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Post Holiday Thoughts

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and got some good games. As mentioned in our first podcast, I did receive the games Pit Deluxe (the bell makes it) and Star Fluxx for Christmas. Family played Pit and they really enjoyed, so was happy on requesting as a present. For those of you not familiar with it, and based on the person who got it, that is a bunch of people in stores, it is a game where you trade cards blindly by saying out loud how many cards you want (up to four) in hopes someone will trade with you and try and get 9 that match. When you get nine that match, ring the bell and you score the points in the upper right corner of the card. First person to 500 points or whatever level you set, is the winner. There are “wild” cards in the game that a little bit more strategy, the Bear and the Bull. The Bear is like the Old Maid and if in your hand when the bell is rung, it is -20 points. The Bull is a wild and can represent a single commodity in your hand to make your nine matching set. However, if the bell rings and you didn’t ring it, then it is also a -20 points. I will have to admit, playing without the Bear or Bull would probably not make the game as much fun. Like I said, family enjoyed it, however played with some people and most everyone liked it. The shouting out just wasn’t that enjoyable for some and I understand that.

Star Fluxx, which can be viewed on Table Top with Wil Wheaton, was played once with my daughter and got a thumbs sort of up. Not sure why, it was fast and she won, but it didn’t hold her attention. Haven’t had the chance to play it again, but hope to get chance tomorrow.

We are on our vacation we take this time of year at a friends. We play games, go hiking, and just have a very relaxing time. We are currently getting snow, so might get another opportunity to write about some more game experiences tomorrow. Looks like the annual Disc Golf outing may be in trouble though. However, did get to visit a new game store (The Louisville Game Shop) before the snow and talked to the owner. He had a great selection of minis and games and a very nice setup.

As Marty said, next podcast should be out next week and we will get #3 out the door as his schedule allows. He takes on the editing and producing, all I have to do is talk.

Finally, I got to play Agricola

Last night I was at our local gaming club (QCGC) and had the opportunity to play Agricola. Blasphemy I know. I can hear the comments now “And you call yourself a gamer and never played one of the primer resource games.” Well, to be honest, I have been playing with the idea of getting the game for over two years, but wasn’t sure it would fit my group. So, I wanted to play it first and I never had the chance until now. Wow, let me say that I am glad I waited on this purchase. Great game and look forward to playing it again, but if I owned it, it would stay on the shelf unfortunately. The theme was great and mechanics were easy to follow, but for my group, there are too many options which would lock them down. I can just see me mentioning all the strategy options and seeing “deer in headlight” looks coming back at me. I am so glad I got to play this game, look forward to playing it again, but doubt I will be able to add it to my shelf.