RDTN Episode 220: Hallertau, Seeders from Sereis: Exodus, Renature, Aliens, Redcap Ruckus

00:00 Intro
11:06 Major Melon Taste Test
14:01 Squirrel Time
14:54 Bloodborne has arrived and other Kickstarters
22:09 Miniature Market
23:36 Redcap Ruckus
29:42 Seeders from Sereis: Episode 1 – Exodus
46:57 Portal Games
49:03 Renature
58:33 Hallertau
1:13:01 Aliens: Another Glorious Day in the Corps!
1:31:34 Outro

An episode that is full of games, family, and Dew. Yeap, we got a taste test for you. It seems Mt. Dew released a new favor called Major Melon and we had to give it a try. I would have thought they would have held off until the summer because it is based on a watermelon flavor, but they didn’t ask our opinion. Hope you get a chance to try it, because it different.

From the game standpoint, we got games we enjoyed to the table, a game that is just silly fun, and one we disagree on. The later is an example where a mechanic, no matter how good the game is, isn’t something you would enjoy. We all have those games and that is what is great about board games. If one doesn’t float your boat, there only a gazillion more out there that might. Face facts, there is a game you really enjoy and others dislike. But that is okay because there is one where everybody likes it. So, find that game and have an fun, relaxing night because you deserve it.

The Connell boys have returned and share their opinions on a game and keep their father straight. What is it about our kids, they just love to torment and make fun of us when they come on the show. I guess that is why people enjoy them participating.

Thank you for listening and please be safe and well

RDTN Episode 219: Cubitos, Survey Results, Disney Color Brain, How to Learn a Game

00:00 Intro
01:09 Strike – Gladiators continue their Dominance
09:16 Home Repair
20:30 Holiday Gaming – Ticket To Ride
21:30 New Carcassonne
23:08 Wingspan Switch App
29:05 Qwixx – Mixed Color Board
31:55 Fluttering Souls
34:20 Disney Color Brain
38:06 Cubitos
47:43 Portal Games Extended
50:38 Survey Results
1:07:45 Miniature Market
1:08:45 How is Rodney ruining the hobby (kidding)
1:27:51 Outro
1:29:30 Thank you Dawn
1:32:13 The Broken Token

We are back again for 2021. Some might have hopes that we would not return after the break. But nope, we decided we’d bring it on back and bring you more entertainment in 2021. We promise more of the same with discussions around board games, lawnmowers, and food. Just to get it started off right we’re going to talk about kitchen repair. That’s right, you thought we would have explored all the useless things we could but nope, we’re going to talk about how to repair a microwave and to fix the stove top.

Don’t worry, we also got some games on the table even though we didn’t really get a chance to get together and play. We review the results of our survey and hope that some of you were able to win some of our fabulous prizes provided by our sponsors and other publishers who contributed. Then we explore the question how is Rodney Smith ruining the gaming industry. That’s right, we think he is and he’s not the only culprit. There is plenty of blame to go around and we discuss how we share in this demise by being lazy.

Thanks for coming back in 2021 and get ready for another year of background noise from Rolling Dice and Taking Names.