Welcome to the Big Leagues!!!

Well, didn’t think it would happen this fast, but we are in the big leagues as of today. Rolling Dice & Taking Names is now part of the Dice Tower Network

As part of the Dice Tower Network, we are listed on their website which is a big positive for exposure. Other opportunities include the participation on reader questions or even contribute to the Top Ten Lists on the flagship Dice Tower podcast. As a matter of fact, we have already sent in our first response to a top ten question.

Anyway, this is a great honor to be part of the network and as Crash Davis taught Meat…

  • We gotta produce one podcast one day at a time.
  • We’re just happy to be here. Hope we can help the network.
  • We just want to give it our best shot, and the good Lord willing, things will work out.

Thanks Dice Tower for making us part of your network

Oh what a night, great games and strange weather

What a very interesting night tonight in our first. First, we got a short but amazing snow storm in our area with huge flakes. It was the kind of snow I like. One that sticks to the trees and grass, but leaves the roads in good shape. 

But what made it even better, was over at Marty’s playing some great games. We started off with a deck building game that we both enjoy and taught it to two other people, Cecil and Ed. Eminent Domain by Tasty Minstrel Games was a big hit with them and what was even better, I pulled off a victory. If you haven’t given that game a play, try and find a copy and give it a try. There is suppose to be an expansion this year, can’t wait for it to hit, and the way TMG is hinting at a Kickstart next week, one can only hope.

We then broke out Puerto Rico, which I know everyone has played. This was my second time playing and I hate it took me ten years to play it. I know it is in Marty’s collection and I don’t remember if he got it at Origins when we were there or later. Either way, it was a great addition to his collection. Oh, I also won. 🙂