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RDTN Episode 176: Empires of the North, Warcry, Abomination, Catan Switch version


This episode includes a Scurry Report on Empires of the North. The Connell gentlemen talk about the new Warcry miniature game. And Marty tries to channel me in a discussion on the Plaid Hat Game Abomination.

14:10,No Quarter Required: Catan & Silver
25:08,Miniature Market
26:26,Empires of the North
1:09:33,Portal Games
1:36:45,Capstone Games
1:39:15,iello Little Town
1:47:04,Monolith Arena: Academics
1:49:50,Trailers at San Diego Comic Con
1:59:10,The Broken Token

RDTN Episode 168: Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-Earth, Evolution, Oceans, Castle of Burgundy Dice Game

Marty survived Robb Con and comes back with a report on his play of Wingspan and Tsukuyumi. He also escaped the cabin long enough to get in some disc golf, still a favorite recreational sport at RDTN. Man, hope to throw some plastic now that spring is here.

Then we got to play a very good implementation of the classic game Castles of Burgundy as a roll and write. Plays fast and has some very good challenging decisions to make as you mark the roll on your sheet. Definitely a keeper in our collection of roll and writes.

It must also be a throwback episode because Marty got to play Evolution for the first time, which is one of my favorite games. But the reason we got it to the table was because we were able to try out the Evolution app that was release recently on Steam and then, I got to try Oceans, the next evolution of games by North Star Games. Oceans is completely funded on Kickstarter and while similar to Evolution, it stands on its own with some of the changes in the feeding process of your species. Plus, there is a Kraken.

Finally, there is a really long Scurry Report happening in this episode because we got to play the new Fantasy Flight Games Journeys in Middle-Earth. This game will have an app associated with it. This game has mechanics you are familiar with. This game has some very nice miniatures, better than Mansions of Madness. This game will cost you a pretty penny. But if you like the Lord of the Rings, it is going to be one you will need to try. If you have a steady group of players that also like LOTR, this one is one you will strongly need to consider to add to the collection.

01:00,Robb Con Report Out
3:53,Disc Golf
8:23,Call to Adventure
17:10,More Banter
19:43, Castles of Burgundy The Dice Game
27:44, Doublesix Dice
29:07,Play By Forum: D&D
32:30,The Broken Token
33:09,Evolution & Evolution App & Oceans
46:00, Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-Earth
1:32:28,Portal Games
1:39:32,Miniature Market

RDTN Episode 145: Way of the Panda, High Society, Zen Bins & The Mind

After our report on Council of 4, we decided that the Scurry Reporters needed to come back and help us with our comments on CMON’s newest release Way of the Panda. Prepare yourself, their isn’t a Grumpy Tony in this review. I am sure you are surprised by this, but this one was well received by the group. But we need to caution you, don’t let the Pandas on the cover mislead you into thinking this is a cutesy game. This is a thinker and euro out the gate. You could have anything on this board and achieve the same result in my opinion. Hope to have this one back on the table soon.

Then it is time for High Society by Osprey Games and there are differing opinions on this one. Yes, this is a classic that is being remade, so obviously it has something going for it. But did it need an update. The artwork is incredible, compared to past remakes, and the production is top notch, so if you like bidding games, then this remake might be the thing for you.

Thanks for listening, giving comments over on the BGG guild and posting the reviews, we really do appreciate the support.

And a big congrats to Nate for the addition of the new little meeple in his life.

Segment, Time
Intro, 00:40
Song Trivia, 3:37
Remote Location, 7:45
Convention Update,11:25
WKRP on MeTV,15:49
The Mind,18:44
Flamme Rouge Redux,23:52
Magic Maze,24:46
High Society,27:16
Portal Games, 31:47
The Scurry Report: Way of the Panda,32:45
Miniature Market, 1:02:32
Revisit Panda, 1:03:22
Zen Bins, 1:07:31
The Broken Token, 1:13:06