RDTN: Episode 195 – Wonder Woman, Half Truth, Pathfinder Supplement, Scurry Report Deep Dive

00:44      Intro
08:11      Playing Games Online
11:20      Take Time for yourself
13:30      Playing Games Online again
21:15      Wonder Woman Challenge of the Amazons 
48:40      The Broken Token
29:55      Half Truth
39:10      Scurry Report – Convention Thoughts
54:10      SR: Designer Impacts
59:25      SR: Secondary Impacts
1:07:40    SR: Will it recover?
1:14:10    Portal Games
1:15:45    Pathfinder: Lost Omens – Gods & Magic Supplement 
1:22:24    Outro
1:29:20    Bracket Challenge: Common Person vs BGG
1:37:25    Miniature Market 

How do you do a Board Game podcast when social distance is in play? If you have the answer, we would love to hear it, but we gave it our best with this episode. Marty’s family gets involved with the show because they are very kind and supportive of the show or they are a captive audience during this time. I get to discuss Wonder Woman that Donna and I played and why I think Marty will enjoy it. Vanessa and Adam helps Marty explain the game Half-Truth and what makes it enjoyable and how it can also challenge even the best trivia player.

The Scurry Report is not about a game, but what could the potential impacts be to conventions, game designers, and distribution of the games as it relates to COVID 19. Now, this is all opinion, but there are some nuggets of facts in the discussion. If you have thoughts on this, would love to hear them. Give us feedback while you are sitting at home waiting for this to be all over.

Adam then comes back for a discussion on the Pathfinder Supplement that was just released. See, even while being apart, you can get in some RPG games through technology.

Thank you for listening during these difficult times and we hope your family and loved ones are safe and stay that way.

RDTN: Episode 194 – Great Western Trail Vs Maracaibo, Ettin, Europe Divided, War of the Ring

Time      Segment
00:37      Intro
20:04      War of the Ring
30:09      Europe Divided
34:15      Nintendo Switch Bubble Bobble
42:14      Unlocking Insanity
45:56      Empires of the North Roman Expansion
48:49      Ettin
51:50      Dr Pepper Cream Soda
53:01      The Sami
55:10      LudoCherry Kickstarter
58:48      Portal Games
1:00:07    Maracaibo
1:26:58    Miniature Market
1:28:26    Outro
1:38:24    The Broken Token

After the Squirrely Awards, we need to catch up, plus I had a little vacation, therefore we ramble in this episode. While I was gone, Marty finally was able to get War of the Ring to the table. Based on what he told me in this episode, I am really looking forward to giving it a shot. Just hope the rules haven’t faded by the time we get it to the table. Vanessa, his wife, was also subject to gaming while I was gone and they sat down to play a few games that sound like I missed some good ones. We talk about the Switch and an upcoming release called Bubble Bobble, which we played together almost 30 years ago. So, once again, what is old is new.

Then we finally talk about a game we got to play together, Maracaibo from Capstone Games. We don’t just talk about it, but we discuss how it compares to Great Western Trail which is a game that we thought couldn’t be topped. But did the same designer of both games top his previous design, need to listen to find out.

Thanks for listening and we hope you and your family are safe during these unprecedented times. Often times while we focus on our physical health, we forget our mental health so be sure to take a moment and take care of all aspects of your wellbeing.

RDTN Episode 193: 5th Annual Squirrelly Awards

Time Segment
00:00 Introduction
07:10 Let’s Get This Party Started
09:58 It’s In The Cards
12:42 Need A #2 Pencil
16:55 You Gonna Paint Those?
18:54 No Quarter Required
19:49 Pass The Advil
25:36 Go Do My Bidding
30:53 Commercial Break
33:38 This Game Has Bling
39:20 Just The Two Of Us
42:38 Gimme More
45:56 Better Late Than Never
50:40 If I Can’t Play Strike
55:19 Necro Game
57:03 All Y’all
59:56 Publisher Of The Year
1:03:05 Marty’s Game Of The Year
1:06:25 Tony’s Game Of The Year

It’s our 5th Annual Squirrelly Awards! We pick some of our favorite games from 2019 to present the coveted (haha) Squirrelly Award. Our friends from all over the world are here to announce the awards with several designers and publishers coming up on stage to accept the award.

So grab an RC and Moon Pie and enjoy!