RDTN Episode 209: Tammany Hall, EOTN-Barbarians, Warp’s Edge, Ohanami, Yukon Airways, Silver Dagger, Tellstones, Yukon Airways, Rise of Red Skull

00:00 Intro
19:00 Tellstones
29:00 Silver Dagger
36:00 Yukon Airways
41:22 Marvel Champions: Rise of Red Skull
44:51 Ohanami
50:00 The Broken Token
51:44 Empires of the North: Barbarians
57:35 Toy Hall of Fame Nominees
1:10:45 Portal Games
1:12:04 Tammany Hall
1:27:18 Warp’s Edge
1:33:00 Outro
1:41:36 Miniature Market

We had a penalty on this episode, False start. So be sure to pay attention at the end if you can make it that long. According to Marty, there was a bunch of stuff going on about review of Tellstones and how some reviews are negative and some are positive and how people are saying that the negative reviews have integrity over the positive reviews. Whatever. It is a memory game and if you like those types of games, especially if they are quick and simple, then you might like this. If you are like me and short term memory is being challenged, then you might really need to consider this game. Weigh the good with the bad and see if it is worth your time. And both the wives enjoy this type of game.

Now Tammany Hall is an old game and one we never got to play until the re-release. Game with simple actions wrapped in warm, soft strategy, no wonder it is a favorite of so many. However, we didn’t experience the backstabbing because I believe the player count (3 people) kept that from happening. If you like the area control style games, you might want to give this a play but be warned, you will have to remember what the actions are so memory is involved

Empires of the North Barbarians was a good expansion to get on the table. Love the interaction that these clans provided to the game versus the head down do your own thing. Silver Dagger expansion gets back to the roots in Silver line and thankfully it does. We can see where bringing some of these cards over to the original set would create more mayhem than already exists with this memory game.

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RDTN Episode 208: Nevada City, Yedo Deluxe, Crypt Hunters, Tournament at Avalon, Mercado de Lisboa, Meeple Towers

00:30 Intro
10:30 Patchwork Americana
14:00 7 Wonders Revamp
19:00 Darkfield Radio
23:48 Meeple Towers
29:00 Tournament at Avalon
35:39 Switch Discussion
42:05 Portal Games
44:58 Nevada City
1:00:30 Miniature Market
1:01:45 Crypt Hunters
1:17:15 Mercado de Lisboa
1:27:10 Yedo Deluxe
1:38:00 Outro
1:42:30 The Broken Token

Another episode of games where we talk about the remake of some great ones and a couple of new ones. It seems that we were on Worker Placement kick. Yedo has been a favorite of mine, so was very happy to get this classic game to the table. The Deluxe version is amazing with the upgraded player boards, meeples, artwork and so forth. The revamp of 7 Wonders lives up to what was shared in the press release. It is easier to explain and help people understand the ability to build for free. 7 Wonders is still a favorite and appreciate the upgrade.

Trick taking games are what Marty and I started playing in college. So when a game with that mechanic hits the table, takes us back. When Marty put Tournament at Avalon on the table and said it is an anti-trick game, had my doubts. Luckily for him, it lived up to the excitement as he taught the rules. Not sure all the special powers, but that is just part of the game.

Nevada City is another worker placement with the theme of building a town in the Old West. The game is different enough that it should not be overlooked if you get a chance to play it. It was one of those games that when done, you ask yourself, how could I have done that different so that I could have had more points. Given the opportunity, I would put this back on the table because it is not a hard game to teach, got some timing tricks that might be hard for people to grasp, but still worth the effort to play.

RDTN Episode 207: Alma Mater, Small World of Warcraft, Detective Season One, Mariposas, Rome & Roll, Truffle Shuffle, Blinks

00:00 Intro
06:45 We are accountable
14:30 Blinks Electronic Game
19:35 Crokinole Discussion
25:32 Detective Season One
30:52 Rome & Roll
40:46 Miniature Market
42:22 Small World of Warcraft
57:46 The Broken Token
59:00 Alma Mater
1:15:50 I Fall to Pieces – The World Puzzle
1:23:50 Truffle Shuffle
1:31:00 Mariposas
1:45:50 Outro
1:47:45 Portal Games

Having been players of Warcraft, Marty and I looked forward to the reskin of Small World with the World of Warcraft theme. Marty was never a big fan of Small World and I could never get people to play because they just didn’t enjoy trying to learn the powers and races and then they would change around the next time we played. So, will Small World of Warcraft be something different or more of the same. One thing was clear after our plays, we enjoyed the reskin for sure. If anything, it took us back to our days of playing the MMORPG and what we experienced. And if a game can create that, than congrats.

Alma Mater is one of those games where you hope the expectations that you have are not dashed against the rocks. It has the pedigree and we enjoy those games before it. The short of it, we will play it anytime. The economy in this game is the big selling point for me. Love how it adjusts and changes and how the players seem to have a lot of control over it. Might be not as much as I imagine, but still, very enjoyable.

Detective Season One is a nice quick version of the award winning game Detective. Here is 90 minutes of a cooperative game that moves quickly and makes sure everyone is involved. Another example of a great way to reskin a game and make it accessible for everyone.

Appreciate the listen and hope you are still safe and healthy