That is a sweet logo, can I get that on a T-shirt

Today we were able to unveil the new Rolling Dice & Taking Names logo. That is right, we are getting serious about this stuff. A friend of ours is in the Graphic Arts business and he was kind enough to provide us this logo. If you like, you can check out some of Steve’s work at Not only can the man do some impressive logos, but he is also makes some lip smacking BBQ. I think he could even be on the BBQ Pitmasters show. And it doesn’t end there. Steve will be on our next podcast as he use to be a Games Workshop Outrider and shares his knowledge on Bloodbowl.

Once again, we appreciate the logo that Steve did for us, so if you are looking for a logo, contact him, you will be glad you did.

Our thoughts on Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game

At our local gaming club meeting hosted by our Local Gaming Store, Marty and I got to play Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building GameSo, we thought before too much time passed we would share our thoughts on the game since it is one of the newest deck building games on the market. So instead of reading two blogs, we are just going to combine our thoughts here to keep things simple. (Marty’s comments are in red and I am in blue)

Not going to explain in detail how the game is played, but on a high level, everyone around the table is trying to defeat a Mastermind before certain conditions are met which is determined by the Scheme card. If the conditions get met, then everyone loses. Just like all deck building games, you have ways to buy cards and you have cards you use to fight with. To be honest, if you have played Thunderstone or Ascension, then you have played this game. On to the discussion:

Overall Impression
It was a typical deck building game. Each game you have a different Mastermind to fight and different heroes to choose from. The resource/attack values were the typical fare where some cards produce resources to purchase more cards and others provide attack strength to defeat enemies. As you build you deck you must balance those resources. Overall, I think it is a great intro deck building game. The cards were easy to understand, the theme was nice and I liked the variety in how you can tailor the game for various winning conditions. The artwork on the cards was nice and the wording on the cards was easy to follow. 
What I liked
One unique element of the game was as henchmen moved through the city, the location they were in could affect them in a positive or negative way. The semi-coop element was also nice. If you didn’t work together you were not going to be able to beat the Mastermind. But you also had to defeat henchmen and rescue bystanders as a means to get as many victory points as possible for the final tally. Requiring the different Marvel teams to work together (Avengers, X-Men, etc.) was also a nice touch.  I enjoyed that you had to defeat the Mastermind in order to win the game and not just beat the other players by scoring the most points. I think the dynamic of the henchmen moving through the city was interesting and if you couldn’t beat them, there could be penalties to the group if they escaped. I liked how the locations in the city will change conditions on the cards and I really enjoyed the dynamic that you needed to play one style of card first to get the effect on the next card played.
What I didn’t like
I guess I’ve played enough deck building games to feel there wasn’t enough different in this game to make it feel fresh. In addition, I didn’t feel the theme was used very well. The powers of the super heroes just didn’t make any sense. Why does Spider-Man give me the ability to draw the top card and put it in my hand if it costs 2 or less? I never felt like we were endangered of losing the game. Even the people that owned the game said they have not had a challenge in this game, so it might be that they need an expansion to ramp of the difficulty. Even when a henchman escaped our capture, the consequences to our decks were not that bad.
Buy, Pass, Wait
PASS: When I first heard this game was coming out, I was very excited about it. And if I had never played a deck building game before it would probably be a buy for me. But there is just not enough from this game to separate it from all the other deck building games currently on the market. WAIT: I was going to buy this game last year, but glad I waited until I got to play it and now have decided that I am going to wait until I see how the expansion may impact the game. I love the Marvel Universe and would like to add this game to my collection, but I want more of challenge when playing a coop game. I want to believe I am going to lose and this game didn’t produce it.

Thanks for reading and appreciate others thoughts on this game.

What about those games I was looking forward to?

At the end of 2011, I posted on another gaming blog the three games I was most looking forward to buying in 2012. I recently reread that post to see if my predictions held true. On two out of three picks, they did not.

Mage Wars
I first saw Mage Wars at GenCon in 2010. With it being a new card game (and I really like card games) I had to try it out. Like Living Card Games (LCGs), Mage Wars comes with a base set and has some expansions. You sort through the cards and build a deck to play. The difference is that you don’t have a draw pile. All the cards are put in a card album and can be played directly from there. So there is no randomness of a card draw. This is a very unique game dynamic that I was very much interested in.

So why didn’t I buy it? To be honest, I had too many games I was into at the time of release. I had invested in NetRunner, I was still trying to put an army together in Warmachine, plus I had a plethora of other board games I was playing. However, it’s still on my buy and I highly recommend trying it out.
Mu Origin 2 Server 

I was big into the Mu Online when it first came out. I spent way too many sleepless nights trying to level up my Dragon Knight. Soon after the MMO release, Upper Deck released Mu Origins Trading Card Game which both Tony and I jumped in feet first. We were buying boxes, sets, individual cards…yes, we fell into the CCG/TCG trap again. A few years later, Cryptozoic Games was formed to take Mu license from Upper Deck and continue the card game. By this time, Tony and I had gone through an intervention and realized the money sink we had gotten into. So we had stopped playing and moved onto other things. Well, in 2011 Webzen had announced they were doing a remake game for the Mu Online universe being release on March 2019 for mobile devices using Android

So why didn’t I buy it? Well, It never came out. Cryptozoic kept pushing the release date back and eventually they even removed the game from the their website. So I guess at this point it has been cancelled. So once again Cryptozoic disappoints me. But at least they had time to release a Castle card game /rolls eyes
Iron Kingdoms RPG
In order to expand my gaming experience, I decided to try a miniatures game. After a lot of research and discussion with my local gaming buddies, we decided to try out Warmachine. We each picked a faction, assembled some models and got to playing. But what intrigued me as much as the game was the lore behind the game. It’s a steampunk fantasy type setting and Privateer Press has fleshed out a lot of the history and story behind the different races and all regions of the Warmachine world. So, when Privateer Press announced they were going to release a RPG ruleset for this setting, I knew I would be very interested in it. Again, in an effort to expand my gaming experience I wanted to try RPGs. The two biggest are Pathfinder and Dunegons & Dragons but with this new RPG on the horizon I decided to wait until it came out.

Why didn’t I buy it? Well, I did. In fact I pre-ordered the core rule book to I could get it as soon as it came out and I wasn’t disappointed. The book is rich with stories of this world and its inhabitants. The character development and combat is something I thoroughly enjoy. I’ve played a couple scenarios and really look forward to participating in a full campaign with my family and friends.

So there we go. Obviously I wasn’t playing games in 2012 that I thought I would be playing. In our 2nd episode, I listed some games I’m interested in for 2013. We will see this time next year if my predictions were true.