phones, no texting during the show, and be sure to deposit your trash when you leave the theater. Enjoy the show.

Time, Segment
Intro, 00:30
Summer Movie Preview, 2:30
Movie Box Office Gross Draft, 1:18:00
Outro, 1:37:00


RDTN Episode 65 – A Most Peculiar Man: Portal Games Ignacy Trzewiczek

portalWe are very fortunate to have Ignacy Trzewiczek (Tsch vi tcheck) owner of Portal Games on the show this week. As many of you know, he is the designer behind Robinson Crusoe, Imperial Settlers, and Stronghold. Like many of you, I had no idea how Ignacy got his start and so glad he shared with us his early years. Also, we learn about early games he designed, the different cultures that you must consider when designing games, and what it takes to pull off going to a con as a game company.

He then gives us an exclusive on his upcoming releases Tides of Time and Rattle Battle, Grab Da Loot. Both will be at Gen Con, so hurry over to Portal booth to snatch up your copy assuming everything goes well with logistics. We then get into a game of Rank’em which includes a hint from Ignacy on how to win at Robinson. We were very lucky to have Ignacy on the show and hope you enjoy listening to the show as much as we loved doing it.

That is right, this is how you say it in Polish:


Segment, Time
Intro, 00:30
Ignacy Trzewiczek, 2:20
The Early Years, 6:03
Different Cultures, 17:45
Portal Games, 20:30
The Inside Jokes, 29:30
Tides of Time, 34:32
Rattle Battle Grab the Loot, 41:05

Stronghold 2nd Edition, 55:00

Rank’em, 1:03:53

Outro, 1:21:25